5 weeks of pregnancy diary

Today is my 11th week of pregnancy, and it will end the early pregnancy. I want to record the journey, physiological changes and countermeasures for this and a half months, and give expectant mothers a small reference.

I was probably delayed for about a week, that is, I felt some abnormalities in the body’s reaction when I was more than 4 weeks.I have acne for example. This time, there are two acne around my mouth, so I feel that I should come to my aunt, and I didn’t pay special attention.There is also an episode that I have tested pregnancy once after 14 days, but it was a bar. At that time, I felt that there would be no play this time. Even if there was an abnormal reaction, I didn’t think about winning the prize at all.

fifth week

However, in the 5th week, when the holiday was postponed 10 days, I was ready to eat breakfast. As a result, a feeling of disgusting nausea flooded to my chest. I instantly felt that the food in front of my eyes was difficult to swallow, but it would be fine after a while.It can still be eaten normally, and it is very easy to be hungry.This state lasted for three days and felt wrong. After waking up every morning, there was a sense of nausea. I thought it was a problem with my stomach and intestines. I was going to eat some sashimi or Huoxiang Zhengqi Pill.But in my heart, I will inevitably feel that I should be pregnant. Last time, the pregnancy test stick was in case of smoke bomb. At this time, I would definitely have trouble when taking medicine.So I tested it on the fourth day, and the results flashed two bars in less than two minutes!IntersectionIntersectionAt this time, the regular holiday has not been visited for 14 days.I looked at the two bars in the bathroom very badly at the time, and was surprised, surprised and wrong. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought to myself to tell who I should tell?It seems that he can only tell the object. After he heard the news that I might get pregnant, he was far from being surprised as I expected (the male lead in the TV series was performed?), He calmly, let me go to the hospital as soon as possible to check the examination as soon as possibleConfused diagnosis.

Week 6-7

Sure enough, after going to the hospital the next day, HCG was high and officially confirmed that the pregnancy was 6 weeks.At that time, I got an inspection report in the hospital and had been in a state of aggressive stupidity, but I started my nightmare from that day.The 6.7 weeks Basically, after getting up early in the morning, I was in Yue Yue Yue in the bathroom. I kept secreting saliva in anti -acid water. I did n’t have any appetite. I took a week of lean meat yam porridge.Four or five meals, as soon as the stomach was empty, I started to be uncomfortable. After eating, I was bitter and sweet, and the tongue coating was very white.Every day, it is not accompanied by a headache, dizzy, and can’t even open my eyes. I just want to lie on the bed immediately. I felt that I slept for a maximum of half an hour before my nemia. I accidentally slept over my head after pregnancy. I could sleep for an hour or two.After waking up, I started yue yue yue that I couldn’t spit out. I would bloating and hiccups every other day.There is no strength to speak.

Every day crazy to find a good strategy to alleviate pregnancy, but it is just a few minutes and cannot be eliminated for a long time.When nausea is constant, you can eat soda biscuits, alkaline steamed buns, popsicles and ice cream, which can be suppressed in the short term.The effect of ginger is obvious, and it is not tasteful.When I bloated, I really do n’t use anything. It is best to do exhaust exercises. You can do pedaling action on the bed, or do some high -lifting legs, raising your arms up and down.Qi, your body will be more comfortable.If you feel physically uncomfortable, you can get happier when eating music potato chips when you are mourning, but you ca n’t eat too much at once.In the past few weeks, although the pregnancy vomiting is obvious, I can basically accept rice and noodles, and I am not very sensitive to the smell, and I will not have pregnancy.Fish, mutton, crayfish, sweet shrimp, breakfast like to eat steamed eggs, sweet potatoes, toast+dates hazelnut sauce or Sikang, the taste is preferred and sour, eating snail powder for several days, red oil noodles, sour sourSpicy powder.

Little TIPS: If you are very uncomfortable for a few days in a row during this time, don’t stay at home except you feel that you have nothing to do.Essence

Week 8-10

By 8.9.10 weeks, the pregnancy reaches reached the peak period. It was almost uncomfortable from the morning to the evening.One minute is comfortable. At that time, the emotions were very low and easy to fluctuate. They often generated the idea of not wanting this child, and even had a tendency to suicide. I felt that people around me did not understand themselves.Unknown cells.After all, the response was not intense. Lying on the bed to rest, it will shed tears inexplicably. I feel that the whole world owes itself, but I am worried that I will always cry like this will affect the baby.If you get up, you ca n’t cry anymore, forcing yourself to fight.Emotions are easy to excite. When I hear that I am unhappy, I will explode in place. I am very sleepy and dizzy. Sometimes I talk to people, and I will fall asleep.In about an hour, the whole person looked very unpleasant, as if he had a serious illness.

When you come together this time, you will find something to eat. I feel hungry quickly. I can hear my belly in the morning and no longer prefer spicy food. When I see the snail powder, I want to vomit, and the fish can’t eat it anymore.Starting gender differentiation, love of sweet and sour food, eating tomatoes into daily favorite, sometimes you can dazzle two at once, feel very happy and satisfied.Many people recommend eating grapes, saying that it will make the baby’s eyes big and round. I do n’t know the authenticity, but I really ca n’t eat it. The mango apples ca n’t eat it, and the apple juice ca n’t drink anymore.Blueberry likes to eat very much. A box of dazzling was over. I bought the blueberry sauce with toast in the morning. I feel that the belly is empty and will use a dark chocolate pad. The jelly is also a good snack.

Week 11

It will still be uncomfortable since the second half of the week, but the good news is that the uncomfortable length has begun to shorten., But after lunch, it is rolling again, repeated nourishment, flatulence, and weakness to sleep.Sometimes it lasts until midnight, and I ca n’t even sleep well. I used to sleep.It won’t be as easy to shed tears as a while ago, and give the baby a cute name of milk. Sometimes I talk to TA to myself. Sometimes the pregnancy of pregnancy is uncomfortable.Do not stop to torture me at all, TA seems to be able to understand, and it will be calmed for a while.Until the last day of the 10th week, I have been diarrhea since the morning. It was very hard before. Only this time I kept rimming and felt that my stomach was empty. I don’t know what’s going on.Is the diarrhea caused by whether the food in the restaurant is not clean.But after that day, it seemed that the symptoms improved a little bit, but it will still be repeated. You feel that it is fast, it will make a comeback, but it will be better after a while.On the whole, it is much better than 8-10 weeks.

During this time, the tolerance of the food will be opened again. It seems that you will not be nauseous when you see certain foods, and your acceptance will become higher.Dumplings, buns, tofu brain, pasta, pasta, can be eaten, but still eat less meals, it will be uncomfortable without eating, and it will be uncomfortable after eating.The exhibition becomes a humanoid, and the heartbeat has a five -person organs, and it officially becomes a fetus!There is still obvious bulge in my stomach. I haven’t found stretch marks at present, but there is a pregnancy line in the middle of my belly.Every day is still serious skin care and strict sun protection. No pregnancy spots have been found!

OK, when the water ledger in the early pregnancy period is here, I look forward to entering the sweet mid -pregnancy.

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