5 small tricks for fast conception, the combination of combination doubles!

Many women preparing for pregnancy want to get pregnant during pregnancy, but this often can only become one of their "wishes", because it is difficult to get pregnant quickly, so many couples will do each in order to be able to get pregnant quickly, they will do each each.Preparation.For the sisters who are preparing for the first time, I do n’t know how to prepare to get pregnant as soon as possible. Next, I will teach you a few tricks to let you get pregnant quickly.

1. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination

If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must have a pre -pregnancy examination. This is a critical step.Pregnancy examinations can timely exclude some genetic diseases, understand the physical condition of pregnant women, and guide scientific preparation, and pregnancy tests are more important for older pregnant women.B -ultrasound can check whether the uterus and ovaries are alien; the reproductive system examination excludes whether there is inflammatory, tumor and other organic lesions to ensure the best conception state.

2. In the same room during ovulation period

Women’s ovulation days are about 14 days before the next menstrual tide, and the first 5 days before the ovulation day and 4 days after the ovulation day is the ovulation period.In the same room before and after ovulation, you can increase the chance of conception.To accurately determine the ovulation time, it can be recommended by menstrual cycle, calculated based on basic body temperature, and regularly monitor follicles such as ultrasound.

3. Correct position

If you are preparing to get pregnant, you can take men and women in the position. Afterwards, women’s hips can be raised with pillows and kept for about 1 hour.This method can effectively store liquefaction in the posture of semen in the post -ghost vagina, and the sperm activity rate increases.It is also helpful for women’s post -positions to increase the surrogacy rate.

4. Adjust your mentality

In life, couples should completely relax their investment, focus on concentration, and eliminate the interference of unrelated ideas and other things.It is necessary to meet the prerequisite for both sides to have desire, rather than unilateral needs, and should be completed in high excitement, both sides of satisfaction, and mood joy.Do not hold the attitude because of the creation plan, try to relax your mentality as much as possible.Instead, I can get more with more with less, and I can quickly conceive my baby.

5. Ensure sufficient sleep

We have said that fatigue is not desirable before. In order to be able to get pregnant quickly, it is understandable to appropriately increase the number of times the same room. However, due to the increase in the expectations in our hearts, we need to have a stronger heart, and the body to support and face it.Therefore, ensure that you go to bed early and get up early every day to ensure sufficient sleep time and quality, which is very helpful for endocrine health. Of course, it is also helpful for speeding up and good pregnancy.

In addition, pregnancy is a matter of two couples. Before pregnancy examinations, couples have to be checked with couples. Please keep in mind that it is important to prepare for pregnancy for pregnancy.

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