5 reasons for abortion of pregnant women to prevent margin abortion, pay attention to 7 life details during pregnancy

I have a friend who has been married for more than 2 years.Not long after marriage, his wife became pregnant. It was just more than 2 months of pregnancy.Later, the famous doctors visited the famous doctors to help their wives to condition their bodies. In March of this year, they were pregnant again. The number of progesterone found that the number of progesterone was slow and there was still a possibility of abortion.

What is abortion?

We often say that abortion is divided into early abortion and later abortion according to the occurrence of abortion.The early abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy before 12 weeks of pregnancy.Late abortion refers to the occurrence of miscarriage from 12 weeks of pregnancy to 28 weeks.You will definitely ask me: What if it happened after 28 weeks?I tell you that the fetus can survive in 28 weeks and belong to premature birth.

What are the reasons for abortion?

In fact, most abortion is an unknown reason, or it may be that our medical conditions are limited. It is impossible to know the specific reason.As far as we know, the common abortion is caused by the following.

1. Embryo

Embryo abnormalities are generally genetic genes, external influences, and placental velvet abnormalities that cause embryos to develop normally or even die.

2. Pregnant women’s disease

If pregnant women have reproductive organs, abnormal hormone secretion, and disagreement of blood types may also cause threatened abortion.

3. Lutectonic abnormalities

Disburcharity function refers to the lack of luteal endocrine function formed after ovulation ovulation, resulting in insufficient progesterone secretion, insufficient vecticin secretion, ovulation and blood, and the bed that is not conducive to fertilized eggs can lead to infertility or habit of habits.Sexual abortion.

4. Diseases during pregnancy

If pregnant women suffer from severe infectious diseases or high fever caused by viruses, toxins may infect the fetus through placenta, causing fetal disease and abortion.

5. Uterine disease

If pregnant women have problems such as uterine dysplasia, uterine malformations, uterine fibroids, and cervical relaxation, the fetal development conditions are slightly evil, and abortion is prone to occur.

If you encounter these two signals during pregnancy, it may be a miscarriage

1. Bleeding

The most obvious before abortion is bleeding and abdominal pain.If the pregnant woman finds that the lower body has bright red or pink blood, it is the preliminary signal of abortion.Sometimes blood may also be dark brown, because the color differences caused by the accumulation of blood in the vagina.

2. Abdominal pain

Before the abortion of pregnant women, it usually feels a slight pain, falling feeling, and backache feeling in the lower abdomen. At the same time, it is accompanied by lower body bleeding. This is the baby’s help signal for the mother.

How should pregnant women avoid threatened abortion?

No one is willing to encounter, and avoid abortion from the details of life during pregnancy.Non -embryonic causes can be avoided through pregnancy care.

1. Do not do heavy physical work

When doing housework during pregnancy, you must do your best, do not do some labor that moves heavy objects.These lifting and moving heavy objects can cause increased internal pressure of pregnant women and abortion.

2. Prevent bumps

Pregnant women should stay away from the dense places of people when they live, work, and go out to avoid unnecessary impact and bumps.It is recommended that pregnant women do not wear high heels and do some high -risk actions.

3. Pay attention to vulva cleaning

Genital inflammation can also induce abortion.After pregnancy, the secretion of the notes increases, so pay special attention to the cleaning of the genitals to prevent germs from infection.Once the infection occurs, medical treatment should be treated in time.

4. Avoid sexual life

In the early pregnancy, the adhesion of the placenta is not reliable. If the contraction is contracted, it will easily lead to abortion, so sexual life should be prohibited in the early pregnancy.Although there can be proper sexual life in the middle of pregnancy, the number and amplitude should be less than before pregnancy.Sexual life after pregnancy may cause abdomen to receive squeezing or cervix stimulation, causing contractions. Pregnant women must prohibit sexual life in the early stages of pregnancy and pregnancy.

5. Healthy living environment

After pregnancy, you should go to those indoor places with poor air ventilation, and stay away from the work and home environment with benzene, mercury, arsenic, and formaldehyde.

6. A comfortable mood

During pregnancy, you should relax and avoid external stimuli. You can try music or walk to relieve tension, fear, and depression.

7. Pay attention to nutrition

During pregnancy, you must ensure the diversity of diet and take balanced nutrition in order to ensure the healthy development of yourself and your baby.

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