5 major pains that can not be avoided during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can easily alleviate the following methods.

[Introduction of Children’s Children’s Network] The weight of the expectant mothers during pregnancy will always increase, the fetus in the abdomen grows up day, and the weight of the quasi -mother’s waist and back will become heavier and heavier.Pain trouble.Then I compiled the following methods of solving pain for everyone.

Pain during pregnancy one, headache

Surgery time: morning and middle pregnancy


When she was pregnant, pregnant moms will have some symptoms of headache and dizziness, lethargy, lazy, can’t afford to be spiritual.This is mainly caused by hormones in the body after pregnancy.At the same time, because this has never been experienced before, it is easy to cause mental tension and anxiety, which will also cause plant neurological disorders and headaches.

Relief method:

1. Face pregnancy with a calm attitude

First of all, no matter whether it is before pregnancy or in the early pregnancy examination, you must have a calm mentality. Understanding pregnancy and delivery is a natural process. Don’t be nervous.At the same time, you must learn to relax tips, such as buying some pregnant women magazines and books; you can also listen to some music suitable for pregnant women, which has certain benefits for regulating your own plant nerves.

2. Eat more light food, don’t deliberately supplement

In terms of diet, eat more, fresh vegetables and fruits, do not deliberately eat big fish and meat because of pregnancy, just pay attention to balanced nutrition.In addition, in order to prevent dehydration, drinking plenty of water during the day is guaranteed to sleep at least six to seven hours every night.

3. Fast treatment method

Headache can apply hot towels on your head to effectively relieve headaches.Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take some drugs that can quickly relieve pain.If it really hurts, and is accompanied by dizziness, you should immediately consult the doctor to avoid delaying the illness.

Pain during pregnancy 2. Stomach burning pain

Surgery time: morning, middle and late stages


1. Pregnancy causes sphincter relaxation and stomach acid reflux

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, the sphincter relaxes, and the food that eats can easily run up the connection between the sphincter is located at the esophagus and the stomach.As a result, the acidic content in the stomach flows from the stomach to the esophagus, throat and mouth, and stimulates the mucous membrane.

2. Gradual uterus compresses the stomach and stomach, resulting in stomach acid more likely to return flow

In the third trimester, the uterus that increases monthly will also compress the stomach. In addition, the hormones make the muscles of the isolated esophagus and the stomach relaxing, which makes the stomach acid easier upward and make the chest burning.

Relief method:

1. Reasonable diet, eat less meals

Eat less and eat less daily, eat less hot and sour food, do not lie down in half an hour after meals. Try to sit straight during meals, so that gastric acid will not go up.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to the balance of nutrition.

2. You can use some anti -acid agents, and you can also reduce the pain in the half -sitting position

If you often have stomach pain at night, please ask your doctor to open some anti -acid agents for you and take it before going to bed.When the pain is unbearable, taking a half -sitting position can reduce the pain.After 3 months of pregnancy, this symptom will slowly disappear.


If there is a pregnant mother who has gastric disease, or the gastric burning pain caused by gastritis or pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital to prevent gastritis from worsening.In addition, if vomiting is very severe, some symptoms of acidosis occur, and you should go to the hospital in time.

Pain during pregnancy 3. Breast pain

Surgery time: morning and middle pregnancy


The increase in estrogen after pregnancy can stimulate the development of the gland glandular duct.In the early stages of pregnancy, some changes in the breasts, such as the deepening of the areola, and the expansion of the glandular ducts of the breast, can cause minor pain.In the second trimester, most expectant mothers have experienced discomfort due to breast tenderness; a few expectant mothers even have milk secretion.

Breast pain in pregnant women during pregnancy is normal, because the level of estrogen during pregnancy is high and can stimulate breasts.Early pregnancy reactions are different, vomiting, some people are sleepy, frequent urination, some people are afraid of cold, some people feel uncomfortable when they smell the smell of oil.After the week, it usually lasts until 3 months of pregnancy.Everyone’s situation will be different. This is related to individual hormones. Some people have a long reaction time for early pregnancy and disappear until 16-18 weeks.

Relief method:

In fact, breast tenderness is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Pregnant moms do not have to be too nervous or need to do special treatment.After pregnancy, loose underwear should be used to reduce the oppression of the breast.It is best to be dedicated to pregnant women and can be removed at home to reduce the oppression of the breast.By pregnancy, especially during lactation, this symptom will be reduced.

1. The breasts are tingling, swelling and itching. This is the physiological phenomenon of early pregnancy. In addition, there will be darkens of areola, obvious veins under the breast skin, and obvious prominent nipples.Massage gently, or apply hot towels.Generally, this stage is fine.

2. The best way to reduce breast tenderness is to choose a bra that suits your breasts.Due to the increase in breasts at this time, the original bra will restrain the chest to make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, choosing proper bras based on the size of the breasts can reduce the feeling of pain.

3. Don’t wear bras with hard steel.The expectant mother should choose a bra with a soft texture and no stitching near the nipples to avoid skin abrasions.The cotton bra will be more comfortable than the artificial fiber, and the breathability is relatively good.

4. Breast pain is normal and temporary. After the first stage of pregnancy, the symptoms will gradually disappear.It is not so painful for a week. This is normal. The pregnancy reaction varies from person to person. It is necessary to take regular pregnancy examinations.

Breast pain and pain in the early pregnancy of pregnant women are a normal thing. It is a physiological phenomenon in the early days of pregnancy. If it is more painful, you can use hot towels to massage, or use breast massage cream.

Pain during pregnancy, back pain

Surgery time: to late pregnancy to late stages


1. Mild separation of pubic combination

The changes in hormones in the body, especially the effects of progesterone, make the pelvic ligament relaxing. After the relaxation, the pubic bone is mildly separated, which causes joint pain after separation.The pain caused by this pubic bone combination is tolerated.If the pubic bone is dislocated, it makes ligament strain, edema, and difficulty walking, you must rest in bed.

2. The oppression of the uterus that has increased by month

With the changes during pregnancy, the uterus increased, because the uterus increased forward, forcing the pregnant mother to stand up, head and shoulders, the abdomen bump forward, and the waist is forward.Causes the back of the back.

3. It may also be caused by chronic pyelone nephritis

The ureter during pregnancy is affected by neurological changes, and the ureter is thicker, the accumulation of tension is reduced, the peristalsis weakens, and the rate of urine flows slows down, which can cause infection.In the middle of pregnancy, it will cause the expansion of the pelvis and ureter, which is easy to compress the ureter on the right, and the right nerve on the right side is spin to the right because the uterus is right, so it is the reason for pregnant women to lie on the left side).Causes pain in the back.

Relief method:

1. Check regularly and insist on doing some suitable activities

2. Can’t massage, mainly rest

Reminder: If the right waist is more painful, go to the hospital to see if it is better to see if there are chronic pyelonephritis and urinary system infections.

Pain during pregnancy 5, abdominal pain

Surgee time: early pregnancy to late stages


From the beginning of pregnancy to the third trimester, most pregnant mummy will feel the belly.In fact, this is a kind of irregular contraction of the uterus. The interval time and the contraction time of the uterus are long and short. Relatively speaking, the uterine contraction time in the early pregnancy will be shorter, and it may be longer and longer.Generally speaking, it does not feel pain, but there are also some pregnant mummy that can clearly feel.After the middle of pregnancy, the uterus has increased rapidly, and the ligaments around the uterus change from the original relaxation state to a tense state, especially a pair of round ligaments located in the front of the uterus are pulled, which can also cause traction pain.

Relief method:

If there is no symptoms of vaginal bleeding and water breaking, and the fetal movement is normal, the expectant mummy should not be too nervous. This is just a normal uterine contraction.When the abdominal pain is approaching, if the expectant mother is at work, let go of the job at hand, and sit down and rest.If abdominal pain is severe and accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage and water breaking, it may be a sign of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or premature birth.

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