48 days of Shanghai Fengcheng: Where should I go after the marriage of the epidemic?

A sudden epidemic disrupted the normal life of each of us: masks, nucleic acid detection, home isolation, community seal control, health code, itinerary code, and place code, community in -depth certificate …

Unexpected things are now an indispensable part of our lives.For many families, the epidemic is also the biggest test of marriage.Due to various reasons, the two closest people were "shared" for various reasons.

A epidemic, everything is returned.Strangely, not only did the relationship not hear, but let more husband and wife go to stranger.A epidemic made his wife look at the true face of her husband: selfishness and indifference were not attentive to the family.

During the epidemic, a video was exposed online: Shanghai, a pregnant woman wanted to divorce because of more than 30 dumplings.The price is soaring, and you can’t buy it. A bowl of dumplings under the epidemic, like the demon mirror, let the other half "appear the original".

After the outbreak of the Shanghai outbreak, the food became increasingly reduced. In the refrigerator of the rental house, there were only more than 30 beef -stuffed dumplings.At noon, the wife suddenly discovered that her husband secretly hid on the balcony.

It turned out that the husband secretly cooked the dumplings in the refrigerator and took a bite on the balcony … The husband’s gobbled appearance was filled with selfishness from head to toe, which was too worried!

A plate of dumplings returned her husband who pretended to be loving.The pregnant woman was so angry that she "eaten alone" on the Internet, causing anger.

"The epidemic shows the demon mirror, shot the real face of her husband!"

Under the epidemic, if it is not for the lack of supplies, which pregnant woman is willing to eat quick -frozen food?What’s more is to wash after eating the tableware and waiting for pregnancy.

Some people may feel that it is not a plate of dumplings. As for being so angry?What is the scarce after Shanghai Fengcheng?It is a daily necessity!Food is particularly important. Some people want a little milk and eggs. They have to wait for a long time.

In order to make a little bread, the investment big man needs to ask for help.The old man wanted a few tomatoes and wrote a letter with apologetic, sorry for the trouble for volunteers.

There is also a woman in Shanghai who also posted a similar vomiting.Marriage ends from 2 packs of instant noodles.

The epidemic is based on the hypocritical human nature.The two packs of instant noodles under the epidemic can also make the other half "appear the original".

A family of three living in Baoshan District, Shanghai is not unsealed as scheduled. There is only one baby vegetable and a few green peppers in the family.

In the afternoon, she counseled her children’s homework. Her husband came to ask what to eat at night?She said: eat noodles.Insufficient stocking at home, there are not many foods.After closing, she was busy grabbing vegetables, cooking, and bringing baby every day.

There are only 2 bowls on the table, ask my husband: What about my noodles?The husband said: There are only 2 packs of instant noodles.She couldn’t help asking: Why can’t 3 people eat it?Husband said: You can eat something else!

Don’t you know what is there at home?Do you keep your wife continued to get green pepper?The most popular thing is that the children are half a bowl of noodles, and the rest are all in the husband bowl.In the end, the mother and son ate half a bag of instant noodles. A man was not as sensible as a child!

Wife: I don’t want to say a word!At the end of the epidemic, his wife and husband divorced.

It seems to be a bowl of noodles, causing contradictions.The relationship between husband and wife is not as good as the instant noodles.Although it is a trivial matter, in a special period, it is really a bit chilling.The more difficult and lacking, the easier it is to show the true character.

Just as there are paragraphs on the Internet: "How many emotions have a epidemic test, the degree of love or not, whether there is a common hobby and topic. After closing the door for so many days, you can be seen clearly."

One epidemic, two packs of instant noodles, let her see through her marriage.Marriage is a marriage that needs two people to operate together. There is no love. Even if there is a child, there will be differences and contradictions.

When the calm order is disrupted, life becomes magical instantly.And this unexpected epidemic, let us clearly see the fragility of people and cities.Some people say that the epidemic has pushed people crazy, a dumplings, a bowl of instant noodles, and exposed her husband online.Have you ever thought about this that the epidemic exposed humanity.

Under the epidemic: It turned out that a person returned every day, not necessarily his own home.For example, the executive in Shandong went to female colleagues in 5 days, or even 2 am.Don’t ask, asking is the "water repair pipe", which is simply the best colleague in China.

After the epidemic, we discovered that the person at the pillow can be cruel.For example, her husband was afraid of infection with the new crown and refused to pick up the work.Behind it was the discovery of her wife and was found by his wife.

Under the epidemic, we discovered that the couple can live a completely different life under a roof.

For example, the mother of Shijiazhuang, who was scolded, was tuned out, and everyone knew that she went to more than 30 places: mother and baby shop, food stores, supermarkets to buy vegetables and fruits … There were two times to go out to bring alone with themselves.Children see a doctor.Her husband’s life is simple. You can summarize in 4 words: surf the Internet, eat.

The humanity under the epidemic is really magical.The marriage is a ghost, and a flowing tone, a sealing city, a clear.Women, need "selfishness".The marriage under the epidemic exposes more terrible -human heart than the virus.

For example, this Tucao’s wife bought a house before marriage, causing her husband to be taken after marriage.His wife buy a house before marriage, insist on work and make money.Such an independent wife had nothing to do in his eyes: as soon as he quarreled his wife, he took the baby back to his house, causing him to dare not quarrel and dare not bring a baby.

Because his wife had to go to work, he had to bring his children when he went home to do housework, causing no time to play games.Because of his wife and child, what is the benefit of marriage for your monthly salary?It’s harder than before marriage!

Netizens commented that he saw blood -he couldn’t control it, but he couldn’t control others.I don’t know if this husband had thought about how many women lived a "control" life in his mouth after marriage.Like widowed and widow, they sang unicorn most of the time.

One year, day after day, withered himself, raised children, and supported a home.In the marriage, who is the one who pays more, who is the one who benefits more, it is self -evident!It is not a matter of governing a woman, but to give everything for this family.

I hope that every woman can keep a soberness in the marriage and keep a back road.Use more time for personal promotion and improve your value.Only when you are strong can you be easily controlled by others.Only you are your forever backing.

It is also in Shanghai, and the epidemic is also closed. The other two couples make people feel love and being loved.

The little couple below is a proper Shanghai worker.After some efforts, the two bought their own house, and finally had a place in Shanghai.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, there is no source of income. Without the source of income, you must pay the mortgage and bear the huge expenses of raising children.The husband took advantage of the garbage downstairs and put a heart shape on the ground with the falling tea petals. After that, in the drizzle, various body language showed his love to his wife.

A couple who lived in Kunshan in Shanghai in Shanghai is also sweet.Because of the epidemic, the couple can only work at home.You have to work and do housework. There is also a pet dog at home. The two are also sweet and loving.

The real husband and wife are not the same forest birds who are flying in their own difficulties, but two towering trees standing side by side.The best love is that when the crisis comes, the other half is desperate.The more difficult it is, the more the couples are together, not "the difficulties are flying each other."

Why do people get married?There are too many wind and rain in life, and two people need to carry them together. What makes us feel worried is that they thought that the husband and wife could resist the wind and rain together. Who knew that the wind and rain was brought to you.

After recognizing the man in front of you, don’t take marriage as his own windport, love yourself, love children well, sometimes men are not as good as children. He eats a pack and half instant noodles.Instead of instant noodles, you will think of you.

This epidemic will reveal the problems of many husbands and wives in marriage. Some are contradictions between two people, and some are contradictions with her mother -in -law. A little carelessness is a "bloody wind".

More better to the people around you, because you are the real family.Marriage may be wrong, but how is it depending on yourself.Marriage is wrong, let alone a man, so that you must be strong, so as to have capital and discourse rights. If the marriage really can’t live, it will not be able to go.

A epidemic, let us understand: love and men are not the only one in life. Women should love themselves, and they can make up for the time. If you really do n’t want to live in the future, just get together.

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