46 -year -old I went to see Chinese medicine because of nausea and vomiting.

Hui Ying has not been deliberately contraceptive since she gave birth to her daughter at the age of 21, and has not been pregnant for more than 20 years.Hui Ying, 46, suddenly felt uncomfortable and nausea and vomiting. He thought he was a criminal of the stomach, and went to find a Chinese medicine pulse. As a result, the doctor said that Hui Ying was a beautiful pulse and was pregnant.The doctor’s words frightened Hui Ying, stunned on the spot, and couldn’t say a word.Hui Ying’s menstruation is often postponed. She feels that she is in her forties and thinks that she will not be pregnant anymore.Thinking of her daughter is 25 years old, I don’t know if the second child is surprised or scared.After knowing that he was pregnant, Hui Ying couldn’t eat well every day and not sleep well. I don’t know what to do?

Hui Ying married her husband at the age of 20 and gave birth to her daughter at the age of 21.Because the first child was a daughter, Huiying and her husband were rural household registration. According to the fertility policy at the time, Hui Ying could have a second child.

Since Hui Ying’s first birth has given birth to her daughter, Hui Ying’s in -laws have intended to let Hui Ying give birth to the second child.Hui Ying is a gentle and virtuous person. He knows that his in -laws want the grandson’s mood, so after having a daughter, after the confinement, the couple did not deliberately take any contraceptive measures in the same room.

After a few years, Hui Ying’s belly was like dormant, and he had never moved.

When Hui Ying’s daughter went to elementary school, Hui Ying’s mother -in -law said, otherwise, when she went to the hospital to check, both of them had a child. It is reasonable to say that there is no problem, but it is also strange that it has been unhappy.

In order to let her mother -in -law feel at ease, Hui Ying and her husband went to the hospital, but the results of the examination showed that everything of Huiying and her husband was normal and there was no strangeness at all.There is no problem with the body, that is, the fate is not there. Hui Ying’s husband said so, comforting Ying Ying and comforting himself.

Later, Hui Ying put his energy on his daughter’s studies. Hui Ying’s husband was also busy working all day.If you have it, you will be born.

Hui Ying’s in -laws saw that Hui Ying and her husband had a good relationship, her daughter was also very good. The family of three was very happy, so she did not put pressure on Hui Ying and her husband anymore.

Hui Ying has always felt that this is the same. This year, Huiying’s Moon Clan is often postponed, and she has never taken any contraceptive measures with her husband. She has not been pregnant for so many years. She has a sense of security in her heart because she feels that if she is pregnantI was pregnant as early as when I was young, and now I am unlikely to get pregnant.

Therefore, in the case of thinking that he would no longer get pregnant, Hui Ying attributed the sudden nausea and vomiting that day to his stomach disease.

Hui Ying’s body is a bit cold, and the spleen and stomach are weak, especially in winter, and will be nauseous.Because of this problem, Huiying has not eaten cold things for many years.

That day, Hui Ying’s husband went home to see Hui Ying disgusting, and his face was a little bad. Hui Ying’s husband joked: "For so many years, you will not suddenly get pregnant?"

"Impossible!" Hui Ying made a firm gesture guarantee, "It’s definitely not pregnant, how old I have, menstruation is about to stop, how can I get pregnant, if I am pregnant early."

Hui Ying said so, Hui Ying’s husband was even more worried. He wanted to be pregnant or he was really ill. Let Hui Ying go to the hospital for examination.

With her husband’s urging, Hui Ying went to the old Chinese medicine medicine that he often went to see the next day. If it was only the problem of the spleen and stomach, Hui Ying felt that the Chinese medicine was conditioned.As a result, the old traditional Chinese medicine doctor in the hospital was suddenly surprised at the eyes of Hui Ying’s eyes, and laughed: "You are not sick, it’s joy, you are pregnant!"

The doctor’s words frightened Hui Ying, stunned, and didn’t speak for a long time. After a while, she thought she had heard it wrong and asked again, "What are you talking about?"

The doctor nodded and said, "You are this age, belonging to an elderly mother, no matter whether you want this child, go to the hospital for obstetrics and gynecology for examination."

Hui Ying came out of the hospital and still felt like dreaming. "How can you be pregnant?" She muttered, touched her belly, and decided to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital to check it.Decided and told your husband to discuss whether you want to do it. In case, the doctor’s pulse was wrong, wouldn’t it be a oolong.

In this way, Hui Ying hurriedly went to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital. After a series of examinations, Hui Ying was awake as soon as possible. She was really pregnant, and it was more than a month.The five flavors she couldn’t say in her heart, I used to want another child so much, and if she wanted a second child, she was not pregnant.Now, my daughter has graduated from college and is already a boyfriend. Maybe one day I talked about marriage and marrying, but she was pregnant. Would you like to?

Hui Ying has been thinking about this problem on the way home from the hospital. The hospital checked that everything in the fetus is currently developing normally, and it is said that Hui Ying should consider whether it is as soon as possible. If not, make a decision early.

Hui Ying returned home, ate something, was shocked, and then picked up the phone to call her husband, "Are there any people next to you? I want to tell you a big thing, you are mentally prepared."

Hui Ying’s husband felt that Hui Ying was wrong at the end of the phone. He thought Hui Ying had a serious illness. He hurriedly asked: "Did you go to the hospital for examination? Is it serious?" Don’t hide it from me. "

"No disease, but it is serious than sick, I am pregnant …"

"What? Pregnancy?"

Hui Ying’s husband almost broke Hui Ying’s eardrum. Hui Ying quickly took the phone a little farther. "Why are you so loud, too shameful, you are still afraid of others don’t know?"

"What’s so embarrassed? After thinking about the second child for so many years, the second child finally came. Birth, our family can’t afford it." Hui Ying’s husband was very excited, and Hui Ying heard that there were still people next to him.

Hui Ying didn’t want to spill her husband’s cold water. Although her husband supported her to be born, she was still tangled. "Let’s go home, let’s talk!" Hui Ying hung up the phone.

Hui Ying’s husband went home very early that day and bought a lot of things that Huiying liked to eat.Hui Ying was tangled, and felt that the child could not have.She slowly walked in front of her husband and hesitated: "I think this child can’t want it."

"Why can’t I ask? The daughter is big, and she is already economically independent. Although the parents can’t help much, they are healthy, and the family is not economic tension. I think this child is very good."

"Think about it, I’m 46 years old, and people who are 50 years old are now 50 years old. You said that I have to have this child, do I have to bring my own functions?Besides, our daughter is so big, I will regenerate one, what do you let her do? She works in other places all year round. In the future, someone says that the child may not be born? "It is not good for her."

"I patronize my joy and don’t think so much. I respect you, and I want to give birth. If I do n’t want to, I still have to take your health first. However, if you do n’t want it, do n’t tell your parents."

Hui Ying knew what she meant, and if her mother -in -law knew that she was pregnant, she would definitely not be reluctant.

After the couple decided not to do this child, the next day, Hui Ying’s husband accompanied Hui Ying to the hospital.As a result, when the number was registered, when Hui Ying was ranked, Hui Ying cried and turned out of the hospital.At the entrance of the hospital, Hui Ying’s husband caught up with Huiying and said, "What’s wrong? I can’t bear it?"

Hui Ying watched her husband tears. "If you don’t let him stay in my stomach a few more days, do you say that I am too selfish and too eccentric.I also came to us, but also my own flesh. "

Hui Ying cried in her husband’s arms for a while, and the two went home.What Hui Ying and her husband did not expect was that Hui Ying’s mother -in -law already knew Hui Ying’s pregnancy and waited at the door of the house.

"Mom, why are you here?" Hui Ying and her husband looked at the mother who had been over seventy years old.

"I’m late? What are you doing? I don’t tell me if I had to go to the Chinese Medicine Hospital today. My friend of my old Chinese medicine medicine told me that I am still in the drum! I am still in the drum!Tell you, this child must stay. Since he is here, it is fate. Then there are still children who have had children in their 50s in the past. Now the living conditions are good, and things have become more., I can help you fight. "

Hui Ying and her husband listened to her mother -in -law and said they dared not intervene.In fact, Hui Ying still hopes to leave the child from the heart, but the reality has to let her deal with it rationally.Now the mother -in -law must let him leave it, and also gives her a reason to this child.In case she doesn’t want children, she will be angry with her mother -in -law, and her sin will be great.

Since this child decided, Hui Ying felt that her daughter had the right to know, and she also wanted to hear her daughter’s opinion.

Hui Ying called her daughter in the morning. The daughter hadn’t got up yet. She listened to Huiying and said that she was pregnant. She wanted multiple younger brothers or sisters. Hui Ying’s daughter was awake instantly and almost jumped from the bed.However, in the end, she only said lightly: "Mom, just like it."

Hui Ying was very happy, and her daughter did not oppose it, and she had a child with her heart.However, when she thought that everything had become a foregone conclusion, she suddenly received a call from her daughter. The daughter cried and said, her boyfriend wanted to break up with her.

After a closer question, Hui Ying knew that her daughter’s boyfriend knew that Hui Ying was so old that she was so pregnant, and persuaded her daughter’s boyfriend to break up.It is said that if he married Hui Ying’s daughter, no matter whether Hui Ying gave birth to a younger brother or a younger sister in the future, he would be a burden for his daughter, because no one could predict what would happen in the future.Moreover, people in the village like to gossip, and their family can’t afford this person.

Hui Ying’s daughter’s boyfriend didn’t want to break up. After all, they admired each other when they were in college.However, her daughter’s future mother -in -law was forced to die, saying that if Hui Ying gave birth to the child, she would never agree with the marriage of her son and Hui Ying’s daughter.

Hui Ying has seen her daughter’s boyfriend, a very good person, and the relationship between the two people is particularly good. If she breaks up because she has a second child, she is worried that her daughter will complain about her, and she will be stunned and delays her daughter’s lifelong happiness.

On the one hand, she was her daughter, on the other hand, her mother -in -law, and the baby in her stomach. Hui Ying and her husband were in a dilemma.Now, Huiying can’t eat well every day and can’t sleep well. I don’t know what to do?All day was frowning, and once doubted whether he should have this child.

There are many choices in life, we are often constrained by reality, and we ca n’t live as you want.Is it value to be intervened by some people who don’t want to do?

I am a mother who is happy and candy, thank you for reading.What if you are Huiying?Do you give birth to a child’s happiness, or give up the child?Or is there a better way?Welcome to leave a message to share your feelings!

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