40 -year -old Yang Yi is pregnant?Hong Kong media have revealed that she has been pregnant for 6 months, and her 5 -year -old husband asked for a child to be photographed

Is another female star pregnant in the entertainment industry?On the evening of February 12th, Hong Kong media reported that actress Yang Yi was secretly happy and stated that he was 6 months pregnant and was expected to give birth to a "mouse baby" in May.

Yang Yi, 40, is a well -known actress in Hong Kong and a powerful actor in the hearts of the audience."Many well -known works.She was very popular with her acting skills all the way, and was once known as one of TVB’s "Four Great Flowers".

On February 12, Hong Kong media reported that Yang Yi’s husband Luo Zhongqian was witnessed to appear in the Longmu Temple of Tsuen Wan, who is known as the Qi Ling Temple.In the exposed photos, Luo Zhongqian was wrapped strictly, the mask and gloves did not fall, and his wife Yang Yi did not show up.Hong Kong media said that reliable news revealed that Yang Yi was pregnant for 6 months. It is expected that the output period was in May this year. The couple did not announce the good news to protect this difficult "mouse baby".

Hong Kong media original text

Yang Yi’s husband Luo Zhongqian is 35 years old. He is 5 years younger than Yang Yi. He was one of the new young students held by TVB.The Daughter Country "and so on are also familiar noodles in the eyes of the audience.

In 2016, Yang Yi and Luo Zhongqian walked into the palace of marriage a few years later.Luo Zhongqian once exposed himself in the show that he had a chat with Yang Yi once. Yang Yi joked whether he dared to jump into the sea. If he dared to be his girlfriend.Luo Zhongqian, who was serious about this, returned to the beauty, and jumped into the sea directly in the cold winter. After landing, he boldly showed love to Yang Yi.

For 4 years of marriage, Yang Yi and Luo Zhongqian have always lived very sweetly, but because they have no children, the two have always been asked about related topics by the media.When Luo Zhongqian’s 35th birthday, he mentioned his birthday desire. He said: "Everyone knows what I want. In fact, the most important thing is that my wife and I are healthy.During the interview, they all had a pre -marital examination, and they were healthy. Yang Yi was drinking Chinese medicine to condition her body.

Not long ago, Yang Yi posted a photo of big bear and bear on social media, and wrote "no longer lonely", which caused everyone to speculate that at the time, many netizens left a message to ask her whether she was pregnant, and Yang Yi did not reply.

It is reported that Luo Zhongqian had clarified Yang Yi’s pregnancy news in August last year. Last November, he responded that "good news will tell everyone."

This time, Luo Zhongqian was photographed by the media to appear as the child spirit temple, and was exposed by the Hong Kong media to his wife Yang Yi. I wonder how he would respond?Looking forward to follow -up.

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