40 weeks of pregnancy, a few weeks of fetal malformations are prone to "upper body", and the pregnant mothers are breathing.

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Since knowing that she is pregnant, the prospective parents will worry about various problems, especially the malformations, but sometimes it is inevitable.

Dialal deformity period

Generally speaking, the high incidence of fetal malformations is in the early pregnancy, that is, the first three months of pregnancy. Because this is a period of gradually differentiation of fertilized eggs, and the initial formation of various organs of the body is initially formed. According to survey statistics, most fetal malformations occur here.During the first period, but the range of early pregnancy is a bit wide, so it can be further divided into:

1. 1 to 4 weeks of pregnancy: This time is that the fertilized eggs gradually enter the uterus after the fallopian tube, and select their own bed position from the uterine cavity, and then bury them in the endometrium. The embryo cells have not begun to differentiate.

At this time, if the pregnant mother accidentally drinks and take medicine without knowing pregnancy, it will generally not affect the fetus. If it has an impact, the biggest possibility is also direct abortion.

2. 5-8 weeks of pregnancy: At this time, the fetus’s body, head, limbs, heart, neurotrans, nose, eyes, ears, etc. all start to develop gradually.It is easy to cause fetal malformations.

3. 9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy: At this time, the fetus’s fingers, toe, various organs, teeth, ears, skin, blood vessels, brain, pituitary, hearing nerves, reproductive organs, lips, noses, eyes, etc.Formed, if the pregnant mother does not pay attention to the daily routine at this time, it is easy to turn the malformation rate of the fetus.

In summary, through the gradual development of the fetus in the early pregnancy, it has begun to use human shape, and in the process, a little carelessness may cause malformations. Among them, the high incidence of fetal deformity is 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay more attention at this stage, spend safely, and avoid malformations.

How to avoid fetal malformations?

1. Replenish folic acid in time

Early pregnancy is a critical period for the development of human neural management. If folic acid is lacking at this stage, it is easy to cause malformations due to neurotherapy development.At this time, supplementing folic acid can effectively reduce the malformation rate (reduced by 50%to 70%), and it can be taken appropriately in the third trimester.

Note: Pregnant women can take 0.4 mg of folic acid every day. If you take too much, not only will not have the effect of preventing malformations, but it may also interfere with the metabolism of zinc, leading to bad consequences such as zinc and vitamin B12 lack.

2. Stay away from harmful substances

During pregnancy, pregnant women should stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, toxic substances, etc., and nicotine in cigarettes will narrow the blood vessels of the uterus, make the blood flow, nutrients and oxygen obtained by the fetus, and will affect its brain developmentItems

And alcohol will have a adverse effect on the normal development of the fetal brain;

Finally, some studies have shown that if pregnant women come into contact with toxic substances and fetal deformity rates, they will increase 13 times, and language, behavior, intelligence, and sports ability will be affected.

3. Don’t take medicine at will

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not take medicine at will, especially the deformity period (5-12 weeks). If the expectant mothers have pregnancy complications, colds and fever, etc., they should take medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor.When you buy medicines in the pharmacy, if you do n’t do it well, you will have an irreplaceable effect on the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay more attention during pregnancy. In addition, it is necessary to find out whether the fetus grows healthy in time. If the malformation is found again in the middle and late pregnancy, this is an extremely painful thing, and it is very harmful to your physical harm.

How to detect fetal malformations in time in the early pregnancy?

Purchase for the birth check in time. In the early pregnancy, there is an NT examination, which is checked in 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. This is the earliest fetal malformation screening. By detecting the transparent thickness of the neck, it is judged.It is found that NT’s thickness increases, and the possibility of malformations in fetal treasures is large, and the measurement value is normal when the measurement value is less than 2.5mm.(WCY)

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