40 weeks of pregnancy, 9 key attention issues, one, don’t ignore it, all for the good fetus

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Moms who have experienced breeding know that pregnancy is not only very hard in the body, but also always "suffer". At 40 weeks of pregnancy, there are different "focus" problems at different stages.Nine most common problems, pregnant mothers need to see it.

In the early pregnancy, for some pregnant mothers, the most torture is the reaction of early pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, general weakness, drowsiness, and symptoms similar to colds.Essence

These early pregnancy reactions are normal performance during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers do not have to have too psychological burdens, and can be relieved by correctly.

Such as rest and adjust the diet structure (eat less meals, eat light diet, eat some food you want to eat, do not need to pay too much attention to nutritional supplements); but if early pregnancy reaction is very serious, you must not resist or care about it.Correction is to avoid danger of pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers have also discovered that the incidence of embryos is particularly high now, which is the most worrying issue in the early pregnancy.

Most of the fetal stops occur at the stage of 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, but there is currently no clear reason for embryonic stopping, but it is suspected that it has a lot to do with the fetal condition of the fetus and the health of the mother. In addition, frequent abortion or elderly mother,It will also increase the chance of fetal stopping early in pregnancy.

If you want to stay away from the fetal stop, the pregnant mother needs to do these aspects: do a good job of pre -pregnancy examination, understand the physical condition of both parties in advance, and can correct and treat it as soon as there are abnormal conditions. After pregnancyIt is not conducive to the poor factors and environments of embryonic development; pay attention to supplement folic acid, appropriately supplement nutrition, and pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy and vomiting should pay attention to hydrating to avoid danger due to dehydration.

However, in case the embryo occurs, the pregnant mother should not blindly protect the fetus. After all, the doctor’s advice should be listened. After all, the doctor’s major also has experience. The pregnancy should be terminated in time to avoid major bleeding and affect the health of the pregnant mother.

During the first three months of pregnancy, the period of the fetal deformity was high. During this period, the embryo developed rapidly, the fetal organs of the fetus quickly differentiated and developed, and the brain nerve cells would be quickly proliferated. ThereforeEssence

So how to prevent fetal deformity in the early pregnancy?The good lifestyle of pregnant mothers is very critical. Absolutely quit smoking and alcohol, away from bad living environment and bad factors, such as chemicals, drugs, and various pollution.

If you want to detect whether the fetus is abnormal early, it is necessary to do a regular checkup, especially the NT examination at the same time during the 12 -week delivery examination at the 12 -week pregnancy. By checking the transparent thickness of the fetus’s neck, it will judge the baby’s intellectual development level.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, it entered the middle of pregnancy. At this stage, the pregnancy reaction of pregnant mothers gradually disappeared, the physical condition gradually became better, and the stance of pregnancy gradually appeared, but the birth check at this stage was also important.

In particular, two important deformed examinations, Don’s screening four -dimensional abnormal examination, this is the key examination item in the entire pregnancy examination, and it is an important test for the tire to check whether the fetus is intellectual and organ development.

If the results of the Tang screen check are critical or high risk, doctors will make non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture review, so even if the pregnant mothers who have not passed the Tang Si sieve, don’t worry.

Differential screening may be different from different hospitals. Some hospitals do ordinary B-ultrasound screening and do twice in 20-28 weeks of pregnancy.It is more detailed, so it takes a long time. If the fetus is not well matched, it may be done again.

In addition to the Tang sieve and abnormal B -ultrasound, there is also a "glucose tolerance screening" in the middle of pregnancy. This test mainly checks whether the pregnant mother’s blood glucose is abnormal, which is also an important checkup.

After entering the second trimester, the organs and limbs of the fetus have begun to grow and develop rapidly, and there are more and more nutritional nutrition. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to increasing the balanced nutritional supplement.

According to the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2016 Edition)", the dietary nutrition in the middle of pregnancy, on the basis of balanced diet, increases 200 mg of milk daily, and increases 50g of animal foods (lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs) to satisfyAt this stage, the demand for nutrients such as high -quality protein, vitamins, calcium, iron and other nutrients.

To sum up, that is, on the basis of the original diet, increase the supplementation of nutrients such as high -quality protein, calcium, iron, iodine, and DHA; in addition, it is necessary to remind you that you should also pay attention to diet hygiene and safetyPay attention to hygiene in eating; there are pregnant mothers with abnormal blood sugar and blood pressure, and more attention is needed in diet.

After entering the middle of pregnancy, the pregnancy state of the pregnant mother is gradually relieved. On the basis of physical permission, adhere to the appropriate exercise, which can promote appetite, increase energy consumption, and facilitate weight control.Skin elasticity, avoiding stretch marks, is also conducive to smooth delivery.

However, when pregnant mothers exercise, they must "measure force", choose the suitable way of exercise, and control the exercise time and amount of exercise, which can increase step by step to avoid excessive exercise. In additionStop rest and pay attention to hydration after exercise.

At this stage, the hearing of the fetus is constantly developing, and the eyes can start to perceive the light of the outside world. The development of nerve cells is rapid. Therefore, at this time, the fetus can accept the signal from the outside world.Pregnant education.

When doing prenatal education, try to choose a relatively quiet environment, tell stories to your baby, listen to music, etc., and it is best to involve the dad. Some studies have found that the fetus prefers the dad’s strong voice.Do prenatal education for your baby.

In addition to stories and music prenatal education, pregnant mothers can also perform other prenatal education for babies, such as maintaining a good mood every day (this is the best emotional prenatal education for the fetus), take a baby to the park to take a walk, do some interesting handicrafts, write calligraphy or write calligraphy or write calligraphy or call it.Painting, etc., as long as it is positive stimulation, is a good prenatal education for the fetus.

After entering the third trimester, the most needed to prevent is premature birth in the fetus.Many pregnant mothers have also discovered that the number of births in the third trimester has begun to increase. From the 2nd week to the first week, of course, such a dense birth checkup is necessary. It is to monitor the development of the fetus and avoid premature delivery or hypoxia.

Therefore, the pregnant mother should cooperate with the doctor to do a good job on time, but at this stage, the most important test of fetal heart monitoring and B -ultrasound examination at this stage.

Fetal heart monitoring is mainly to monitor the fetal heart rate, fetal movement, and the contraction of the pregnant mother. The B -ultrasound is to monitor the development of the fetus. Seeing whether there is a slow development, the data measured by the data during examination will also be on the fetus.Make an estimate.

Especially pregnant mothers with pregnancy -induced symptoms or other abnormalities should pay more attention to the birth check in the third trimester.

The closer to the due date, the more obvious the prenatal anxiety of the pregnant mother will be worried that you can’t stand the pain of childbirth, accidents occur during childbirth, etc. Then the pregnant mother can relieve pre -child anxiety through the "diverting attention" method, such as doing some to do some.Other interests, listen to the pregnancy, understand the process and precautions in advance, and the maintenance of the maintenance of newborn babies.

The above is the nine issues that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy. October conception is actually important every month. It has different tests for pregnant mothers, just like "playing games and playing monsters". Only pay attention to different stages of attention.I have noticed that I can go through the level smoothly and meet the finish line smoothly.

In the 40 weeks of pregnancy, what unforgettable experience or knowledge you want to know, let’s leave a message.

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