4 misunderstandings of beautiful pregnant mothers during pregnancy

” Can I apply the mask during pregnancy””” Many mothers will consider one problem when I am pregnant or prepared for pregnancy. I am in the pregnancy stage.I have sorted some information and take a look at everyone

Can pregnant mothers use sunscreen?

I believe this is a question in the hearts of many mothers. The answer is of course, and it is necessary to do a good job during pregnancy. It is essential to go out for walking or outdoor activities every day.At this time, applying sunscreen can reduce the damage caused by UV to our skin to a certain extent, so it is generally necessary to consider the problem of poor sunscreen composition.

In fact, applying sunscreen to our skin is very limited, let alone enter the body.As long as you choose some mild and less chemical additives as much as possible, the chemical components are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide physical sunscreen!Such sunscreens only form a sunscreen film on the surface of the skin and will not penetrate into our skin.

Can pregnant mothers care about skin care?

Some novice mothers are very cautious when they are pregnant with their babies. They do n’t even need daily skin care products. They feel that skin care products contain additives. It is not good for the baby.But now it ’s 2022. In the age of such developed information, it should be rarely thought so?So many popular sciences and popular science videos have told us that you can skin care during pregnancy, as long as the product composition you use is safe.And now there are many skin care products for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. The composition is simple, safe, and the function is generally moisturizing daily.During my pregnancy, I put the skin care products I used in my hand first, or gave me away, and directly started a set of basic moisturizing skin care products for pregnant women.As long as we do not allow our skin to be dry, greasy, and dull during pregnancy.Therefore, the care of skin during pregnancy is still necessary.

Can pregnant mothers make up?

Of course you can make up when you are pregnant!I was still at work in the early stages of pregnancy, and I went to work almost every day.But I usually only draw light makeup during pregnancy, and the cosmetics components should be relatively safer.And experts have shown that among the shortcomings of all newborn children, the lack of Xian caused by chemicals and drugs only accounts for only 1%, so pregnant mothers need to choose the ingredients when they make up.It will not cause fetal JI shape.

Can I go to beauty during pregnancy?

You can do it 要求️ but it is required to be a project ❗️ The items of instruments and injections such as the instrument and injection of the instrument such as 果 ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ 是 是. This will have a bad effect on the baby.If you just remove the skin or hydrate and moisturize the mask, it is completely possible.

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