39 -year -old Xie Na Guan Xuanhuai’s second child!There are obvious signs of pregnancy, Zhang Jie has replied to thank his wife

On the first day of the New Year, the entertainment industry has spread good news!

Xie Na issued a high -profile post on the social platform, and the official news of the official announcement of the second child said: "I have cut my hair short, because the good doll in the belly, good New Year, happy New Year’s Day, love you."

Then Zhang Jie also responded generously, thanking his wife Xie Na for paying, and revealing that he was going to start named the baby!

Xie Na, who upgraded to the second mother, also showed her photos of her short hair. Compared with the charming look of her long hair, she has a trace of maturity and intellectual.

In addition, Xie Na also showed a New Year’s Day greeting card, proudly that she was jumped and pretty, and her words were the joy of being a mother.

After the good news of the second birth of Xie Na, he immediately reached the hot search, and netizens sent sincere blessings: "Xie Na accompanied me with a whole childhood and youth girl.This winter is moved.

During this time, the news about Xie Na’s second child has been passing. Now looking back at those clues, it turns out that it has been a sign of the mother again.

In the recent "Happy Camp", Xie Na, who has always been lively, suddenly changed her temperament.

It is difficult to hide the slightly raised belly, and the whole person is full of pregnancy.

What makes netizens doubt even more that during the live broadcast some time ago, Xie Na suspected that she had symptoms of pregnancy, and her face was very bad in the live broadcast.

When participating in the event, Liu Wei also needed Liu Wei.

Even the Hunan Satellite TV New Year’s Eve Party, Xie Na, hosted by the gold medal, was rare to be absent and suffered a lot of criticism.It now appears that it turns out to raise a fetus at home!

Xie Na, who is now 39 years old, is really not young, and it is inevitable to bear a lot of risks.In 2018, Xie Na and Zhang Jie gave birth to a pair of twin daughters. Although the family of four was enviable, Xie Na after giving birth was hard to hide.

Looking at the previous variety shows, Xie Na once said that when she raised her body, she would "come a few more". It seems that I really like the baby!

In the end, we bless Xie Na and Zhang Jie!I hope that the goddess of the sun can continue to be happy and raise a good child.For celebrity families, if this is a son, it should be more successful!


Author: chestnut

Responsible editor: rap singer Ahuan

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