37 -year -old Mali announced her pregnancy: When is it the best time to give birth to a child?

Two days ago, the 37 -year -old actor Ma Li announced the news of pregnancy: "I’m busy we gain weight, you are busy growing up, and finally you can share happiness with everyone, thank you."

Joy is overflowing.

Actor Ma Li

There is a happy blessing on Weibo, but there are also some seemingly kind and familiar arguments: "It’s 37 years old, the boss is not small, and you should have a child!"

In fact, there are thousands of opinions on the question of when to have a child.

Some people say that looking at age.

The World Health Organization has long issued a statement: the best fertility age of women is 25 years old.His body recovers quickly, and the child is healthy.

Some people say that watching wallets.

If you have money, you can give birth.Without money, don’t harm the next generation.

Some people say that letting it let it go.

Children are the gifts of heaven.

It seems to have their own truths.

However, to welcome a child and accept the heavy trust of life, you need to bear too much.

When is it the best time to give birth to a child?

In order to have a healthy and smart child, the neighbor’s husband and wife are preparing for pregnancy one year in advance. Vitamins, DHAs, imported nuts and other nutrients are the same.

When the child was born, it was very fat and very attractive.As soon as someone teased him, he laughed.Now that I am two years old, I am not as flexible as before.

On the weekend, my husband and I were playing games with my children. Suddenly, I heard a "ping -pong pong" sound from the next door, and then cursing.

In the past, our neighbor’s house saw that the living room borrowed a wolf, and the couple blushed.

What about children?

After finding a lap to find out that the child curled up under the table and trembled.

I was busy hugging the child, but the child avoided my hand, covering my ears and sobbing with my eyes closed.

My heart is tight, and children who are only 2 years old will live so trembling. What should I do in the future?

Remember that there is a line in "Ode to Joy": "A home is the fate of a person."

Take it seriously.

When watching "Where’s Dad", I was fascinated by the little male god.

Hmm hums the mother’s spoils as "little princess"; gently reminds my mother not to hurt her fingers; take the initiative to buy hot drinks for the mother, and don’t forget to put a piece of biscuits.

When Humming didn’t want to play games, Dad Du Jiang said that if you don’t play, there may be no beautiful houses.

Hmm is not timid: "Yes, dad, I can buy it by myself, Qi grows up to make money to buy."

Hmm and Dad Du Jiang

In fact, the child’s growth password is hidden in the family atmosphere.

Hmm’s intimateness is exactly the replica of Dad’s love for her mother. Humming’s self -confidence stems from the tenderness of parents’ love.

The famous scholar Lu Bin once said: "Parents’ good emotional atmosphere, and the living atmosphere of family harmony is the environmental foundation for cultivating children’s health."

Parents in love are the best education for children.Family harmony is the best environment for children.

The child’s healthy growth is not how much nutrients they eat, but whether the family has temperature.

Families with temperature are the best supplements to nourish their children’s minds, and they can raise mild and confident children.

For children, different families have different methods of raising. However, the first question is the same: money!

In the film "The Richest Man in Xihong City", when Shen Teng played Wang Duoyu, when he decided to donate all the 30 billion legacy, he suddenly thought that he had to leave a little for the child.

He also said optimistic: "Don’t worry, don’t have much to support it."

As a result, this point became a few meters of bills.

"The Richest Man of Xihong City" still

This plot is inexplicable.

Thinking of my cousin, in order to provide children with a good living environment and education, she worked day and night until she was 35 years old. She planned to get pregnant.

However, the overdraft of the older pregnancy and the overdraft of the past few years allowed the cousin to show signs of warning after pregnancy.She had to resign and protect the fetus and start a full -time mother at home.

Sister cousin was worried about her husband’s pressure, and always wanted to do some part -time help to make up for her family, but she was rejected by her husband.Her husband said that he didn’t want to be rich and noble, but just begged her to raise her body and gave birth to her baby peace.

On the day of delivery, my cousin had to read a book to pass the time.

When trying to become a habit, after the child is born, the cousin is busy with the baby, and does not forget to appreciate herself.

When playing games with the children, my cousin listens to childcare audio courses; when the child falls asleep, the cousin read children’s psychological books.

Under the mother’s infection, children like to listen to stories and read picture books from an early age.After going to elementary school, no mother urges, children can consciously write homework, and they are primary school tyrants in the class.

The cousin, although he did not go out to work, he took care of the family well and educated the children well.Although my cousin has not salary, the family also lives and tastes.

I remember Schopenhauer once said, "There are two sufferings in life, one is the lack of material, and the other is the emptiness."

The lack of material is a moment, but the spiritual emptiness is long -lasting.

The child’s excellence is not how much he lives in the house, how expensive he is in the training course, but the parents’ intention and education.

Parents’ words are the excellent confidence of children.

There is a junior high school classmate who gets married and has children soon after dropping out of school.

The couple are still big children, and they do not know how to take care of the baby. Fortunately, the parents of both parties helped to pull the child to grow up.

The child was over 1 year old, and the couple were unwilling to stay in the small town. They threw the child to the grandparents and brought them, and they were working together to work in Shenzhen.In the end of the year, I went home once after the Spring Festival.

Two days ago, I met the child in the bookstore. The child over 2 years old was full of swear words and suffocated.

He fancy a toy, and Grandpa didn’t buy it. He punch his grandfather, and then ran out with the toy.Grandpa helplessly paid for and hurried to catch up.

Behind each bear child, there is a bear parent.

Why should you give birth to a child if you have not prepared for your parents?It is the biggest evil for children.

The movie "Why", tells a real story that happened in Lebanon.

There are 7 children in a family, but the parents pursue the purpose of relaxing the baby. They only have no raising, and they are small and small.

In the end, the 11 -year -old daughter was forced to marry and died in difficulty. The 12 -year -old son was arrested, which triggered a statement that the parents were born without raising.

Stills of the Movie "Why Do you think Home"

Behind every unfortunate family, there is an irresponsible parent.

There is a topic on Zhihu, "Why are the older generations so relaxed at that time, compared to now bringing a baby like a ancestor?"

@Sweetie-Ning Ning’s answer is simply a bit scary. "My grandmother’s mother gave birth to 11 children, and only 3 lived. My grandmother gave birth to 6 children and lived 5."

In fact, in any era, raising children is not a relaxed thing."Keeping children" to "raising the child" is a separate effort and time.

Parents are a practice.

Watering with heart and guarding with love can bear the word "parent".

Parents are responsible for the happy background of the child’s life.

When is the best time to have children?

In fact, you do n’t have to eat how much nutritional products are preparing for pregnancy. It is not necessary to have a strong economic foundation.

When you are convinced that you can love each other, you can give your child a family with a temperature, let him grow up healthily and confidently;

When you are convinced that you can accompany and educate your children with your heart, be able to become his pride and role model, and give him an excellent confidence;

When you are convinced that you are ready to welcome your new life, bear the responsibility of him, let him grow safely, and live out the appearance of children;

At that time, it was the best time to have a child.

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