36 -year -old second child pregnant mothers on the streets. Don’t be envious of netizens.

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On February 24th, Xu Yunteng, who repaired the bicycle, was the same as countless morning, and a booth was set up on the side of the pedestrian tunnel. There were also many stall owners selling vegetables and selling chickens around the stalls of Xu Bo.

There are people who come and go on the pedestrian tunnel. I did not expect that a pregnant woman with a big belly didn’t seem to be right. It should be that the child was going to be born.

At this time, the kind Xu Bo and the surrounding stalls rushed to help. Xu Bo supported it with his usual raining fabric to make a temporary delivery room, but the other female stall owners did "take the birth of life.Well.Still enthusiastic people hurriedly notified the hospital.

This mother is called Feng Yimei. She is a second -born mother. Because she did not reach the due date, she had a stomachache in the morning. She wanted to go to the hospital to check it. I did not expect that the child on the road was about to launch.

This child was born quickly. The 120 was born before the child. After the doctor at the hospital arrived, the child’s umbilical cord was not cut and the placenta did not give birth. The doctor quickly cut the umbilical cord and kept warm to the newborn.And returning to the hospital by car, fortunately, the mother and child recovered well.

This second -child mother is an emergency production. The so -called emergency production is from contraction pain to giving birth to children, less than three hours.

In May 2020, there was also a mother in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. He walked on the road and gave birth to the child. Fortunately, the person at the roadside stalls helped take a piece and hug the child.

In December 2019, the pregnant mother in Zhuhai, Guangdong was even more terrible. At home, I thought about walking more in the late stage. I didn’t expect to walk, and the child suddenly drilled out. The mother did not even lie down.He fell straight to the ground, and the child’s head immediately started a big bag. Fortunately, he recovered after going to the hospital for surgery.

Many train personnel on the train have experienced the experience of picking up the biological mother -in -law. Now the train can sit freely whether it is early or in the third trimester.It is just a urgent birth. If you do n’t have the shop before the village, you can only give birth to the car.

Many netizens saw that these mothers gave birth to their baby so fast and felt envious. Some netizens said: Why did I die and live when I gave birth?

It is easy for others to have a baby to the extreme.

There is an old saying in China: It is fast and not!It is the same whether it is doing things or having children.

Generally, we have a child for more than 6 hours. Generally, twelve hours are normal.Because the mother had to go through the slow opening stage, the opening of the palace mouth was that the mother’s stomach felt a stomach pain. At this time, contraction appeared.

When the mother was contracted, the blood vessels of the uterus were all squeezed together, and there was no way to provide oxygen to the child. Therefore, at the beginning, the mother was contracted for more than ten seconds. After a few minutes of rest, the mother could breathe, and the uterus relaxedAfter that, the blood vessels can also provide oxygen to the fetus.

However, if it is urgent, the contraction is very dense, and there is almost no gap, which is not good for the mother to the child.

One: Protestant

1. Affecting brain development

The mother’s contraction is very frequent at the time of delivery. The uterus has been in a contraction state, which will allow the fetus to be in the mother’s body and have been in the condition of hypoxia.

Because the blood vessels are also shrunk into a ball when the uterine contraction, there is no way to supply blood and oxygen, and the hypoxia will affect the brain development.

If a child is born on the roadside and does not have a professional medical staff, it will help the newborn to deal with the amniotic fluid and secretions of the respiratory tract in time, which will cause the child to not breathe autonomously for a long time (that is, the child is born for a long time).Essence

The brain is the most sensitive to hypoxia, and urgent production is more likely to affect the development of the child’s brain.

2. Cause newborns injury

For example, a pregnant mother like Zhuhai, walking at home, was born before the child was on the sofa.The child has a big hematoma on his head.

Many mothers walk on the road and have children. In case the children fall to the ground, the injury is very serious.

3. Causes children to get sick

Our delivery rooms are disinfected. Before the mother gave birth to a child, she would have skin and disinfect. The child was urgently produced on the roadside.

Children are sterile in the mother’s uterus. When they come to this flower world, they are greeted by a dirty environment. The pathogenic bacteria immediately invade the child’s body, causing the child to get sick.

Or at birth, the child’s umbilical cord is not disinfected during treatment, which can also cause infection.

Two: Mom

1. Mom is prone to producing injury

The child came out too fast. The mother’s palace mouth and perineum were not ready. The child rushed out of the air. Without a doctor, he had no time to cut the side. The mother was prone to severe yin tear, and even affected the urethra and anus.

Severe perineal tear is that the wound is not easy to heal after the stitching.

2. Mom is easily infected

There are three output of mothers to have a baby. The first outbound process is opening the palace, the second output is to give birth to the fetus, and the third outbuilding is the placenta.

In case the mothers who are emerging are born, the umbilical cord she cut is not disinfected and may infect the mother.

Or the mother’s placenta does not give birth in time, which will also affect the mother’s health.

The emergency mother generally has this characteristic: a child has been delivered smoothly (and the first child is born fast).

That is to say, the second -born mother is more common. The child is not very large during pregnancy. The doctor said that only less than six pounds, and the mother usually exercises it (the pelvis of the mother is more likely to be opened during exercise).

Therefore, mothers with a small second child and fetus should pay more attention. As long as they have a stomachache, go to the hospital as soon as possible (especially those who are far from the hospital at home, it is also recommended to prepare in advance). It is best not to give birth to the baby outside.The risk is too big!

Topic: Are there any mothers around you? Where did they give birth to children?

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