34 weeks of pregnancy daily health details

Do daily health care during pregnancy. Both pregnant women and fetuses are safe. Different requirements for different pregnancy and nutritional needs, naturally need to be adjusted. If the pregnant woman is 34 weeks of pregnancy, then daily health care, pregnancy examination, nutrition, and disease prevention of disease preventionWhat do you need to pay attention to? Is it important?

34 weeks of pregnancy

[Pay attention to daily care]

Daily care is also one of the precautions for 34 weeks of pregnancy.At this time, the legs of the pregnant woman will be swollen. At this time, the situation is normal, but if the hand or face suddenly swells, you need to see a doctor.Pregnant women should not participate in severe exercise at this time, because it is likely to cause premature birth, especially pregnant women with a history of abortion, can do some mild exercises appropriately, such as walking, doing some broadcast gymnastics.

1. Prepare a personal scale to check the weight frequently.

2. As long as the weather allows, go out for a walk every day.

3. Do 5 minutes of chest massage before you fall asleep every night, and to prepare for breastfeeding for breastfeeding.

4. The pillow should not be too high, so that the neck and chest can be too large, not only not conducive to breathing, but also squeeze the baby baby.

5. When going out, avoid the fierce sunlight as much as possible. It is best to wear a shading or support the parasol to prevent the color of the color.

6. Keep a good mood: During the eight months of pregnancy, pregnant women often inexplicably nervous and scared, and often have insomnia and dreamy symptoms when sleeping at night.This is mainly caused by the psychological pressure of pregnant women, a bad mood, and poor mood.Therefore, in the eight months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to maintain a good mood and relax.

[Note for pregnancy checks]

The main items of the 34 -week pregnancy check in pregnancy are:

1. Ultrasonic: The main purpose is to monitor fetal development, amount of amniotic fluid, placental position, placenta maturity, and fetal deformed. To understand whether the fetal development is consistent with the gestational week.

2. Pioneer heart monitoring: starting from 32 weeks, the content of each production examination includes fetal heart monitoring. With the help of the instrument to record the changes in the heart rate of the fetal fetal heart rate, this is the basis for understanding the fetal heart response during fetal movement and contraction. At the same time, it can be speculated that it can be speculated that it can be speculated thatIs there any hypoxia in the palace?

3. Measuring abdominal circumference and weight growth: It is a good way to detect whether the fetus develops normally during pregnancy. You can preliminary judgment of the pregnancy week through the measurement of the abdominal circumference, and indirectly understand the growth and development of the fetus. The measurement of weight can help control weight growth.Speed, reasonably arrange diet.

4. Routine blood test: Check hemoglobin, platelets, white blood cells, etc., mainly to determine whether expectant mothers are anemia.

5. Urine routine: The urinary system infection itself can easily cause premature birth, low weight, and increase the incidence and mortality rate of siege.

6. Pelvic measurement: Pelvis is a channel for fetal delivery. Its size and shape have a great impact on childbirth. Small or deformed pelvis can cause difficulty.Preliminary pregnant women and pregnant women with difficulty in giving birth should measure pelvis during the first prenatal examination.

[Pay attention to diet nutrition]

This week’s nutritional principles are: food diversity, appropriate amount, high quality, easy digestion, low salt, low fat; pay attention to sunlight, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium.Diet hygiene during this period is particularly important because this period may be given birth at any time.If other diseases cause other diseases due to improper diet, they will affect the health of childbirth and postpartum mothers and babies.At this time, the digestive function of pregnant mothers is easy to cause constipation. Therefore, eating more fiber -containing foods such as corn and vegetables.

In addition, pregnant women during this period need to nourish qi, nourish blood, and nourish yin, and take longan custard; if edema and hypertension occur, eat red bean porridge, winter melon soup, carp soup and other less salt and diuretic food.If hemulin is low, you can eat more egg yolk, pork liver, red beans, crispystone, spinach and other foods with high iron content. It should be noted that people with anemia should not drink tea, and tea will hinder the absorption of iron.Milk and some neutralized drugs can also hinder the absorption of iron, so try not to eat with iron -containing foods.

◇ Frying pork shreds of fungus silver buds

Materials: 50 grams of water, bean sprouts, water hair fungus, shredded pork, sesame oil, salt, chicken essence, starch water, starch, ginger, raw soy sauce


1. Cut the water into a waters into oblique shreds, and grab the shredded pork with raw soy sauce and starch.2. Wash the water from the water and cut it into filaments; wash the bean sprouts; put it in the boiling water and simmer it.3. Sad the ginger in the hot oil in the pot, stir -fry the shredded meat and stir -fry the bean sprouts and fungus.Stir with starch water and pour in sesame oil.

Efficacy: Bamboo is rich in protein and fat; fungus has the effects of puzzle and health, nourishing strong brain, nourishing and strong, nourishing blood and blood circulation, nourishing yin and moisturizing, nourishing the stomach, clearing the lungs, qi, and calming pain.Voluna silver bud fried shredded pork is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, and various nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and vitamin C. In the third trimester, expectant mothers have blood nourishing blood, nourishing qi and stomach, and stomach and stomach.The effect of littering and swelling.

◇ Soybean pig hand pot

Ingredients: Pig hands, soybeans, seasonings


1. Wash the pig’s hand and simmer the blood with boiling water; 2. Put the cold water and simmer for 40 minutes with medium heat; 3. Add soybeans and seasonings and turn it into low heat for 1 hour.

Efficacy: This dish can not only make the skin more beautiful, but also laid a solid foundation for the normal secretion of postpartum breast milk.

【Pay attention to disease protection】

1. legs spasm

Generally speaking, in the last few weeks of pregnancy, painful leg spasm may occur in the thighs and calves of the pregnant woman (your wife only spasm after two months of pregnancy, which is caused by calcium deficiency). You can massage your legs,Stretch your feet upwards, stretch your leg muscles, you can remove it.

2. Morning vomiting

About the second month of pregnancy (or earlier), nausea and vomiting may occur in the early morning.This situation usually disappears by itself, but if the symptoms continue, you should discuss with your doctor.A small amount of meals can usually reduce morning spitting. Eating high -protein snacks are the best.At this time, you should avoid full and greasy food.

3. The ankle edema

In the second half of pregnancy, the increase in the weight of the fetus will increase the pressure on the legs and ankles. At this time, it should be avoided to stand for a long time.Lie flat and raise your foot slightly to reduce swelling.If your hands and faces are swollen, go to the hospital immediately.

4. Headache

Sewing, reading or watching TV cause eye fatigue and slight headache.If the headache continues or severe, you should tell the doctor.

5. Stomach burning sensation

In the second half of pregnancy, the stomach will have a burning sensation.It is characterized by a feeling of burning in the stomach and often rises to the throat.If this symptom is serious, doctors will recommend some drugs to help you solve.

6. Decompirational problem

Constipation during pregnancy.A balanced diet, including a large amount of water, vegetables and fruits to avoid constipation.Drink at least 6-8 cups of boiling water a day.If this is still not solved, the doctor may prescribe a light laxative.

During this period, hemorrhoids may be long.If he hemorrhoids have been long, doctors can be asked to prescribe some drugs.Hemorrhoids may disappear after childbirth.

7, abdominal pain

The abdomen occasionally mild pain is normal.If the pain is severe, this may be a serious signs, and you should immediately bed and ask the doctor for a doctor.

8. Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding or a large amount of secretions, which is a serious signs, should be bedbladder immediately and notify the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, I will wake you up here. In addition to maintaining the nutrients required for their own health during pregnancy, they also need to provide all nutrients required for fetal growth and development.

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