3 months after giving birth and 2 months pregnant?The dangers of inadvertently are greater than you think

Recently, a news that”3 months after giving birth to find that the news of 2 months of pregnancy is on the hot search list.The news shows that a 28 -year -old new treasure mother, Ms. Chen, found that she was pregnant for 2 months after the routine examination after the cesarean section was born, which caused a fierce discussion for everyone.Many people say that the behavior of this lady and husband is a manifestation of irresponsibility to the woman’s body.

News Chinese doctors said that children’s stay and no risk are very large.Ms. Chen had a cesarean section for three months, and her uterus has not been recovered, and the risk of continuing fertility is very high. If she wants to perform abortion surgery, it is a high -risk abortion and there will be many sequelae.After repeated consideration, Ms. Chen decided to give up this baby.

I do n’t know what the sisters have felt after reading this news. Anyway, Mei Xiaohu feels that she is particularly distressed that this sister who has just given birth to the baby.At the same time, I also want to remind your sisters not to be lucky, and feel that you will not get pregnant if you still have a child when you are breastfeeding. This is a great misunderstanding.

Generally speaking, for women produced by cesarean section for the first time, from the end of the first childbirth to the second conception, in principle, it should be more than two years apart.After women’s pregnancy, the uterus will continue to increase, and the uterine muscle fibers are stretched hundreds of times.If the uterus is normal, you can bear such a "heavy task".However, if the wound after cesarean section has not recovered, it will be pregnant again, and there will be the risk of uterine rupture and bleeding during pregnancy.If you do n’t pay attention to contraception after giving birth, you have no measures to have an same room. Once you are pregnant, it is very harmful to women’s physical damage.

In addition to the postpartum stage, couples who do not have a pregnancy plan should pay attention to scientific contraception.Unexpected pregnancy is very harmful to women’s physical and mental damage. If there is an artificial abortion, it will cause great harm to fertility.

In artificial abortion surgery, scraping, probe, and attractive first -class surgical equipment will have the probability of wearing a uterine muscle to enter the abdominal cavity.Although the uterine muscle layer has a contraction function, most uterine perforations will not be fatal, but if the negative pressure suction head of the negative pressure attractor during surgery is used to enter the abdominal cavity, the intestine may be sucked in, causing intestinal damage.

Big bleeding

During abortion surgery, uterine contraction, coagulation dysfunction, cervical damage, etc. can cause bleeding, excessive bleeding can cause anemia, and severe symptoms such as shock will occur.It should be noted that the later the abortion time, the greater the probability of bleeding, and the more bleeding.

Organizational residue

If there is a leakage or air suction, leading to organizational residues, secondary operations need to be performed and suffered secondary damage.


The most common problem after artificial abortion surgery.Women’s vagina and cervix have a natural protection mechanism to prevent infection, but abortion surgery will destroy this barrier and cause infection.After artificial abortion, endometritis, tubulitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. may occur, and some of them will develop into chronic pelvic inflammation, causing blocked fallopian tubes and pelvic adhesion.

Uterine adhesion

During surgery, suction can damage the endometrium base layer. If the uterine endometrial infection does not grow after the operation, the uterine cavity adhesion and cervical adhesion will be formed.


Artificial abortion is very unfavorable to reproductive health.

The endometrial injury after abortion may cause abnormal beds in the fetus in the fetus again during pregnancy.

After many abortion surgery, pre -placental placenta and other problems are prone to occur, which leads to habitual abortion. Even if the fetus is kept during pregnancy, major bleeding may occur during childbirth.

The problems of gynecological inflammation, fallopian tubes, and uterine adhesion caused by abortion will cause secondary infertility, and severe cases may be infertile for life.

Menstrual disorders

The curettage of the abortion surgery may make the uterine wall thinner, less endometrium, affect endocrine regulation, leading to excessive menstrual flow and disorders, and seriously causes amenorrhea.

Psychological effect

The flow of people may cause serious psychological damage to women, cause negative emotions such as insomnia, depression, etc., leading to discord of family relationships and affecting normal life.

Responsible for love, scientific contraception, this is a common sense and a responsibility.I sincerely hope that every woman can protect themselves, and every man should take responsibility.Both husbands and wives should take contraceptive measures without preparing for pregnancy. Do not let artificial abortion affect women’s fertility.

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