3 kinds of fruits have been included in the "carcinogenic list". Is it credible?Tell you the truth

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Cancer is a disease with a very high mortality rate and a "illness" in people’s eyes. It has now reached the level of cancer color deformation.

In order to keep cancer away from themselves, people are very particular about their diet. Apple, banana, yellow peach cans, etc. have all on the blacklist, saying that they can cause cancer, and they say that they have noses and eyes.These claims are simply not credible.

Fruits are healthy foods. People eating fruits every day is good for health and can replenish the human body and supplement vitamins and cellulose.

But fruits are a huge family. After eating more fruits, it will really affect physical health, but it may not cause cancer.

The neighbor Pharaoh especially likes to eat pineapple. It feels that this kind of fruit is sweet and sour, but after eating, she feels like a pins in her mouth. This makes her very worried.I dare not eat pineapple again.

At first, Pharaoh thought that he was allergic to the protease in pineapples. In fact, it was not the case. The adverse reaction she had occurred was caused by the crystallization of oxalic acid in the pineapple. This substance would stimulate the sensitive tissue in the oral mucosa after entering the human mouth.It is easy to produce a needle tie, which will make people feel numb.

Mango is also a common fruit in life, but many people will have adverse reactions after eating mango. They feel uncomfortable with the mouth and lips. They feel numb and pain. In severe cases, lips will swell. This is a typical manifestation of allergies.Essence

Because mango contains a variety of allergens, contact with the skin and mucous membranes will cause allergies. Some people with allergies will not only have skin allergies, but also have a variety of serious allergic reactions such as shortage of breathing and abnormal digestion function.Anti -allergic treatment in time.

Some people eat fruits. It is easy to stomach pain and diarrhea. This is because their bodies are not resistant to the fruit sugar in the fruits, which affects intestinal function.Some people will have hypoglycemia after eating lychee.

This is related to the glycine A and α-naphthayopropylinine contained in lychee. These two substances are slightly toxic and will affect the metabolism of sugar substances in the human body.Eating lychee is prone to hypoglycemia, and there will be some symptoms similar to eating poisoning.

Although some adverse reactions appear after eating different fruits, it is nonsense to say that these fruits can cause cancer.

Some time ago Aunt Li’s daughter bought her a few canned yellow peaches, and Aunt Li said she couldn’t eat anything.

And telling her daughter that the canned yellow peach is full of preservatives. After eating, she will cause cancer. She also said that her daughter did not hurt her, it was harming her. The daughter was very speechless and did not know what she said.

Everyone who knows knows that there is no large number of preservatives in canned yellow peaches, and preservatives may be added to extend its shelf life.

But now this kind of food will be sterilized with high -temperature steam when processing, and the bacteria and microorganisms contained in yellow peaches can be eliminated. After sealing, it can save it for a long time without adding preservatives.

Therefore, eating cans can absorb a large number of preservatives and cause cancer. There is no scientific basis, which is not credible.

Apple was originally a fruit that can be eaten all year round, but recently she was also entered into the cold palace by her mother -in -law.

The mother -in -law said that the current Apple was waxed before listing. When eating apples, she would eat this layer of fruit wax, which is easy to cause cancer.

We are not obedient, and we have to eat apples, so she helps us cut off all the apple peels. It is safer to say that it can remove the fruit wax.

But after checking the relevant information, it is found that the fruit wax on the surface of the apple is not carcinogenally. It is a way to keep the food safety preservation.

Apple has a long period of time, it is easy to transport, and it is not easy to rot. The fruit wax on its surface is easily washed off when washed, and there will be no residues at all, and this substance is harmless to the human body.

Unless the apple surface uses industrial wax, the human body will harm health after absorbing, but whether it will cause cancer, there is no exact way.

Bananas that are often eaten often have a blacklist for carcinogenic fruits. It is said that bananas have radiation, which can damage the human internal organs and cause human cancer.

In fact, this statement is not established at all, and it is impossible. Bananas do have radiation, because bananas are rich in trace element potassium, but its radiation can be ignored.

Some experts found that the radiation absorbed by people who eat 70,000 bananas is not as much as the radiation absorbed by a chest CT at one time, so this radiation does not cause harm to the human body at all, and it will not cause cancer.

Although people will absorb potassium potassium after eating bananas, this substance does not accumulate for a long time in the human body.It will not cause cancer.

Fruit is a food that is beneficial to human health. As long as it is reasonable, correct consumption is harmless to the human body.

However, when eating fruit, you should do it according to your physical strength. You cannot use it instead of the staple food, and the more you eat, the better.

If you have high blood sugar and hyperlipidemia, and eating too much sugar -content fruit, it will make the condition worsen.

According to the suggestions in the healthy dietary guide, adults can eat 200 grams to 350 grams of fruits a day, but the fruits must be guaranteed to be fresh and cannot be replaced by fruit juice and fructose.This can make the body absorb adequate and balanced nutrition.

People are different and their physical condition is different. Usually eating fruits must combine the health of their bodies.

For example: Eat less pineapple and mango in allergies. Patients with high blood sugar should eat less watermelon and lychee. People who often diarrhea and diarrhea should eat less cold fruits such as cucumbers and pears. People with poor stomachs eat less persimmons.Avoid gastric stones in the body, do not eat fruit in an empty stomach, avoid aggravating the burden on the stomach, affecting the digestive function and health of the stomach.

Fruit is sweet and sweet, with seductive taste. It is rich in vitamins and cellulose. It can supplement a variety of nutrients for the human body and is beneficial to human health.

Persist in eating an appropriate amount of fruits every day, and make the right choice according to your own needs to ensure that the fruits are fresh and diverse, which will not affect your health, let alone cancer!

Don’t believe in the so -called "carcinogenic list", let alone believe that fruit can cause cancer!

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