26 weeks of pregnancy fell in the toilet, the hospital examination is the disease

When I was pregnant until 26 weeks, one morning to go to the toilet, the family used a toilet at home. After sitting down the toilet for two minutes, I felt a little dizzy. At that time, I had begun to solve it.It was fine for a few minutes. I didn’t expect to get more dizzy after a few minutes. The moment I was about to get up, the dizziness passed by my head, I lost my consciousness and fainted in the toilet. Fortunately, my mother morning in the morning.I did n’t find that I was on the bed. I found me first and found that I fell into the toilet.

Fortunately, the moment I fainted, there was a hand -toilet next to the toilet with my body. I didn’t fall directly to the ground. My mother woke up her husband urgently and sent it to the hospital.

Hospital examination is iron deficiency anemia

When I went to the hospital, a gynecologist gave me an examination. From my face and symptoms, the preliminary diagnosis was anemia. But I did not believe it with my family. I decided to do a blood test.I got the test sheet the next day, and the doctor pointed out that the hemoglobin was low, and I realized that I did suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

Most of the dizziness during pregnancy is the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia?

It turns out that iron deficiency anemia is a common disease during pregnancy. Even if a very healthy woman before pregnancy, anemia will occur due to the increase in iron demand in the fetal body. Especially the beginning of pregnancy starts., Will gradually evolve from iron deficiency into anemia.I feel weak during pregnancy, often dizzy in front of my eyes, and occasionally chest tightness cannot breathe. When anemia reaches a certain degree, it is easy to faint and lose consciousness.

Dizziness is a common anemia symptoms during pregnancy. When you feel slightly dizziness, you feel dark in severe cases. When the posture of pregnant women changes or emotional excitement, there will be sudden syncope. The expectant mothers must pay attention to it.

Pay attention to more iron replenishment during pregnancy

The main cause of anemia caused by iron deficiency is to ensure that the body’s iron meets normal needs during pregnancy. Therefore, you must eat more iron -containing diet during pregnancy, such as animals, lean meat, blood, tofu, spinach, celery, etc.Anemia, dizziness, and weakness, you need to supplement nutritional iron, such as iron fate.Specific mothers who are weak during pregnancy should diverse diet to ensure a balanced nutritional balance, and it is recommended that the family arranges personal care to prevent the danger of syncope.

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