24 -year -old, 3 months pregnant, playing insulin every day, tie your hands to test 7 times of blood sugar, and collapse!

It is said that the woman who is pregnant is the queen queen. Some people wait for it. They do n’t worry about eating and drinking, but for friends, pregnancy is a nightmare. The first thing to open her eyes every day is to eat less and eat less.Essence

My friend got married last year and was pregnant unexpectedly this year. There was a medical examination before. The blood sugar was high. The doctor said that it was okay. I usually control it with a little control. My friend didn’t care too much.

As a result, the blood glucose suddenly rose when the birth checkup was three months pregnant. The doctor suggested that she immediately control sugar, but did not tell her how to eat, so she should eat less sweet fruits every day and eat normally.In the month, blood sugar rose to a dozen, and the doctor told her that she must be hospitalized, otherwise it would affect the child.

The friend was scared. She did not expect that she would be hospitalized because of this. Two days after hospitalization, the doctor gave her a food list. The food she ate every day needs to be accurately gramped.You also need to tie your fingers a hole to squeeze out the blood, and then measure blood sugar as more accurate.

I asked her: Have you ever thought about giving up?After all, you are still young, and you need one after the body is raised. The process of this baby is really painful.

She said: I thought about it, but gave up again.Because she knows her body, the aura uterus is not easy to conceive, so since she is pregnant, she still wants to give birth. After all, it is a piece of meat on her body.

I asked her if she had a pain in injections like this every day. She said that she was just a bit at first. Now she is used to it, as long as the child is healthy and healthy.

Now I seem to be able to understand why some people would rather have a child in surrogate, because the process of having a child is really a process. Men cannot feel the same. Women can only bear the pain silently, and tell themselves that they want to be strong.Because you want to be a mother.

How many women are pregnant and doubt their lives because of pregnancy, how many women have needed needles every day because of pregnancy, and how many women have experienced test tubes again and again. They still say that they will come again!

When mothers are happy, but in the process of becoming a mother, they may also suffer pain. These pains are really not arrogant, but really uncomfortable.

I clearly remember that when I gave birth to my child, I vomited for two months, and finally went to drink water to vomit. The oil fume could not smell it. I spit more than ten times a day, lying on the toilet and crying. I thought more than once.Don’t just do it, but there is still no determination. The key is that the people around you do n’t understand. Do n’t you give birth to a child and vomit? As for so coquettish?

But when you vomit the darkness and you can’t lift your feet, you will find that pregnancy is really not so simple!

Therefore, it is really necessary to care about women with children with children.Although the old saying is good, no woman does not have a baby.It is our right to give birth to a baby. We can choose to be born or not. Since we are willing to bear such a great pain for you, it is worth your goodness to me.When it is worth a conflict between me and your parents, you stand out to protect your daughter -in -law and children as soon as possible, so that we feel that everything is worth it!

After all, before the child, women have a job and freedom. After giving birth to a child, it seems that all identities have disappeared automatically. You are a mother, and you have a more concerned since then, so he automatically gives up all, and he devotes himself to the child.change.Especially housewives, they are really more respected. They are the people who have sacrificed the greatest in the family!

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