22 movements tell you that the fetus was doing these things in the mother’s belly

Fetal movement is really a wonderful experience.

I guess you are not calm when you feel the baby’s fetal movement for the first time, but do you know how the baby moves in the belly?

The truth is here

When I was pregnant for four months, most of the expectant mothers would feel fetal movement, and it will become more and more obvious later, becoming this:

"Mountain Hill Up" type

Or this

"Rolling meat waves" type

The little guy was constantly brushing his sense of presence in his mother’s belly.

In fact, when the little guy was very young, he had begun to "make trouble": a proper sportsman!

Small broken steps retracted forward, kicking with a small buttocks, slipping backwards- "Maternal Fetal Stock Stock Stock" action is very standard!

No, the movement just now is not standard enough, come again!

However, the strength seems to be too small. Forget it, let’s talk about rest ~

When he is bigger, the "Stock Stock" project is no longer on, but you think he will be obedient and sensible when he grows up. Is it a good baby?


Huh?Why is this place getting smaller and smaller, no matter, I crowded, I top …

After so long, why is the "house" so small?

Regardless of him, I want to go out, I want to swim, I continue kicking, I kick …

Wow, do you see!Is my long legs very charming!

Alas, I am always alone in the house, so lonely, so boring!

You can only play with yourself.

I stabbed my toes, and after my toes, I stabbed my fingers again.

The fingers were finished, and I played with the umbilicus.

Oops!After playing, how can I walk the umbilical cord around the neck?

Be careful next time!

I like my mother to play music for me the most, I can dance with the rhythm.

How about, I have the potential of being a dancer?

I will also "hit Tai Chi", hey, give you performance

Whoops, sorry, the jumping was too happy, and the mother’s belly was picked up a small bag.

I can’t be so good next time. If I hurt my mother, I will be very distressed.

It’s been so long, so tired, so sleepy.

I want to have a long yawn.

No, I can’t hold it anymore, I’m going to sleep, you don’t allow peeking.

Wow, what is my mother eating?The taste was so fragrant that I couldn’t help but dreamed.

Step, eat too full, and make a pupil.

The bacteria tell you that the little guy will not only do various actions, but the expression is rich.

My little head is shaking, I don’t agree, I am unhappy, I want to eat flesh …

Alas, my mother talked to me outside, and she sells a cute first.

Haha, my mother must have been cute by me, and I heard her laughter.

I will also get out of tongue and face!

Mom said I have the potential of being a scientist!Do you know who is this person?

Also, if the mother can feel angry, she will feel like her mother.

But before you lose your temper, come to some preparations:

Stretch your limbs, raise your hand to move your shoulders, and prepare!

Seeing Xiaolong Bao’s fist!I hit!

call!No, I haven’t relieved it yet. My flood power has not finished, I kick!

Therefore, don’t be angry when you are pregnant, you must be happy every day.

After reading these pictures, have you been crying.

When Meng cried, he quickly forwarded to others to witness the magic of life together!

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