As the saying goes, men are marrying, and women are married. Whether they are boys or girls, they naturally need to consider their marriage.At this time, there will be relatives, friends or local matchmakers to talk about the media to match the marriage of young men and women. At this time, the happiest should be the parents of young men and women.

Whenever there are relatives, friends or matchmakers to the media, parents always have good food and good dishes or entertain with dim sum. Their purpose is only one. The man hopes to find a beautiful and gentle girl. As their future daughter -in -law, this is also a male.

The girl’s house wants to find a handsome and good economic conditions, so that their daughters will eat and wear without worry. According to reality, the daughter is married to a good mother -in -law.For people, then you can fight less for decades. The natural dream of being a parent is laughing, so that the capital of showing off in front of relatives and friends in the neighborhood, he also feels that he has face in front of others.

However, once boys and girls are at the age of marriage, their marriage is not necessarily. They depend on relatives and friends and matchmakers to match the bridge. Many young men and women at this age have developed to free love after they met at work and various occasions.Occasionally, from strange to realization of love, then developing to marriage and marriage, they officially entered the auditorium of marriage, and finally determined that they were married and had children to form their own family.

By the way, there is such a woman in Tangshan, Hebei. Soon after she and her boyfriend met, the relationship between the two quickly heated up. From recognizing love, it was a few months, and then it was inseparable from anyone. In the endThe two still stole the fancy of the queen mother and mother. Soon after the woman became pregnant, she told her boyfriend about this great news. The boyfriend was very happy after hearing the good news. He immediately told her parents.

Now, the daughter -in -law’s stomach has been pregnant with my son’s species. We can marry a daughter -in -law without spending money. Even if you want to be a gift, you can only take one process, and then a lot of points must come back.

1. According to the rural customs, the woman gave the woman a gift of 95,000 yuan. The woman completely voluntarily gave up the collection of 95,000 yuan gifts and promised to bring 95,000 yuan to the man’s house.

2. Both men and women voluntarily agree that they will not obtain a marriage certificate for the time being. First, the wedding is held in accordance with rural customs.

From the above agreements, you can see that after seeing the future daughter -in -law’s pregnancy, the parents of the boy’s family thought that the daughter -in -law had to marry, and he had to marry his house without marrying, so he didn’t want to spend a penny at all.

However, what happened to the man’s family was unexpected that the woman’s family was immediately furious after receiving the so -called agreement. After the whole family discussed, the result was that my daughter would not marry.

It doesn’t matter if you send this delivery. After seeing this scene, the boyfriend’s boyfriend immediately collapsed to the ground, crying, crying the whole yard, crying, and the heartbreaking crying sound immediately caused the left neighborhood

In many people’s eyes, marriage and women’s marriage should be a big deal. Whenever a couple get married, a fierce wedding will be held. Relatives and friends present will send them blessings, and then drink happy wine.

However, the aforementioned boy and girl who was once loving as a guest, because of an unreasonable agreement of his parents, dismantled the men and women who originally planned to get married as soon as possible.

Therefore, if you do things alone, you should consider the feelings of others first, and do not blindly do one thing according to his own personality. If a person is too selfish and regardless of the overall situation, he will often do one thing badly. MenThe parents just thought about their own interests, and the daughter -in -law and grandson who were handed in hand flew away like chickens.

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