"Zhouyi" exploration: the author and the Zhou people recorded by the author

"Zhouyi" exploration: the author and the Zhou people recorded by the author

Speaker: Liao Mingchun

Location: School of Philosophy of Shaanxi Normal University

Speaking time: July 2002

"Zhou Yi" is the head of the classics, but its creative era and authors have been quite controversial since modern times.I think that from the records of early literature and the "Zhou Yi" hexagram itself may find the answer, it is for the origin of this lecture.

Liao Mingchun Qufu Shi University Confucius Culture Research Institute specially appointed professor, professor of the Department of History of Tsinghua University, and a doctoral supervisor.Mainly engaged in the research and teaching of pre -Qin classics and unearthed literature, history of Chinese thought.He has authored "The History of Zhouyi Research", the new theory of the history of Zhou Yi Jing and Yi Xue "," The Renewal of the History of the Zhouyi Scripture and the History of Yi Xue "," The Book of Books and Zhou Yilu "," The 15 Lectures of Zhou Yi Jing Zhuan "," Zhou Yi ", the spirit of the sixty -four hexagrams"New Note of the Hexagram" "Confucius True Spirit ——" Analects of Confucius "Difficulties Interpretation", "Xunzi New Exploration", "Guo shop Chu Jian Lao Tzu School Interpretation", "New Chinese Academic History Certificate" and other books, in "History Research""Philosophy Research", "Literature History", "Sinology Research" and other Chinese and foreign academic journals have published nearly 300 papers.

Who is the author of "Zhou Yi"

"Zhou Yi · Department of Ci" said: "The prosperity of" Yi ", the end of the world of Yin, the evil of the Zhou of Zhou?"Zi Yue" is written: "Yi" is also used, Yin Zhiwao, Zhou Zhisheng also. I am afraid to keep the position, respect to the affairs, and avoid people., Shi Shu’s number of books can be argued? "This paragraph translation is:" The appearance of "Zhou Yi" is reflecting Yin Yan’s no way, Zhou Wen’s Shengde.Things, avoiding people with wisdom … This is the wisdom when King Wen is in danger, and how can the book of the historians like to analyze it? "Wen Wang Ren must not be aspirations, and he has become concerned. He still has no way, Wen Wang works, and the blame is taboo, and then "Yi" starts.. What is it peaceful? "Mingyi Gua" Biography "also has:" The inside civilization is soft and smooth, with the difficulty of Mongolia, "the king is with it."

The records of these pre -Qin literatures unanimously emphasized the prosperity of "Yi", in "the end of the world, the Shengde of the Zhou", and the "Yi" "when the king of Wen", "Wen Wang Ren", "still no way", the king of Wen, the king of Wen, the king of Wen,Avoid accidents, and "Yi" began to flourish. "That is to say, the generation of "Zhou Yi" is from King Zhou Wen.

Visitors visit the copper wheel carbon carrier unearthed from the Baoji Zhouyuan site in the Shaanxi Archeology Museum.Xinhua News Agency

On this basis, the "Historical Records of Taishi Gong" concluded: "In the past Sibber’s restraint, play" Zhou Yi "." Its "Zhou Benji" also said:The gossip is the sixty -four hexagram. "" Huainanzi · Moosure "said:" Today’s "Yi" and "Kun" are enough to pass the way, gossip can know good, bad, and blessings.For the sixty -four changes, the weekly room increased to six. "

The "Wen Wang Zuo" Yi "represented by Confucius said whether it can be supported by the" Zhou Yi "hexagram itself. This is a very important issue. Since ancient times, people have discussed.

Tang Yingda’s "Zhou Yishu" pointed out:The case was promoted to the 64th "Wang Yongheng Yuqishan". After the king of Wu Yin, he chased the title of Wen Wang as the king.And the sixth five -five "Xunzi’s Mingyi", after the king of Wu, the Xunzi was slave to the prisoner.It is also not only the ninety -five "ninety -five murderers are not as good as the western neighboring sacrifice".At the time of the king of Wen, the south of the south of Yong Shang said that he would say his virtue and blessed?And want to resist the kingdom of the king’s country, then the neighbor is adjacent to the west.

Later generations continued to verify this, thinking that the hexagram "Kang Hou used Xima Fanzheng" was said to be the incident of King Wei Kang, the younger brother of the early Zhou Dynasty.(See Gu Jiegang: "The Story of Zhou Yi Gua") In this way, the time limit of the "Zhou Yi" hexagram was reached by the king.

How to solve the inherent contradictions of King Zhou Yi and King Wen and Wang Wang’s "Yi"?Kong Yingda’s "Zhou Yishu" proposed: "Zuo Zhuan" Han Xuanzi Shi Lu, seeing "Yi Xiang" cloud: "I know Zhou Gong’s virtue." Zhou Gong was slandered by rumors, and he had to be worried.After testing this, he thought that the King of Hexagram Culture, he resigned from Zhou Gong.Ma Rong, Lu Ji, etc. also said, used it today.Therefore, only the three saints, not a few weeks, the father, the father’s industry.The case "The Relief Destiny" said: "The king of Wen saw the ritual and the evil collapse, and the Tao was lonely, so there were three hundred rituals and three thousand prestige.""Li", the king of Mingwen has the intention, Zhou Gong described it, hence the king of the text.However, the "Yi" rhetoric is also the original meaning of the king of Wen, so "Yi Wei" is also the king of words.

Kong Yingda’s Gua Ci Wenwen and Ci Zhou Gong said that he can solve the question of "queen queen queen"

The sacrifice unearthed from the Baoji Shiguishan Shang Zhou Cemetery displayed by the Shaanxi Archaeological Museum.Xinhua News Agency

The question, but it does not solve the problem of the queen queen.Therefore, this is not convincing.However, "Father’s Tongzi Industry" said that it can be connected with the "Zhou room increase" in "Huainanzi · Moly".The so -called "Zhou room" refers not only to King Zhou Wen, but also includes Zhou Gong."On the Heng · Zheng Ting" chapter is "Wang Wang, Zhou Gong, the sixth chapter of the eighteen chapters", and the producers of the hexagrams of the "Zhou Yi" are Zhou Wenwang and Zhou Gong.

The author’s father and son do not distinguish, or the father and son, or the father, this is the habit of the ancients.For example, "Historical Records" was said to be Sima Qian, but we read "Historical Records of Taishi Gong", knowing that it is actually Sima Tan and Sima Qian’s father and son.It is said that Sima Qian’s work is the father.

"Father’s Tongzi Industry" said that the author of the hexagrams of Zhou Yi expanded from King Zhou Wen to Zhou Gong, or "Zhou Ye", which can resolve the contradiction of the king of the king of "Zhou Yi";"The representatives or the representatives of the king and Zhou Gong are reasonable.It is very likely that Zhou Gong participated in the production of the "Zhou Yi" hexagram. From the historical records, it is very likely.

"Zuo Zhuan · Wen Gong’s 18th Years" Ji Wenzi said that Tai Shike told Lu Xuangong: "First Jun Zhou Gong Zhou Li." "Mandarin · Lu Ling" said: "If Ji Jisun wants his law, there will be Zhou Gong.Hitness. "The Analects of Confucius and Political Political" contains Confucius: "Zhou is due to Yin Li, the gains and losses, it can be known."On Zhou Li, it is always associated with Zhou Gong.Because of this, he said: "I am very declining! I will never dream of Zhou Gong!"Zhou Gong.The book "Zhou Yi" is contained in "Zhou Li · Chun Guan" and is in charge of Taibu.Zhou Gong made a ritual, and it was completely possible to adapt the hexagrams of Zhou Yi.

Therefore, Confucius’ "Wen Wang’s" Yi "Yi" said that it was difficult to deny.Kong Yingda’s "father -in -law and son" said that the representative of the king of Wen Wang Zhou, the father and son of the king, is a reasonable explanation.Judging from the literature of the "Zhou Yi" and the pre -Qin and two Han Dynasty, when King Zhou Wen was prisoned to the Lili, he might have made a certain arrangement of the sixty -four hexagram sequence, which has formed the sequence of the general hexagrams today. This is the so -called so -called hexagram. This is called so -called"Performing"; King Wen will use the sixty -four hexagrams to use a certain hexagram and resignation. This is the so -called "increase"; the hexagrams tied by Wen Wang, later adapted and processed by Zhou Gong, and finally formed "Zhou Yi".This scripture, that is, the hexagrams of the sixty -four hexagrams.

What did "Gao Zong Fang Ghost Fang" record

Wen Wang and Zhou Gong’s father and son wrote "Yi" and said that in the "Zhou Yi" hexagram, it was said.The "Zhou Yi" hexagram not only has a systematic Zhou people’s early stories, but also in the records of the king of Wen and the anti -merchants.

Let’s first look at the hexagrams of Jiusan, "Gao Zong’s ghosts, three years of grames, no use of villains."

The "Gaozong" here, from the turning of Liu An and the Three Kingdoms in the Western Han Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms, people believe that it refers to "Yin Wang Wuding".However, Yin Gaozong Wuding was from 1250 BC to 1192 BC. Among the ancestors of the Zhou people, the most famous struggle with the "Rong" people should be Wang Ji."Taiping Royal Lan" Volume 83 Emperor’s Ministry: "Ji Yea" said: Wu Yi ascended the throne, resident Yin. Thirty -four years, Zhou Wang Ji came to the dynasty, Wu Yi was given 30 miles, jade ten miles, eight horses. ""Later Han Book · Xiqiao Biography "Note:" Bamboo Book Jury ": Thirty -five years of Wu Yi, Zhou Wang Jiju Xilu Ghost Rong, captured twenty Zhai King.", Zhou Renjie Yan Jing’s Rong, Zhou Shiga’s defeat. "" For four years, Zhou people cut off without any. Zhou Wang Ji ordered Rev. Yin. "Hu Zhirong, Kezhi. In eleven years, the Zhou people fell into the Rong of the apprentice, and the three doctors of Jieqi also. "Therefore, this" Gaozong "should be the high of the Zhou people, which should refer to Wang Ji.

This understanding can be confirmed in the nine four words of Weiji Gua.The so -called "Zhenji, regret death. The shock uses the ghost prescription for three years, and there are rewards to the big country", that is, "Zhen used the ghost prescription for three years, there are rewards to the big country, Zhenji, regret", saying:For many years, Gongcheng has been rewarded by the great power.

On October 30, the children watched the cultural relics at the Liulihe site area of the Beijing Archaeological Site Museum.The Liuli River site located in Fangshan District, Beijing is the land of the early Zhou Dynasty.Xinhua News Agency

"Great Power" should be "Dabang" and refers to business. At this time, Zhou people still submit to "Dayi Shang"."Zhen", Dingye, must also be, as a sub -segment of tone."Following the Ghost Fang" has been successful for many years, and has been rewarded by the "Dayi Shang".These are easy to understand.It’s hard to say "use".

From the perspective of "rewarding in the big country", Gaozong, who is "three years in the ghost", cannot be Yin Gaozong Wuding.Wuding is the king of "Dayi Merchants". How can he "have a reward in the big country"?Since "rewards in the big country", it is bound to be a state that is smaller than the "Dayi Shang", and the state of the business.In this regard, we can be supported from the interpretation of "earthquake use".

Regarding "use", it is quite complicated.Or training "shock" as a thunder, for motion; "use", so on."Zhen uses a ghost prescription" to convert the ghost prescription with the momentum of thunder.Or "Zhen" is named, refers to Zhou Bo or Zhou Chen.Mr. Wang Yuzhe believes that the word "use" is the word "Zhou"."Said the text" "Zhou, secret, use, mouth, mouth." The word "Zhou" in Oracle and Jinwen mostly has no "mouth", that is, it becomes "use"."Earthquake" is the two small countries: Zhen and Zhou."Zhen" should be read as "Qi".Lu Zuqian’s "Sound Training": "The word shock, the chant said:" Han famous "as a" 袛 ‘. "And" Zhou Yi · Fu "hexagram" No regrets "Lu Deming" Interpretation "cloud:" 袛, nine booksThe reason is that "与" and "only" are mixed, and "only" and "㩼" are the same.Therefore, "Zhen" is used as "Qi"."Earthquake" is used as "Qi Zhou".

The name of "Qi Zhou", the literature practice.Zhou people lived under Qishan from the Gong Gong’s father. It was called "Qi Zhou", which was very natural."Lu’s Spring and Autumn, Shen Da Lan · Guiyin": "The King of Wu made people Yin, and anti -reported Qi Zhou said:‘ Yin Qi chaos. ’" This is what Zhou people are called Zhou.

Therefore, the "Earthquake Ghost Form" of the Ninth Four of Weiji Gua Ninth Four, which is "Qi Zhou Fang Ghost Fang", is the Zhou Renjie Ghost Fang.Who is this week?Judging from the Jiusan Jiu Ji Ji Jiu Ji Ji Ji Jiu Ji, "Gao Zongjie, three years, little people do not use it", immediately "Gao Zong".This "Gao Zong" cannot be Yin Gaozong Wuding; if it is Yin Gaozong Wuding, the nine four words of the hexagram cannot be called "Qi Zhou".Therefore, this "Gao Zong" is undoubtedly the Gao Zong of the Zhou people.

"Historical Records · Zhou Benji" does not see the Zhou Dynasty temple.Or it originated from the temple name of the Shang Dynasty, and the Zhou Dynasty did not use it.It is also said that Zhou people already have temple names. As for who the "Seven Temples" are, they have objections.

"White Tiger" Volume 12 "Zongmiao" said: "After the week, the seven temples, the Wenwen, and the Wu are the seven temples.

"Mandarin · Zhou Yu Xia": "Where the age is, I have the division of Zhou. Where the moon is, Chen Ma Nongxiang also, my ancestor and the latitude of the queen." The Book of Rites and KingThe temple, Sanzhao and San Mu, seven with the temple of Taizu. "Zheng Xuan note:" Taizu, Houyi. "

"Poetry Lusong · Palace": "The grandson of Houzhi, the king of the real vias, the yang of the Qiqi, and the fact that the business is cut. As for the text of the text, the king of the martial arts, the king of the king."The ancient father -in -law was restored to the karma of the Hou and Gong Liu "," the ancient male stale, the season stands "," the ancient king’s legacy is repaired in the public season ", and" (Wen Wang) chase the ancient father as the king. "Gu Gong avoided the migration of Zhou, and realized a huge transformation from Xirong to Huaxia. Zhou people respected it as "Tai Wang", and suspected that Taizong was suspected.

In 1936, Mr. Xu Zhongshu pointed out that the "Zhen used the ghost" was the matter of Zhou Wang Ji’s calendar in the "Bamboo Book Journey", and Mr. Yang Kuan adopted this view.The "Bamboo Book Journey Certificate" of Shi Ming and Wang Xiuling said the same.Since the "cutting ghost" is "Zhou Wang’s season calendar," the "Gaozong" of "Qi Zhou" is the season calendar, and it is undoubtedly meaningful.

This is an important story of Zhou Xianzu, which has not been contained in the book.

"Emperor B Guimei" records of Shang and Zhou Dynasties

The records of Tai Gua Sixth Five -Year Congress and Guimei Gua Six -Five Ci on the "Emperor Yi Guimei" are also a major event in the history of Zhou’s ancestors.

The hexagram Sixth Five -Five words "Emperor Yi returned to sister, with well -being. Yuan, Ji" means: The Emperor Shang Emperor Yi married the princess, (everyone) thought Fuqing.(Actually) good for treatment can we be auspicious.

"Emperor Yi", King Shang, name Yi, the father of King Shang Yang."Guimei", marry a girl.This refers to the princess of the emperor B to the king of Zhou Wen."Yi", think, think.Wang Yinzhi’s "Demonstration of the Book of Classics" Volume 1: "Therefore, it is still said." "Zuo Zhuan · Zhaogong twenty -five years": "(Gong) sued Zang Sun, Zang Sun Yidu;Yes, persuasion. "" Benefit ", Fuqing, Fuqing."Yuan", good, this refers to good treatment, and be good at others.

"Poetry · Da Ya · Daming" also recorded: "The king of Wen was first carried, the convergence of the heaven.Sister of heaven. Wen Dingjue, welcomes Wei in person. Create the boat as a beam, does not show its light. If he has the life, he is the king of heaven.Right life, the big businessman. "This means that when the king was young, Huang Tian gave him a good marriage.Wang Wang welcomed Qiashui North, just on the bank of the Weishui River.Preparing for the wedding, there is a beautiful girl in Yin Shang.Yin Shang, a beautiful girl, looks like that day.Bu Ci showed that the marriage was auspicious, and Wang Wang came to Weishui.The shipbuilding is connected to the crossing bridge, and the wedding is grand.Heaven has the destiny from the sky and dropped to the king of Zhou Wen.In Kyoto, the place of Zhouyuan, he married the girl of the Guo Guo.Although the eldest son died early, fortunately there were Wu Wangsheng.Huang Tian blessed him and went to attack the Yin Shang.

"Dabangshang" and "Emperor B Guimei". Although Zhou people think that the blessing "well -being", the "sister" of "Emperor Yi" did not achieve "Yuan", and did not deal with it.relation.Why do you see?The king of Wen also "Girl Victoria" continued to marry the woman’s surname of the country, and after the "eldest son Wei", after the eldest son Boyi died, the woman’s surname was "Kings of the Martial Arts", and she happened to be.Born King Zhou Wu.As a result, the situation changed.This can be confirmed from the following words.

Guimei Sixth Five -Year Plan "Emperor Yi returns to sister, the monarch is not as good as his concubine; a few months of the month, good luck", this means: Shang Wang Emperor Yi married the princess.Not as good as the side room; the moon has been short of profit, auspiciousness.

The "king" here refers to the wife of the emperor and the princes, also known as Mrs. Jun."Poetry · Fengfeng · Quail Ben": "People are unscrupulous, I think king." Mao Chuan: "Jun, Elementary School Jun." Kong Yingda Shu: ", You have to say the king. "" ”", The sleeve.Here refers to clothing."", Married a husband as a side room.This fingering side room, which is like Mrs.."Liang", good, here refers to the gorgeous clothing.

"The monarch is not as good as the goodness of his dwelling", the surface is that the clothes of the wife are not as beautiful as the side room. In essence, the "sister" of "Emperor Yi" is the "sister" as the wife of the king of Wen, while the side room isGet momentum.This is also the so -called "Girl Victoria" of "Poetry Da Ya · Daming". As a side room, "King of Martial Arts" has a high momentum.

How to view this change?The words of the heavenly Tao are used to treat the personnel, and everyone should treat it correctly.

"A few", read as "both".The book "Book of Changes" and Lu Deming’s "Explanation" quoted "both"."Both" and "a few" are close to the rhyme, so it can be read."Hope", the name of the moon."Shi Ming · Shitian": "Look, the name of the moon is also." The 15th day of the lunar calendar (sometimes 16 or 17), the earth runs between the sun and the moon.When the sun fell from the West, the moon rose from the east, the moon seen on the earth was round, and this moon was called "Wang"."Seeing a few months of the month" is also found in the nine words of the small animal hexagram, and the Zhongfu Gua Sixty -four.Wang Hui believes: "When the word" both ‘is both’, and ‘a few’ as the wrong word. ‘Hope’ is the term of the moon’s observation of the Western Zhou Dynasty.Those who have seen are ‘Ji Ji’ (H11: 54), ‘Against Soul’ (H11: 13), ‘Death’ (H11: 55), etc., Jingfang’s "Near", is to take the righteousness in ‘several’, and it is also mistaken. "The interpretation says: "Jing Fang Ding Ming’s" Hope ", that is, the" Month of the Zhouyi "scriptures.Several works’, two characters are connected.

The book "Zhao Li" believes that this rhetoric is about "the righteousness of the female (the master)", and the heroine is the way.This shows that the status of his wife and concubine is not unchanged. "Qi Qi" has De Sheng "his monarch", just as normal as Yuexiang is profitable, and it should also be regarded as "Ji"."Xunzi · King’s System" said: "Xian can not wait for the secondary, and you can’t help but be abolished … Although the descendants of Dr. Wang, the descendants of Dr. Wang, can not belong to the ritual and righteousness, but they are attributed to the people.If you are doing it, you can belong to the ritual and righteousness, and then the doctor of the prime ministers. "

It is worth noting that the housework of the king of words in the words of the words is actually a reflection of the changes in the relationship between the two countries.When Zhou’s power was weak, he was surrendered to "Dayi Merchants", and "Emperor Yi returned to sister" naturally regarded it as "well -being."The strength of the Zhou people gradually became stronger. When he was competing with the businessman, the "sister" of "Emperor Yi" "sister" would inevitably decline in Zhou people.

The historical details recorded by "Wang Wang Ren Li"

The king of Wen was restricted by the puppet, and it was a major event in the relationship between Shang and Zhou dynasties.Sui Liu Sixi, Sheng Gua Sixty -Four Ci, Kan Gua Liuli Ci, and Kan Gua Six Six Ci, all reflect this story.

With the six words on the hexagram, "Retrusting is from Victoria, Wang Yongheng Yu Xishan", according to the Shanghai Museum Chu Jian’s "Zhou Yi" as: "Family, the vertical, Wang Yongheng Yu Xishan." It means that it means that it means.King Wen was detained by King Shang Yang, and after the release, he had a separate heart.

"Detention", arrest and seizure."Ties", bundled, binding."Restrictions", according to Chu Jian as a "tie and restraint."

"Nai Cong": Dang Chujian’s original work "Cong Nai"."Cong", read as "vertical", release."Wei" means two hearts.

"Heng", read as "enjoy", enjoy the sacrifice."Xishan", refers to Qishan.Fuyang Hanjian is "Zhishan".Qishan is in the west of Hao Jing, so it is called Xishan.The ancient father -in -law of the Zhou people once led the public to move in the lower Zhouyuan of the mountain and build a city.Later, it became a base for the Zhou people."Wang Yongheng Yu Xishan" refers to Wang Wang set up a sacrifice teacher in Qishan.

"Historical Records of Zhou Benji" records that King Wen was pardoned and returned to Zhou."Wang Yongheng Yu Xishan" refers to these warfare.

Sheng Gua Liuli resigned "Wang Yongheng Yuqishan, Ji, no blame" is also telling this story, and affirmed the line of Wang Wang, thinking that it was auspicious and there was no blame.Why?Because the Chinese king of Zhou people is oppressed, he is the teacher of justice.

Kan Gua Jiu -Four, "Bottle wine, 簋 簋, use 缶, native to self -proclaiming, there is no blame in the end", that is,: a glass of light wine, two rough foods, use tiles, and the treatment of WangIt was so rude, but in the end there was no blame.

"Bottle", wooden wine device."Bottle wine", a glass of wine, describes less wine."簋", Sheng Xun’s foodware."簋 簋", two foods, describe less food."缶", tile."Use", use tiles.

"Na", storage, acceptance, and suffering."Yue", simple, this refers to the humble diet treatment like "bottle wine, 簋 簋, use 缶"."Self", Yu."牖", that is, the name of Yin, the name of Yin."羑"."Nazo self -proclaimed", King Wen enjoys a humble treatment. This is the euphemistic statement of King Wen’s restriction.

"There is no blame in the end", it means that King Wen finally walked out of the danger and got out of the danger from the danger.At the beginning and end of the matter, "Historical Records of Yin Benji" recorded: "Nine Hou has a good woman, entering it. Jiuhou women do not like obscenity, anger, kill, and Jiuhou.Disease, and the sea of Hubei. Siberchang heard it, sighing. Chonghou tiger knows it, and he sued him. He was prisoned to Siberbus.Forgive Sieber. Sibber is presented to the Losi Land in order to remove the punishment of the artillery.And return to Sibo. "

The sixth words on the Kan Gua "use the emblem, placed in the cluster spines, three years old, and the fierce". This means: being bound by a rope, imprisonment in prison, and cannot be relieved for many years.

"The emblem is used", which is based on the emblem and the emblem."Hui 绳", rope.Three stories are emblem, and the two are said.

"Set", resettlement, placement, extended to imprisonment."Cluster spines", nine thorn, spiny wood, outside the king’s dynasty, Si Kou tried the prison lawsuit.This refers to prison.

"Three years old" cannot be relieved for many years."Zuo Chuan · Xianggong’s Thirty -one Years" contains Beiyong Wenzi: "Seven years of prisoner Wenwen." Jia Yi "New Book" said: "The king of Wen is in the 羑 羑, and then it is exempted from seven years." It can be seen that Wang was detained at the timeIt should be above the "three years".This "three years" is a virtual finger.

Tai Shigong only said, "Prisoner Siberi", but how long the King Wen was in the puppet, how long it took for him, Tai Shigong did not say in detail, the rhetoric of Kan Gua Liu Fourth and the previous six crickets not only supplemented the king of Wen, but also the king was restricted by 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑 羑The details of life in it also clearly clearly clearly, very precious.

These two rhetoric did not order the name of the king, but from the description of the details, it was sighed as the letter of the King of Wen.Confucius said: "Wen Wang Ren must not be aspirational, and he has become concerned. He still has no way, Wen Wang works, taboo and blame, and then" Yi "starts." Mingyi Gua "Biography"He also said: "The inside civilization is soft and smooth, and it is difficult to make it difficult, and the king is with it." These two words are specific footsteps.


The eight words of "Zhou Yi" introduced the story of Zhou’s ancestor Wang Ji’s "Fang Ghost Fang", the marriage of Wen Wang, the life of the king of Wen, and the reasons for Wen Wang Xingbing.Some of the contents here are what we know, and some are important events that we have missed or misunderstand the historian.

Wang Ji served as Zhou Fangbang for forty years. With the support of Emperor Yi, he had great achievements and won Sibber, which established Zhou’s prominent position in the west soil.Both Ji Jiu Jiu and Weiji Jiu 4th resigned the "cut ghost" and were very typical.

In the past 11 years, the king of Wen was committed to Darong and the princes; he was imprisoned for seven years, and was released on the release of loyalty and bribery. After being released, he was "ordered" for seven years to rebel for the Shang King and strengthened the week.Tai Gua Six -Five Circles, Guimei Liu -Five Circles record the changes in his marriage, reflecting the deterioration of the relationship between Shang and Zhou Dynasties;The difficulty of Wang Wen’s difficulty showed the memorable memory of the Zhou people’s memories of persecution; with the hexagram, the sixth rhetoric of the hexagram not only recorded Wen Wang Xing’s anti -merchants, but also revealed that his soldiers were becauseKing Shang Yang’s oppression was too much, and King Wen had to oppose it.Judging from this narrative position, it is obviously the tone of Zhou people, especially the "Zhou room".

Wu Wang inherited the career of King Wen, and he took the lead in the fourth year of his successor to destroy the business.Such an important person, the hexagram of Zhouyi has not reflected.This is the rationality of Kong Yingda’s "father -in -law" theory.Zhou Gong, who wanted to "make rituals and music," revised the hexagram of the "Zhou Yi" of the King of Wen, although there was a certain degree of supplementary improvement, but he had not had time to add the story of Wuwang and made a significant rewriting of the hexagram.After all, because of the "detaining" of the king of Wen and "playing" Zhou Yi ", the" Zhou room "represented by Zhou Gong must not be considered.

Speaking of the "Zhou room" represented by the King of Zhou Yi and Zhou Gong, which is represented by the king and Zhou Gong, that is, the Zhou people can also get some support from the Gua Gua and the Sixth Sani.The Gua Gua said: "Follow the tiger’s tail, don’t be a rampant, Heng." Its six -three words said: "You can look at it, you can perform, the tiger tail, the tiger tail, the people, the murderer: the martial arts are the monarch." Lu Deming "Interpretation":", 马》》》: 龁: 龁. "From the perspective of "people", the author of the hexagram of Zhouyi must be Zhou people.This is also consistent with Kong Yingda’s "father -in -law’s karma".

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