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According to the State Forest Cao Bureau, the 20 -year -old panda "Yaya", which has lived in the United States, will return to the motherland recently.The public at home and abroad pays great attention to the physical condition of "Yaya" and preparing for returning home.

Recently, the reporter learned about the relevant situation of "Yaya" from the deputy head of the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee, and the veterinarian, breeder, etc. of the Beijing Zoo.

What is the physical condition of "Yaya"?

"Yaya" is a female panda, born in Beijing Zoo on August 3, 2000.In April 2003, "Yaya", who was less than 3 years old, departed from Beijing. After long -distance flights, passed the international date change line, arrived in the United States, and started living in Memphis Zoo.

Koben Jenny, chief life science officer of Memphis Zoo, said that "Yaya" has a petite figure. He has always had plaques in his body over the years, and more and more plaques on your skin after older."It looks a bit different from other giant pandas. As they grow, these differences will be more obvious," she said.

At the beginning of 2021, the Memphis Zoo stated in a situation that the person in charge of the Certification Committee of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association made a comprehensive assessment of the physical condition of "Yaya". The results showed that "Yaya" did not have malnutrition or other medical issues.This explanation states that "Yaya" has always appeared in the seasonal seasons, and its image is different from the fat panda in the public impression.

In February this year, after the Chinese panda expert group arrived at the Memphis Zoo, the Chinese panda expert group visited the health status of "Yaya" on the spot and read its medical report and the health report.The assessment believes that "Yaya" except for the hair caused by skin diseases, the appetite is good, the feces are normal, and the weight is stable.The expert group also discussed with the Maofis Park on the situation of "Yaya", and made suggestions and requirements to the United States about the "Yaya" breeding and care.

"During this time, the US staff carefully and carefully showed us the operating procedures in their work. In the past few months, we will send data such as the weight and feeding of ‘Yaya’ every day."Veterinary doctors said that relevant domestic competent authorities, China Zoo Association, and Beijing Zoo have specially established a team of experts composed of breeders and veterinarians to jointly analyze and evaluate the health of "Yaya".At present, the weight and health of "Yaya" are relatively stable.

"Yaya" is usually in Memphis Zoo

What is the living condition?

Earlier this year, some remarks about the "abuse" of the Memphis Zoo spread on the Internet, such as "no fresh bamboo" and "thin bone".

What is the usual living conditions of "Yaya"?According to Lauron Kasky, deputy director of Memphis Zoo, the zoo will feed different types of bamboo for "Yaya", and the amount of "Yaya" will also change with the season.In addition, the zoo will prepare sugar cane, grapes, biscuits and other supplementary food for "Yaya".

"It usually eats a piece of sugarcane every morning. Its favorite is grapes, but we will only give it about 100 grams." Henna Cross Philde, a breeder in Memphis Zoo, explained: "After allIt is necessary to keep the bamboo as the main health. "In the preferences of bamboo," Yaya "is more inclined to breed more leaves.

Beijing Zoo staff is checking the bamboo that "Yaya" eats (taken on April 12)

In the eyes of the Memphis Zoo staff, "Yaya" is an interesting giant panda who likes to be close to others.

"‘ Yaya ’I like to get along with people very much. When you see us, it will come over to say hello. You can really see a smile on its face." Casky said.

The first thing Krossfield met with "Yaya" every day was to bend down and let it smell his hair."It is very personal and will use action to express it like my shampoo." Crossfield said.

"For an older panda, you need to take more special care." Casky said that they would record the food that "Yaya" eat in detail and carefully observe its mouth, back and palm of the palm every day, etc.Essence

Beijing Zoo veterinarians said that Memphis Zoo has a relatively complete management system and operating procedures. The breeders record the time, types and weight of food to provide food daily, and "Yaya" feces.The veterinarian will conduct oral examinations on a regular basis, collect the blood, feces, urine, hair, etc. of "Yaya" for test analysis, and regularly conduct behavior training on "Yaya", which is conducive to pandas cooperate with health checkups.These data are ultimately summarized into monthly health reports and medical examination reports, which are regularly provided to China.

What preparations did you make before returning?

The "Yaya" living in the US agreement is 10 years, and it has been extended for 10 years after its expiration in 2013.In December last year, the Memphis Zoo announced that it would return the American giant panda "Yaya" to China and end the 20 -year cooperation research on schedule.

The reporter learned that the Beijing Zoo has selected veterinarians and breeders with rich experience in giant panda breeding and diagnosis and treatment. It arrived at Memphis Zoo on March 16th and was familiar with the life habits of "Yaya" with experts from the Chinese Zoo Association in the United States.With the breeding situation, do a good job of breeding care and health assessment with the US staff.At the same time, further refine the preparations before returning to China to ensure that the "Yaya" is safe and securely escorted to return to China.

"In order to better raise ‘Yaya’ after returning to China, we also learned some behaviors and passwords of behavior training with US breeders in Memphis." Said the Beijing Zoo breeder who went to the United States.

The veterinarian of the Beijing Zoo said: "We fully understand the details and breeding environment of the Memphis Zoo, and be familiar with the feeding method, feed composition, behavioral training and daily medical examinations, etc.of interaction."

The staff of Beijing Zoo and the staff of the Memphis Zoo together with the "Yaya" enhance their familiarity (Photo on April 11)

In terms of diet, "Yaya" has already eaten biscuits provided by China during the transition so that the digestive system can adapt as soon as possible.At the same time, the breeder conducts adaptive training to it in advance, so that it can pass the transnational journey smoothly.

"The arrival of Chinese colleagues is a good opportunity. We provide all information about ‘Yaya’ behavior, toys, diet, diet, etc., and hope to help reduce its pressure on the environment in the future." Casky said, "” ‘Yaya ‘is very intelligent and very adaptable. I think it will do well after returning to China. "

In April 2003, the Memphis Zoo held a grand ceremony to celebrate the official exhibition of Chinese panda "Yaya" and "Lele" in the park. The two messengers of China and the United States set off a "Giant panda hot ".

On April 8th, hundreds of years later, hundreds of people attended the "Yaya" farewell meeting at the Chinese Pavilion of Memphis Zoo. They said goodbye to "Yaya" and signed on the farewell letter.

In a few days, under the careful arrangement of both China and the United States, "Yaya" will board the plane. After long -distance flight, land in Shanghai, and reach the homeland of 20 years.

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