"Wife’s Selection" brush the screen hot search: This "good Chinese man" made me see the most careless scene of marriage

In the past two weeks, the urban emotional drama "Wife’s Choice" frequently settled in the heat, which caused a lot of heated discussion.

This drama focuses on the marriage dilemma of middle -aged people, allowing us to appreciate the complex relationships of the enemy and wife friends and friends, light and dark.

The main line of the story is on a man named Gao Jiawei.

He is a handsome emotional expert. He is not only a successful career, but also a "good husband in China" praised by everyone. He is envious of everyone.

However, behind the seemingly perfect marriage, it is full of conspiracy and betrayal.

The Gao family has not only derailed others many times, transferred the company’s property, but also tried her best to deceive the sugar, so that she was paralyzed in the illusion of happiness.

His gentle and considerate of his wife is just a means to build a person and seize wealth.

With the deepening of the plot, many netizens shouted after watching it: "Marriage is too difficult!"

There is a hot topic on Weibo: "What does marriage mean?"

Some people say: "Marriage is just a grand confession and ritual, gaining a thin certificate."

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When we got married, we said firmly that "I am willing" and couldn’t wait to devote themselves to their imagination of marriage.

But the fact is that marriage is far from being as simple as imagined. With the deepening of life, we are getting tired, doubt, fighting, and even fighting for the benefit.

The reason why "Wife’s Choice" can cause heated discussions because it reveals the shame of middle -aged marriage, and let us see the truth that is difficult to open in marriage.

"I support you" is the biggest scam for marriage

Fang Sugar, originally the attending physician of a hospital. In his spare time, he likes to write detective novels, and by the way help Gao’s writing documents.

At that time, Gao’s self -media company just started. Thanks to the sugar, it opened the situation step by step.

A few years later, in order to become a well -known emotional expert, Gao Jia, under his persuasion, resigned home and became a full -time wife.

In the newly bought mansion, Fangtan lives a life of food and clothing. Every day, I read books, walks dogs, write novels online, and go out and go shopping with my girlfriends when they are stuffy.

The most comfortable thing is that she doesn’t have to be busy for making money and has a lot of time to do what she likes.

For a long time, the phrase "I raised you" by Gao Jiawei has become the reassinual pill of Fangtan, making her sweet.

However, I do n’t know when the Gao family is getting busy, and Fang Sugar can hardly see his shadow.

Life is like boiling frogs in warm water. The cubic sugar is getting more and more slow to intimacy. It wasn’t until one day when she saw the lipstick on her husband’s collar, and she suddenly woke up, realizing that the dark current surging under the quiet years.

With the keen intuition of women, Fang Sugar opened the "detective mode", and gradually saw the giant web weaved with lies.

It turned out that her husband had been derailed for a long time to buy a house and gifts for the other party. What’s even more angry is that all brand -name bags and jewelry are exactly the same as themselves.

When she wanted to know the financial situation at home, she suddenly realized that she had nothing to know how much money she had made and how much deposits she had made.

Looking at the Hao family’s hypocritical and proud face, Fang Sugar knew that the phrase "I raised you" is not a honey of love, but a numb poison.

Not only Fang Sugar, the "Primary Three" Ma Xiaoou, who was scolded by netizens, was not much better.

Because of her simplicity, she became a prey for Gao family when she joined the job.Over the years, she lives carefully, in the unsightly apartment, like "Wangfu Stone", waiting for the patronage of Gao’s family.

Like Fangtan, Ma Xiaoou is also a woman who is "raised" by Gao’s family. The difference is that Ma Xiaoou can never become "Mrs. Gao", although she dreams of making Gao Jia divorce.

Later, Ma Xiaoou was pregnant. Gao Jia was advised to abandon her, and Ma Xiaoou realized that her dream should wake up.

In order to use a sentence "I support you", Gao Jia played with women between the palms of the stocks. Fangtan had to fight back after being harmed, and Ma Xiaoou also paid a painful price.

In fact, regardless of men and women, economic independence in intimate relationships is the greatest confidence in life.

Completely attached to the other half and parasitic on others. Such a marriage cannot be a shelter, but an abyss.

Don’t overestimate love, don’t look at human nature, let alone "I support you".

Everything that makes people give up is a dangerous scam in marriage.

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What is more terrible than quarrel is nothing to say

In the play, compared with the bright fighting of Gao Jiawei and Fangtang, Qi Miao and Dakang, the couple, are depressed.

Qi Miao, as a partner of Gao Jiawei, is another "high popular" guest of the show "Investment in Love".

She is a typical female strong woman. She opened a company, interviewed, published a book, and held a lecture. With a set of "female moral declarations", she became the "spiritual leader" of many women.

A woman like her who knows each other deeply, presumably she is like a fish in marriage.

But the fact is that Qi Miao and her husband Dayang have reached the edge of the divorce. The two separated for a long time, and they couldn’t say a few words in the end.

I was very impressed with a shot in the play.

One day, Qi Miao was busy until late at night before he dragged his tired body home, pushed the door in, and in the dark living room, Dakang sat alone on the sofa and looked at the game expressionlessly.

He looked back at his wife, but stopped talking about what he wanted to say, and Qi Miao left a sentence "Sleep first" and returned to his bedroom.

With a "bang", the door was closed, and at the same time, the world of the couple was immersed in the boundless darkness.

They are husband and wife, but psychological distance is farther than strangers.

How does love dissipate a little bit?How is intimacy?

Perhaps the silence after no speculation, maybe missed and disappointed again and again, or maybe one at home is waiting for you to eat, and the other does not want to go home outside …

Under the camera, Qi Miao talked endlessly about her marriage, reiterating it over and over again, "good marriage is inseparable from each other’s care and understanding."

Ironically, her emotional golden sentence could not save even her herself.

In the end, Dakang proposed a divorce. No matter how well he recovered, the result was still the dog blood story of "a emotional expert’s marriage was broken".

In fact, marriage is a fire, and you need to keep adding firewood up to get burning.

One is too lazy to add firewood and the bottom of the kettle to draw salary. The result can only be that the temperature of the emotion is reduced to the freezing point, and the hot fireworks have quietly extinguished.

"Disappearing Lovers" said: "Marriage is to compromise with each other, work hard, and then work harder to operate, communicate and compromise, and then come again. If you enter this door, please don’t be lucky."

For life and work, everyone is tired, but no matter how tired, they cannot ignore the communication with their partners.

Many times, it is not a primary three or poverty that defeats marriage. It is precisely this kind of "nothing to say."

In the marriage, indifference and alienation are cut like blunt knives, and sooner or later, they will wear patience and consume enthusiasm.

Don’t wait for the faintness, the heart is far away, and then regret it.

To cherish the people in front of you and spend your life into a bay.

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Partner is the best investment in life

In "The Wife’s Selection", there is also a couple -heavy rain and Jiang Ning, let us see the power of the partner in front of the crisis.

The heavy rain was very mysterious. She was undercover beside Qi Miao, the purpose was to defeat Qi Miao and revenge for her sister Xiaoyu.

Xiaoyu is a wonderful fan who is convinced of the poisonous chicken soup who blindly persuade women to reflect on.

Therefore, every time she encountered emotional problems, she was in a decentness, and she gradually became unclear and suffered from depression.

One night, after Xiao Yu was abandoned by the scumbag again, he jumped up and died.

This incident was fatal for her sister heavy rain. After investigating the reason for her sister’s suicide, she started a series of revenge behavior.

On the one hand, the heavy rain followed the scumbag and waited for the opportunity to destroy; on the other hand, she joined Qi Miao’s company to let Qi Miao defeat.

The heavy rain was as excited as the blood of the chicken, but often caught in the huge sadness of losing her sister.

Tired, anxious, and hatred, like a pair of hands pulling heavy rain out of the original happy marriage, making her faceless to face her lover Jiang Ning.

However, Jiang Ning did not alienate her because of the paranoia and madness of heavy rain.

In countless late night, Jiang Ning would wait for heavy rain home at the door of the house to comfort her and encourage her; or drove his wife out for a ride, persuaded her to let go, and persuaded her to let go.

When heavy rain bought drunk, Jiang Ning returned home with drunkenness; heavy rain was out of control, and Jiang Ning hugged her tightly and patted her back gently.

One night, heavy rain held a knife and wanted to stab the scumbag, and he was exhausted with him.

At this moment, Jiang Ning came in time, took the knife, and shouted to the heavy rain: "You are too selfish, think about your parents, think about me."

In the end, he pulled the heavy rain from the cliff.

The stock god Buffett once said that his partner is the biggest investment in life.

A good partner is a umbrella of life and rain, which blocks the wind and rain for us, and can accompany us to watch the rainbow after the rain; but the incompetent partner will only harm others like the Gao family.

In the marriage, the right person was found to find a helper for life, so that we were so sad that there were shoulders and shoulders, and sharing with interest when happy.

Life is not easy, but the days when you are immersed in love will always flash.

Recently, "Wife’s Selection" has ushered in the finale.

The Gao family set up a collapse, the company closed down, and the people betrayed their relatives; and the candy ended the marriage decisively and restarted their careers.

Qi Miao was implicated by the Gao family and fell into a trough, but in the reflection, she re -anchored the direction of life, worked hard to save her ex -husband, and retrieve the lost love.

The heavy rain was salvaged by her husband from the pain. With Jiang Ning’s company, she completed self -healing and opened a new life.

When Fangtan walked into the sun, the deception and bite in the past were dumped behind her like the dust in the air.

Girlfriend asked her hate Gao’s family?

Fang Tang said: "I don’t hate him. Marriage is a matter of two people. Whether it is good or bad, it is a matter of two people. Everyone can only get out of the predicament by themselves."

This drama reminds me of the point of view in "Five Capability of Love":

Marriage with different people requires different problems, and there is almost no problem marriage.

There is a wave of twists and turns, and the marriage stumbles. This is the norm in life.

But as long as we keep the bottom line and operate with our heart, marriage can also become a layer of armor.

To marry a person, it only takes the courage for a while; to protect a marriage, but we want to do our best.

Finally, give you a line in the play:

"If you want a happy marriage, we can only choose at every fork of life."

The hit drama will be over, but life will never be continued.

Click a "like", may you treasure yourself, you have to meet a good person, in the marriage that goes in two -way, love someone and repair a heart.

Author: Jinshan Yue.

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