"What are the longest five minutes in life you have experienced?" Netizens said their experiences

In the life of a person, it takes more than 40 million minutes to go through, and the moment when people are really unforgettable may have only a few.

There is some time because of happiness and unforgettable, and there are some other reasons, so that the time that did not pay attention to our attention, the passage is extremely long …

Recently, some people solicited the messages from netizens on Reddit. I want to see what the longest five minutes in people’s lives have experienced what happened;

"What are the longest five minutes you have experienced?"

I used to be a firefighter.

Once when I was fighting the fire, someone said to me, "My child is still inside."

In fact, his child was not in the fire field. He hid in the bushes next to him. Although it was frightened, he had nothing to do.

This incident may take a few years to let me fully release it.

Once I was cutting the lawn, a guy with a rare manner kept approaching me, and then he hid the lawn of the neighbor’s house and peeped at me until the police arrested him.

I went in from the back door to call the police (the front door was locked). He followed me and started knocking on the door and grabbing the door.I hid on the ground behind the back door so that he could not see me.Finally, I locked myself in the bathroom upstairs with a baseball stick.

When you are afraid, 5 minutes seems eternal.

My wife had epilepsy when she had a child, and then the doctor said that they could not find the child’s heartbeat. In the end, they decided to change to a caesarean section.In the end, although the danger is dangerous, the kind of scare and shock can really last for a long time.

It has been four years now, and our family is still living healthy and happy.

When I watched TV with my parents, I suddenly saw the lens of hey …

I am an adult, but this scene still makes me very embarrassing.

I am a calling telephone leader. Once we received an alarm call from a 6 -year -old girl. The first sentence she said on the phone was: "There are a few men playing dads."

The recent alarm team arrived in the longest few minutes in my life. Fortunately, we were patrolling the police nearby.

Once I went to see a doctor, when I was waiting in the clinic, I heard the doctor said to a patient that he might have to amputation because of diabetes and lost a leg.

The news obviously shocked the patient.But after the doctor said this, he got up and went out to get things. The only patient and I had amputated patients in the room.

He only went out for about two minutes, but I felt that the two minutes were as long as 20 minutes, because the patient had been sobbing in a low voice, and I didn’t know what to say to him.

I had an operation once 6 months ago. At that time, the dose of the anesthetic may not be enough, so I woke up in advance during the operation.

At that time, my surgeon was still stitching my knees. In the last three stitches, I was sewn in a sober state. I didn’t know what the most painful thing was: the process of sewing the needle, or it was tied on my thighTreat the bleeding zone …

I’m not sure if it is really 5 minutes, but this incident is like giving me eternally.

I experienced sexual assault at the age of 5.

Some people say that when you are painful, your brain will stop working.It is difficult to explain what kind of feeling it was, but my consciousness really became suddenly suddenly from beginning to beginning.It’s as if you are asleep, but you fall asleep over and over again after waking up.It’s like dreaming, very unreal.And when you wake up again after falling asleep, the reality will hit you over and over again, and then you fall into the consciousness of chaos, wake up again, and repeat over and over again.

I think it lasts for at least 5 minutes, and it may be longer, and it may be shorter. I really don’t know how long it is.

I sang a song in front of 300 people without a display. I couldn’t hear what I sang, but I knew I was very tuned.

Acute appendicitis occurred. When I drove to the hospital, my appendix was about to explode.When I arrived at the hospital, I yelled so much that the doctor gave me a lot of morphine and let me shut me.

I will never forget the feeling of morphine flowing through the blood vessels, there is no pain, only pure happiness and immediately liberation.It was that day, I understood why heroin completely destroyed life.

I also have a less painful answer:

Everyone knows that doing a B -ultrasound is to be urinating, that is, when you are about the same, you can see it clearly. Once I remembered the wrong time, it took an hour in advance, and then I took an hour of urine!

In my life for more than 30 years, I have never been so hearty as I have …

Waiting for the results of the pregnancy test results … Whether you want to be pregnant or not.

There are also a few minutes waiting for the HIV virus test. Although the two of you have done a check together last time, and each time you have sex, you still can’t help worryingOn your own.

When you have a diarrhea, and just in a public place, you are working hard to hold the shit, and the longest minutes to move to the bathroom are the longest.

And … when you shit when you are in the public toilet, you must work hard to control your farting sound. You must let it be released very loudly, because there are gaps in the middle of the small compartments in the public toilet, and there will be farting sounds.Echo!You can hear every compartment!

There are also many toilet paper in the toilet, which is only a layer of fucking!How do I use it to wipe my ass!

When my aunt is in my aunt every month, I have to deal with at least once such a shit … Sometimes I vomit when I have diarrhea.I am a college student!Every toilet around me is such a public toilet!

When I was a child, I was waiting for my mother to pick me up, and she was just late …

Every time my dad said a story that I have heard 100 times, I feel that time is particularly long.

It may be the last 5 minutes of my father’s lifetime. The doctor had tried his best to return to heaven. He could only make him less sin. Our family was around him. When he gradually left, we accompanied him.

He died last year and was 63 years old when he left. That day was as if it happened yesterday for me.

When my son was born, he didn’t cry. The doctor gave me a serious look, and then handed me scissors to let me cut the umbilical cord, and then rushed to the room next door to take an emergency measure to make him speak.

I walked next to my wife’s birth bed and whispered to tell her how great she was.

Honestly, I don’t know how long the time has passed, but the few seconds/minute of waiting for my son’s crying is the longest time in my life.

My son was 20 years old last month.

I skip bungee jumping on the Verzaska dam in Ticino, Switzerland.This place is famous for its opening scene in the movie "Golden Eyes".

The bungee jump itself this time, but when I bounced up and down after the first jump, my body began to rotate, and the bungee rope had been around my leg a few laps.

When the vertical movement finally stopped, I was hanging on a huge cliff. Below the cliff was a rocky riverbed, and the rope just wrapped around my leg. The impression was that this was all that supported me.The staff shouted to me, asking me to remove my ankle from the twisted rope so that they could pull me up.

My reason tells me that the safety rope is tied to my hips firmly, but the rope on my ankle is too tight, making me feel that I rely on the rope on the ankle, and even feel that once I unbutton the rope on my feet,I will fall to death.For five minutes, my body could not move. I couldn’t unlock the ropes on my ankle, and the people on the top of the head of the head kept yelling. My head was below.The head is surging.

In the end, I gathered the courage to unbutton the rope on my ankle … everything is good.However, that’s the longest and most terrible five minutes in my life.

Diaben is like year,

It may be such a situation …


What is the longest 5 minutes you have ever experienced?
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