"Touch the dog in the middle of the night, want to eat a plane meal, and throw away her husband’s soap."

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Recently, I saw a popular topic on Weibo”最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最 最.

A pregnant mother said that she suddenly wanted to touch the dog in the middle of the night when she was pregnant. Her husband said that on the morning of the second day, the pregnant mother cried. There was no way that her husband had to go down the community and see if anyone came out in the middle of the night to walk the dog.

I finally encountered a dog walking, called the dog’s dog at home, and found that the pregnant wife had already slept!

There was also a pregnant mother who suddenly wanted to eat plane meals when she was pregnant. She cried and had to eat plane meals. Her husband had to take a friend and bring back a plane meal from the airport.”Zero plan”

Netizens commented, but fortunately, the husband’s connections are relatively wide.

Previously, my work was a business trip. Hundreds of people in our company often traveled. When a colleague was pregnant, the company transferred her into an internal industry without having to travel.

But when she was pregnant, she told her husband to eat high -speed rail fast food, and she must eat. Her husband had to take her to the high -speed rail station, took the shortest 20 -minute high -speed rail, ate a high -speed rail meal on the car, and a high -speed rail meal.Buy again.

Several pregnant mothers said that she was particularly sensitive when she was pregnant, and felt that her husband’s bath soap was too stinky, so she threw her husband’s soap.

When my husband switched to a shower gel, he also said that the shower gel was stinky and could not bear it. In the end, the husband took a bath on a hot day, and the soap shower gel did not dare to use it!

There is also a pregnant mother who wants to vomit when she smells the smell of fuel smoke when she is pregnant. When she goes out to eat, she must let her get out of the car to the lobby of the hotel to hear and see if she wants to vomit.If you don’t want to vomit, you can eat directly at that house.

So when they were pregnant, they went out to eat outside.

★ Emotional fluctuations

Many mothers have heard of "postpartum depression". In fact, some studies have found that mothers may experience depression when they are pregnant.

Although our hormone secretion increases during pregnancy, various physiological discomfort during pregnancy.

For example, vomiting in the early pregnancy, the various values of various values in the second trimester of pregnancy are incorrect. If you ca n’t eat well or sleep well, you will feel anxious and uncomfortable. This anxiety and uncomfortable emotional fluctuations will fluctuate very much.Large, even anxiety and depression.

When some women are anxious, she will cry, so some pregnant mothers will cry when they are pregnant.

Some people said that when they were pregnant, they couldn’t get up in the morning when they woke up and saw a few birds flying by the window. The result was not the number of expectations of their expectations, and when they woke up in the morning, they would cry when they saw a hair on the pillow.

When she gave birth to her child back normally, her husband was trying to thank him. Later, the child slowly grew up. When she mentioned to her husband that she wanted to have a second child, her husband was about to kneel and begged for mercy.

★ The changes in pregnant mothers hormone affect the gastrointestinal

Many pregnant mothers will feel that their tastes have changed a lot after pregnancy. They used to like to eat sweet, but they especially like to eat acid after pregnancy. They even like to eat the mature plums, and even lemon can be eaten.

Gastrointestinal peristalsis will also cause mothers to appetite in early pregnancy, so they don’t want to eat anything.

★ Sensitive smell when pregnancy becomes dog nose

Many mothers found that she had a very spiritual nose after pregnancy. Her husband sucked smoke two hours ago, and she could smell it.

A mother said that when she was pregnant, her husband sweatedly made a table of dishes. As a result, she wanted to vomit and told her husband to take it away and take it away. Her husband had to put the food back to the kitchen to put itIn the stove, lock the door of the kitchen, and then stand by the stove.

From the wonderful thoughts of my mother’s pregnancy, how much impact will pregnancy affect the mother’s body.

What we can see is that the mother’s belly gradually becomes larger, the body is deformed, and the movement becomes slow, but what we can’t see is that the blood volume of the mother’s body is increasing, the bones are compressed, the burden of the heart is worse, the gastrointestinal and intestine of the gastrointestinal and intestineSlow creeping.

Please cherish and love the woman who gave birth to you, please care about the woman who gave birth to you.

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