"Three points" Fanwai Twenty: When you are pregnant, Xu Yanshi’s operation is absolutely abrupt!

Xu Yan thought nothing wrong.

Sure enough, it would be very easy if a healthy couple wanted a child.

Two months later, he became pregnant.

Xiangyuan found that he was pregnant, without as many bridges in idol dramas.

That is an ordinary afternoon, when looking at a financial statement, Xiang Yuan felt that he seemed to ignore something.

So at that moment, the eyes that she fell on the financial statements began to lose focus. Through those paper, she remembered that she had time to lingering when she had time with Xu Yan, and sometimes did not take protection measures.

So she thought that her aunt seemed too late.

As for a few days later, Xu Yan may be more accurate.

When Xiang Yuan didn’t ask Xu Yan, he bought a pregnancy test stick by himself.

So Xiang Yuan found that he was pregnant.

This news is definitely the best news for the two.

"Go home earlier tonight, not to work overtime." When he called Xu Yan, he called Xu Yan.

"What’s wrong?" Xu Yan laughed on the phone, "Do you miss me?"

"Little smelly. Hang." Xiang Zan denied.

When he arrived at the garden, Xu Yan was already at home.

"Come back, hurry up and eat." Xu Yan was busy in the kitchen, looking up at Xiangyuan.

"Wow, the taste of sweet and sour fish, as well as crayfish?" Xiangyuan’s nose smelled the taste, in the words of Xu Yanshi, it was the dog’s nose.

"Sure enough, it is the dog’s nose." Xu Yanshi brought the soup.

The soup that she gave her when Xu Yan was taken after washing her hands, "Thank you dear."

"I’m happy today? Why, Donghe’s stock has risen?" Xu Yan asked her a fish.

"It’s the happiest news than this." Xiangyuan sold Guanzi.

"What is that?" Xu Yan said curiously.

"When Xu Yan, you are going to upgrade." She looked at him with a smile, "I’m pregnant."

"Really?" Xu Yan walked over and kissed her face, "I’m going to be a father!"

After that, he seemed to feel that he couldn’t withdraw his happiness.

He picked up the garden and put her on her leg, "What do you want to eat, let me feed you."

As a result, this meal was feeded by Xu Yanshi.

After eating, she hugged her on the sofa, stuffed a plate of fruits, and washed the dishes herself.

"It’s really a 24 -filial good husband." Xiang Yuan couldn’t sit on the sofa, and got up at the door of the kitchen and looked at Xu Yan to wash the dishes.

"Why are you getting up, go back and sit." Xu Yan closed the water and issued a instruction to Xiangyuan.

"Don’t, you can see the beautiful man here." Xiang Yuan glanced at him. "I was just pregnant, but I couldn’t take care of myself."

After Xu Yan washed the bowl, she hugged her on the sofa.

"Are you ready to hold me like this during pregnancy?" Xiang Yuan looked at him silently.

"As long as I have time to hold it like this." He fed her a grape and peeled the skin intimately.

"When Xu Yan, are you a bit too much?" He ate grapes in Xiangyuan, which was very sweet.

"Love you, it won’t be too much." He stroked her stomach gently, "How big is he now?"

"What do you think? He is not a life body now. By the way, I just took a gestational stick to test it, and I haven’t gone to the hospital yet." Xiang Yuan held his neck.

"Then I will accompany you to the hospital tomorrow."

"Are you not busy recently?" A few days before Xiangyuan, I heard that their recent projects are very important.

"You are the first. You will never finish your work, but your wife is more important."

Xu Yan still wanted to feed Xiangyuan, and was avoided by the garden. "I won’t eat it, I am full."

"What did you say we were pregnant?" Xiang Yuan asked him with a smile.

"Which time is not important?" He said unpredictable, "Anyway, my seed, which is the same time."

"…" I got up to the garden to the bathroom, "I’m going to wash and sleep."

To be continued …

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