"The Law of Love" Mom Baonan eats the grass crazy, but Qin Shi will never belong to Tao Junhui anymore

No one will wait in place. Sometimes, when you let go, you miss it. Some people, once missed, cannot be recovered.

Memories will always fade away with the passage of time, but that should have been forgotten and once familiar, but it is carved into bone blood.

Just because Tao Junhui and Qin Shi have met in the best years, and have walked together for seven years, but in the end, they still parted ways.

Just like two short -term intersections, the fate is deep, this intersection is also doomed, it will only be an accident.

However, when most of them are, only regret will it be more unforgettable.

After all, how can people who walk through the whole youth of each other can easily forget?

First love is the most memorable, even more powerful love.

Qin Shi is not only Tao Junhui’s ex -girlfriend, but also a fiancee. He is a regret of his life.

It ’s just love. It’ s the norm in life. In the world of adults, there are so many broken mirrors.

No matter how deeply love, once she chose to let go, she could only let her disappear into the sea, and she was completely lost, and she had her qualifications.

Qin Shi is a girl who is salt and sweet, cute and imperial.

It is difficult to have someone, you can make your makeup and be delicate, beautiful and aggressive, and wipe out and pure and pleasant, which makes people unconsciously give birth to the desire to protect, but Qin Shi can easily do it.

Although the family relationship is complicated, it is not hindered. Qin Shi will be confident and engraved into the DNA. From a small to large, she is not only beautiful, but also a hegemon.matter.

Qin Shi can master academic and life. Only love is her powerless.

Due to the special situation at home, Qin Shi has always looked thoroughly about love and marriage. When her peers were still in love, she was very mature and planned ideal and future.

Qin Shi’s father, relying on a good skin, was very rich in emotional life. He had three marriages and had three children.

When he was young, he was the head of the Cultural Troupe. He was handsome and singing. He was also sought after by girls.

He was a colleague of the Cultural Troupe. He got along with each other and was in love for a long time.

Later, when the eldest son was three years old, his wife wanted to go abroad, throwing off his father and son, and he left.

After the divorce, Qin Shi’s father met the second wife Liu Yan. Although she was strong, she was a kind woman, waiting for Qin Wenbin, such as her biological son.

At that time, the benefits of the Cultural Troupe were not good. The Qin family could not make ends meet, and Liu Yan took care of the family while doing catering and entrepreneurship.

Liu Yan is a person with a tough personality. He always believes that things are either do not do, and you must do the best.

Therefore, under her efforts, the business is getting better and better, from catering shops to chain institutions. After that, she still has her own supply chain. The more money is earned, but people are getting busy.

Under the environment of strong men and men, the contradictions of the husband and wife were frequent. Before Liu Yan gave birth to his son Qin Wenyu, the two decided to divorce.

In the reason why they directly pushed them between them, in addition to the cracks of emotions, there was another reason that Liu Yan suspected that her husband was derailed.

After all, shortly after he divorced himself, he married a newcomer to enter the door, and the seamless connection was too fast, which made her have to doubt.

In addition, for a year of divorce, Qin Shi was born. When he got married, he was pregnant. Coincidentally, people couldn’t believe it.

This knot became Qin Shi’s mother. Between Qin Wenyu’s mother, when she met was the reason for the sword.

When Liu Yan divorced, Qin Wenyu’s father was almost cleaning out of the house. Even the house and real estate certificate were written on the name of Liu Yan.

Qin Shi’s father, in order to save money to buy a house, desperately saved the money, and left his wife’s image.

However, it was not easy to get the down payment, but because of the trust of friends, he was deceived by the money. In the end, he had to help Liu Yan Xiang to pass the difficulties. As a result, the house was not bought and Liu Yan’s human feelings were owed.

The three brothers and sisters of the mother -in -law, the Shura field upstairs and downstairs, Qin Shi has been used to it since childhood. The chickens and dogs jumping at home have developed a calm and calm personality.

With excellent results, she was admitted to her favorite university, focused on the law, and also studied the economy. She was also a trump player in the debate team.

Qin Shi, who is both talented and talented, has become a figure in the university. He has participated in the photos of the debate and has been hanging on the wall of the school.

As a legend, the children of other people’s houses have never been lacking in praise. The only surprise in the university is to meet, like -minded lover, Tao Junhui.

They are classmates and the most tacit partners. It turned out that the opponent of the constitution and the even -powerful lover were never conflicting.

As the first love lover, they have already identified each other as the object of accompanying themselves with their lives, but the seven -year love time, even said that they would disperse.

When you are in love, you are forced to separate, and it is a sad thing, because their separation is not because they do not love, but they ca n’t love.

Tao Junhui grew up in a single -parent family. His father died early, and his mother had never remarried.

His mother has been a teacher for a lifetime, so he is old and rigid, and even a little stubborn.

Tao Junhui and Qin Shi were together for seven years, and finally reached the point of talking about marriage and marriage. Even the wedding room was bought together.Son’s own opposition.

She feels that Qin Shi’s father has three marriages, so such a family background is too complicated, and in her cognition, the girl who comes out of such a family is definitely not worthy of her, hard work, excellent to glowing to glowingSon.

Qin Shi was unbearable, left Tao Junhui’s home directly, and broke up decisively with him. He also returned the house paid by Tao Junhui to him.

The people of the Qin family always thought that Qin Shi dumped Tao Junhui, and her mother even thought about it for many years. She felt that her daughter was too wayward, and a good fiance, said no.

But no matter how many thoughts, Qin Shi did not tell the truth. Her pride did not allow herself to be abandoned. Most importantly, she didn’t want to make her parents feel guilty.

After breaking up, Qin Shi and Tao Junhui never met again. Although the first love was unforgettable, Qin Shi was a decisive person.

Tao Junhui never let go of Qin Shi, but because of his mother, he knew that he and Qin Shi were no longer possible, so he suppressed the relationship in his heart.

Later, Wu Fei, who was superior to the family, also became a male and female friend.

Cheng and Hui Law Firm are where they are strong and talented, and they are also many lawyers, squeezing the top law firms that they want to enter.

However, the employment standard of this law firm is very strict, especially for women.

High ability is the most basic condition. It is the biggest extra points for marriage and family happiness.

Qin Shi wanted to enter sincerity and wisdom with his strength, but in the end, he obeyed his friends’ suggestions and forged his marriage status.

She found a person’s information on the Internet and downloaded the photos. Based on the professionalism, she made up her identity, so that this person became her husband without knowing it.

Two years later, Qin Shi became the chief senior lawyer of the family department of the Law Firm. He stood firmly at Cheng and Hui Law Firm, and went all out to move towards the eleventh floor.lawyer.

Who knows, the fake husband, and his ex -boyfriend appeared one after another, making Qin Shi’s life a mess.

However, Qin Shi will plan to plan, mutually beneficial with the fake husband Yang Hua, cooperate with each other, and do the fake drama.

Tao Junhui’s girlfriend Wu Fei, after graduating from college, also entered Cheng and Hui Law Firm, and became an assistant lawyer.

However, when he learned that Qin Shi was Tao Junhui’s ex -girlfriend, and misunderstood Qin Shi cheating, betrayed Tao Junhui, and blackened, he began to target Qin Shi.

Tao Junhui did not expect that after two years of abroad and reunion again, he would still be excited for Qin Shi.

Although every time they meet, Mars is generally fierce. Although he has a poor attitude towards her, he is still very poisonous, but all abnormalities and disappointment are because he still loves, but she doesn’t like it.It’s right.

Qin Shi entered the eleventh floor smoothly, but it meant to start again in the new stage.

At this time, Tao Junhui also entered Cheng and Hui Law Firm, and as soon as he came, he was easily obtained. Qin Shi worked hard for two years. After suffering, he got the qualifications to enter the eleventh floor.

Tao Junhui looked at Qin Shi, and looked at her counterattack, watching her still the same as before, never changed, and thought that at this moment, she no longer belonged to herself, and her heart seemed to be blocked by a boulder.sad.

Qin Shi and Wu Fei are completely different girls. Qin Shi is strong and spicy, calm and self -sued, and is very mature. He is not right right, but Wu Fei is cute and gentle, lively and firm, but too wayward, only wrong.

In Tao Junhui’s bones, he is not only a mother, but also some masculinity. He feels that women should not be as powerful as Qin Shi.

However, Qin Shi lived clearly and clearly. Everyone’s nature never decided by themselves. If life is gentle, he will respect it with gentleness. If you live in your life, you will respond with a big mouth.But just run, where to fall, where is lying down and resting, raising the energy, and rearring the soil. This is regardless of men and women.

Such attractive Qin Shi, who would not be fascinated when he saw it, but he also obeyed his mother and gave up her.

Qin Shi was once a person who was afraid of marriage, but after leaving herself, she would get married soon. In the external information, she gave birth to a child.

Tao Junhui’s jealousy inspired his anger, but he thought he would hate her, but after meeting her, he lost his mind for her, to protect her, even for herHis genuine girlfriend.

He deliberately embarrassed Qin Shi and asked her to read the documents. When she saw her holding the document, she would fall asleep on the sofa, and would put her jacket on her.

Only after she fell asleep can he truly reveal it, the deep look.

On the day Qin Shi took Yanghua to eat hot and spicy, he happened to meet Tao Junhui and Wu Fei. The waiter lost his hand and almost poured a pot of hot spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy spicyness on Qin Shi’s body. In order to save her, Tao Junhui directly reached out to block it. In the end, Qin Shi finally.He was not damaged, but he burned his arms.

Sincerity and Hui Law Firm are about to finance, and Qin Shi is ordered to travel with a business trip. For this customer, they have already planned, but Tao Junhui did not know the truth.

If all this love can’t help but love, what is love?

Unfortunately, even if you match and love each other, this relationship is just a regret after all.

Once, in the face of the mother’s opposition, it was easy to let go of the beloved person. After that, when there was a girlfriend, she was entangled with her ex -girlfriend.

After learning that the ex -girlfriend was fake marriage, she couldn’t wait to make her marry herself. Such Tao Junhui was not worthy of Qin Shi when he let go.

The affection for being late is destined to have no good results. Qin Shi never turned back for a person who had given up, and Tao Junhui’s thoughts would not make her heart any more ripples.

Between Tao Junhui and Qin Shi, there was a ending two years ago. Even if you have a long time, there will be no changes.

But later, they separated again, rushing towards their future, and finally said goodbye to each other, and said goodbye to her. He said to her, you will be happy, she answers him, and you are.

I failed to say the regret of breaking up two years ago. In the blessings, I was made up. Unfortunately, it was raised and reconciled with myself.

The TV series "The Law of Love" is an urban modern, love idol drama. It tells the beauty lawyer Qin Shi and has a frustrated financial giant Yanghua. Because of Qin Shi’s lies, I met accidentally. In the end, I really love each other.Really stories.

There are few such stories. The current husband, which is different from his former boyfriend, is clearly different, but can match different love lines.

Whether it is a beautiful girl and warm heart milk dog, the true love that accidentally collides, or a pair of elite lawyers, the evenly matched and difficult love is extraordinarily moving.

However, people who can heal each other are destined to come together, and those who are three hearts and two hearts, cowardly people who let go, are destined to lose their love and regret their lifetime.

The mother can’t tolerate her lover. The single choice is the most difficult, but Tao Junhui still made a choice.

At first, he abandoned his first love girlfriend Qin Shi for seven years of love for seven years.

Later, he had one to make him struggling for 30 years and young and beautiful girlfriend, and it was also the point of talking about marriage.

And because of a lie, she encountered the beloved who was destined and redeemed by each other. The two might get married and get a certificate.

It is ridiculous that she went around and reunited again. She had let go of the past, and happy with her newlywed husband and happiness.

But he began to begging hard, entangled in all kinds, and he broke up with his girlfriend who was deeply affectionate with himself.

Tao Junhui regretted it because of one letting go, but no one could wait in place. Those true feelings, once they paid wrong, they could no longer go back.

But he was lucky, because at the end of the story, he couldn’t wait for Qin Shi to turn back, but he still had infatuated Wu Fei.

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