"Stomach" is in the service area, helping you stay away from pregnancy!

Ms. Wang has been pregnant for 7 weeks. She keeps relieved in the morning. When she brushes her teeth, she can’t help but want to vomit. After smelling a little special smell, she covered her mouth and rushed to the bathroom.… Breeding a small life is a very happy thing. The episode of pregnancy and vomiting has caused many pregnant mothers to be tortured. At the same time, there are also concerns about it.ah?Is there any way to relieve the torture of this pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a discomfort that will be encountered during the beginning of pregnancy. As a expectant mother, it is necessary to correctly face pregnancy, and the problem of solving pregnancy can not hurt their health and fetal development.

Here, I will come up with an idea for you to see how to relieve pregnancy.

1. Pay attention to rest and avoid overwork;

2. Relax and create a relaxed and warm dining environment;

3. Eat some foods that help to relieve pregnancy, such as bananas, ginger, potatoes, peanuts, etc.;

4. Keep indoor air circulation, stay away from oil fume and other odors;

5. Make water in time, such as freshly squeezed juice, a small amount of soda water.

Pregnant mothers should maintain a pleasant mood in the early stages of pregnancy, do not have to be too nervous, and pay attention to nutritional supplements. In fact, as long as the reasonable diet can have the effect of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach. When these adverse reactions appear, you can relieve it through the above methods., But if the pregnancy is very serious, it has affected normal eating, and you need to go to a regular hospital for special treatment and examination to ensure that the "stomach" is in the service area, and then ensure the health of itself and the fetus.

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