"Sleeping Demon" Episode 9 Plot

Rose woke up early in the morning and told Lita that she had been making strange dreams recently. Last night Rosen dreamed that she found Jed, and Jed told her who was her adopted parents and where they lived.So Rose went there after waking up this morning, but after Rose arrived there, he found that Jed was gone, and Jed’s parents were dead. Rose also knew about this. It sounded incredible.EssenceLeita believes that Rose’s dream, because Rita dreamed last night that she and Hekto spent one night together, and after Lita woke up today, Reta’s belly was bigger, and Leita walked to Luo.In front of Silk, Rose saw Rita, who was currently pregnant, and asked if it was true. Rita let Roste touched it. Rose touched the belly of Rita and found that it was true.What happened to them, Rose explained the reason why she probably knew because of her.

Screenshot of the 9th Episode 9

Matthew goes back and tells Lu Qianan that it does not know how Roster did. She was pregnant and became pregnant. It explained that Rita should dream of being pregnant. Then she was really pregnant after she woke up.An explanation explains that it has begun, and Rose is weakening the separation between different territories. Matthew asked Lu Qian whether to tell Mofius, Lussian could not answer, saying that it was not her business, MatthewAsked from what time, Lu Qianan answered from His Majesty Morfish that when she was just a book administrator, Morfish also said that from now on, Lu Qianan only needs to manage the book. MatthewI couldn’t believe that Momfis really said this and asked him what he was. Lunsan said he didn’t have much, saying that Morfish has always been like this, but it was only Momfis has left for a long time, and she forgotThis is the point.

Mohis is determined to deal with it alone. The whirlpool and the missing Acana’s question do not need anyone to help. Telling Matthew in the future they must have any news, they must directly report to Morfis. Matthew answered it.Asked whether there is news, it can also let Lolyan know too.Lussian answered the best, otherwise, in the current mood of Morfish, both of them will be in the dark and ended in the dark, and Matthew was a little scared and felt that they would go back to monitor Luo Luo.Silk, it is recommended that Lussian should go to Moffis to reconcile, saying that it is not when everyone is arguing. After all, there is a vortex that can make people pregnant without any reason, and there is a nightmare that wanders outside.Essence

Screenshot of the 9th Episode 9

Corinus was taking Jade to eat ice cream and watched Jade after eating one. Corinus asked Jead if he wanted to come again. Jed asked them not to go to Rose. Corinus answered it.Jed asked Rose if he was coming here. Corinus answered not to explain that he had to do something at work. It was a exhibition. After they arrived there, they called Rose.Class, Corinus asked Jead if he liked comics, and Jed replied to like it before.

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