"Second -child dream" has been repeatedly unpredictable. The experience of this pregnant mother has made many people call "too much"

10 years passing the gap like a white horse, but it is a finger.But it is enough to make a babies falling into a little boy and let a seedlings grow into a towering tree … Ms. Bai (pseudonym), 33, has encountered natural miscarriage for ten years.She went around to seek medical treatment, and finally brought up the clouds to meet the dawn of good pregnancy.

In 2009, Ms. Bai had a daughter. The second child plan was on the agenda. There was an unexpected situation, and she had a natural abortion when she was more than 4 months pregnant.Since then, Ms. Bai has experienced two pregnancy history, but she has encountered Waterloo in more than 40 days of pregnancy. The great sadness and joy of Ms. Bai once in despair was once in despair.The house leak has been in the middle of the night. In the ten years since then, "pregnancy" has become a luxury for their husband and wife.

"Running a lot of hospitals, checking a lot of them, Chinese medicine and western medicine ate a lot. Later, I even heard a lot of recipes in the letters, but every time I thought of this, my heart was like a knife and meat.The same pain, people who have not experienced can not understand that pain at all. "Whenever she mentioned the bitter past she experienced, Ms. Bai would be sad, but the" second child "obsession is like a seed.Deeply rooted in my heart.

In August 2020, Ms. Bai brought her strong desire for fertility. After being introduced by a friend, she came to the reproductive department of Xijing Maternity Hospital. She did not have the restraint and anxiety of other patients. When she saw me, she couldn’t wait to put her sherself.The history of pregnancy is described in detail.

I asked her to do a test first, and I could take the right medicine according to the condition.After inspection, Ms. Bai was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and bilateral fallopian tubes were blocked. She learned that she had the opportunity to conceive naturally. She did not hesitate to choose a hysteria laparoscopic joint minimally invasive surgery.

It turns out that Ms. Bai has not been in vain for so many years of persistent efforts, and she has finally received the care of the goddess of "luck".After the operation, I used the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine to perform egg monitoring for Ms. Bai. After three months of cooperation, Ms. Bai was successfully pregnant in November 2020.Looking at the two red bars on the pregnancy test stick, he went to the B -ultrasound in the hospital. When he saw the report form "early pregnancy in the palace", Ms. Bai cried.

In view of the previous abortion experiences that appeared before, Ms. Bai, who was pregnant, did not dare to take it lightly.Although she is always cautious everywhere, the bad signs have happened.

In the early morning of March 2, 2021, Ms. Bai had a small amount of vaginal bleeding and accompanied by dark red blood clots, but she did not feel uncomfortable with abdominal pain and abdomen.In a hurry, she rushed to the hospital with her lover, and was diagnosed with incomplete cervical function after diagnosis.

On the same day, the Minimally Invasive surgery experts of this hospital combined with Ms. Bai’s past pregnancy history and related inspection analysis, she formulated a detailed surgical plan for her, and carried out the vaginal cervical ring surgery that night.The operation was very successful, and Ms. Bai was discharged smoothly after a week of tires in the hospital.Here, I sincerely wish Ms. Bai and the fetus in her belly healthy and healthy. We are eagerly looking forward to the baby’s birth.


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