"Questions and Answers during Pregnancy" (3): Early pregnancy

Question: How many times are the number of times before giving birth?

According to the guidance of the Industrial Science Group of the China Medical Association’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch.The number of prenatal examinations and weeks of pregnancy are 6 to 13+6, respectively, 14 to 19+6 weeks, week 20 to 23+6, week 24 to 28, week 29 to 32, week 33 to 36 weeks, 37 weeks to 41Zhou. Pregnant mothers with high risk factors will increase the number of output inspections as appropriate, and the number of output inspections is at least seven times.

Question: The doctor asked me for the last menstrual period. I always can’t figure out what is the last menstrual period. How can I calculate it?What time is the early pregnancy?

The concept of the last menstruation we refer to is the first day of menstruation. For example, the first day of menstruation is June 30, 2021, and there is no menstruation on July 30, 2021. Then the last menstrual period is 2021.On June 30th, the early pregnancy time is the 12 weekend after menopause to pregnancy.

Question: I presented the two bars of the Central Captain with pregnancy test strips. Should I get pregnant. Do you still use it to go to the hospital?

The pregnant mother found that when the moon had not yet come, and there was symptoms of nausea and vomiting, you could use the pregnancy test stick to check whether the pregnancy was pregnant. If the pregnancy test paper did not expire, then your situation should be pregnant.You can go to the hospital for testing.After you are pregnant, you should go to the hospital to confirm and queue up the book.

Question: After three days in the same room, I used the pregnancy test paper to show negative. Haven’t menstruation come yet? Is it pregnant? Or is it not checked for pregnancy, should I go to the hospital?

The test time is too early, resulting in incorrect test results. The three -day menstruation after the same room does not come. Do n’t worry about it. After the menstrual period test, the accuracy of the pregnancy test paper is still relatively high, but it is not 100%.If you are doubtful about your test results, you should go to the hospital for testing. If necessary, you can check HCG.

Question: I really want the baby. The aunt has not been measured after the pregnancy test pen. Is it a failure or no pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, the test strip is not detected, it may be because the pregnancy test stick is invalid, or the test strip is not sensitive enough, and it may be incorrect.

Question: I really want a baby, but the aunt’s time is not over, but the pregnancy test has been measured. Is it pregnant?I heard that menstruation has not been pregnant, should not be pregnant, so how can detects be positive?

Because the test strip is to detect the human chorionic gonadotropin, this hormone exists in every human body, including men.It is just that some reagents with fewer quantities are more sensitive, and may be false positive. In this case, you need to go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis.

Question: During this time, work is very busy, often working overtime, staying up late every day, this month’s aunt did not come, and there were no symptoms. Do you have to consider pregnancy if you discontinue menstruation?

Not all menopause is pregnancy. Although menopause is the earliest and most important symptoms of pregnant mothers early pregnancy, menopause is not a unique symptom of pregnancy. It may be due to tiredness, endocrine disorders, and oral contraceptives.It is related to fatigue, leading to menstrual disorders.

Question: I have confirmed that I am pregnant. I have to go to the bathroom many times a day. I don’t have much amount each time. My friend said that I have frequent urination. Is the urinary system infected with frequent urination?

According to your statement, the urinary system infection is not considered.The symptoms of frequent urination and the increasing uterus in the early pregnancy compress the bladder and pelvic cavity in the pelvic cavity. It is said to be related to the stimulation of the blood. Generally, the uterus rises after 12 weeks of pregnancy. After entering the pelvic cavity, the symptoms of frequent urination will gradually disappear. If the urinary system is infected, it will be infected.There are different symptoms, such as dysuria and urgency testing urine can be excluded, and frequent urination is also a type of early pregnancy reaction.

Question: I vomit every day after pregnancy. I am very worried that this will affect the baby’s development.

Many pregnant mothers are particularly worried that pregnancy will affect the baby’s nutritional supply and hopes to control pregnancy as soon as possible. Although the pregnancy vomiting temporarily affects the balanced absorption of nutrition, in the early stage of pregnancy, the baby is in the state of the formation of the West Guan.It is much less than in the middle and late pregnancy, and generally does not affect the development of the baby, unless severe pregnancy may cause serious complications.

Question: In addition to pregnancy, what other diseases can cause severe vomiting?

Portuguese fetus is manifested in vomiting and insomnia, fatigue, dripping water, and frequent vomiting. After menopause, two to three months, renewal bleeding during the vagina, or found that the blisters need to be diagnosed in the blood in the blood.

Hepatitis, early pregnancy reactions are not reduced or aggravated, manifested as systemic fatigue, loss of appetite, vomiting nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, hidden liver pain, low fever, jaundice, and hepatitis should be taken into account.Confused diagnosis.

Pregnant mothers with gastroenteritis, biliary disease, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, and brain tumor can occur.

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