"Pregnancy" lower limbs restless syndrome, torture people’s fairy

Although it is very tired at night, the restless legs are to make people calm down, and the methods of solving the leg spasm of the legs are almost effective.Torture and suffering.

I do n’t know, is the description above?

There are too many factors in the third trimester that causes you to get enough rest at night, and your legs are a member of the culprit.

About 15%of pregnant women will have this uneven syndrome. The name describes all its characteristics. The feet or legs are restless, the insect climbing, and the tingling sensation, resulting in unable to settle in other parts of the body.

The lower limb universal syndrome usually occurs at night, and it may also occur in the afternoon or lay down. The experts have not found the exact cause of the indifferent syndrome (seemingly and genetic relationship) of the lower limbs so far, and it is helpless in treatment.

Usually we solve the method of leg discomfort, including massage, stretching, etc., and it seems that it cannot alleviate this symptom.

At present, drugs that are treated with restless syndrome in the treatment of lower limbs are not safe during pregnancy, and even some drugs (such as pregnant women often use to alleviate morning spit vomiting or antibody amines), they will increase some inflammatory symptoms of lower limbs.

So how to prevent the rest of the lower limbs from disturbing the prospective mother’s rest?Although there are no effective measures yet, the following methods can be tried

Pay attention to the cause

Diet and some living habits may be the incentives of uneasy syndrome of the lower limbs. You can record what you eat, what you do, and how you feel. In this way, when the symptoms appear, you can understand which habits can easily cause the lower limb universal syndrome.

For example, some people eat sugar at night, and some people will have restless symptoms, and some people will cause restless syndrome after drinking coffee.Pay attention to whether the drugs taken can also cause the lower limb restless syndrome.

Auxiliary and replacement therapy

Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, or some relaxation skills may relieve the restless syndrome of the lower limbs, and dispersion also helps to alleviate this uneven feeling of the lower limbs.

Blood test

A very common iron deficiency anemia in the third trimester can also cause uneasy syndrome of the lower limbs. You can ask your doctor to help you with a blood test.

If the blood content in the blood is low, the appropriate iron supplement can be taken to relieve.Other causes that may cause restless syndrome of the lower limbs can also be determined through blood drawing, such as lack of magnesium or vitamin D deficiency.

Both situations can be improved by taking supplements.At the same time, you can also consult the doctor to see if there is any appropriate treatment.

exercise more

Some expectant mothers can exercise more feet during the day to prevent restlessness at night. Try some moderate aerobic exercise during pregnancy and strengthen the exercise of lower body strength, but remember not to perform these exercises before going to bed, otherwise the lower limbs will be worse.Syndrome leads to insomnia.

Of course, some simple stretching movements, such as stretching of the calf or standing leg stretching, can be tried.

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