"Old Big Boy" in the two -child family

In the 30th year, Xiao Zeng interacted with his sister intimately, and his mother was watching.Beijing News reporter Xiao Weiwei

My classmate is 26 years old and has a 3 -year -old sister.

Xiao Zeng’s father is a civil servant, and his mother is a teacher.In the first ten years of being the only child, she often wanted to have a younger brother and sister to play with her, but it was impossible under the strict family planning policy.At the age of 23, the first year of her graduation of her university, with the release of the two -child policy, her parents had two children.For this reason, she tried to oppose them with quarrels, cold war, and hunger strikes, and finally accepted the incident with resistance.

Such a two -child family is not uncommon in Dongkou County, Hunan Province, Hunan Province.Especially after the two -child policy in 2015, the only children who have already become an adult have suddenly become the brother or sister of a little baby.It is reported that the former only children who are close to two rounds than their younger and sisters are "old -age children."The friendship between them and their brothers and sisters will inevitably be alienated due to the huge age difference.

Xiao Zeng’s mother hopes that Xiao Zeng learns to care for his sister -in -law, and he is also teaching his sister to get closer to his sister. "As a only child, they still don’t know how to get along with our brothers and sisters. This is our parents’ responsibility."

The two -child dream of parents after the 70s

In the circle of friends, some of his peers are taking selfies, and some people start to expose their children.

She will also post a selfie and sister video.In a small video, my sister wore a pink pajamas and accompanied by music, and twisted her waist for a while.In order to avoid comments such as "this is your child? Really cute", she will write "My little girl" and "see the dancing posture of my sister".

"If others say" You are so young, have such a big child? ", I will be very happy, so that I look younger."

In fact, before becoming a little baby’s sister, she experienced a period of resisting the second child and distressed.

In October 2015, she returned to the county’s house to prepare for the civil servant examination. Her parents suddenly asked on the phone, "The two -child policy has been released, do you want a younger brother and sister?" She answered decisively, "I don’t want to."

"When I want a younger brother and sister, they refused. I have grown up and don’t need a younger brother and sister." She said softly.

For Xiao Zeng, the idea of having a younger brother and sister has sprouted in elementary school.At that time, the friends who came to play at home had to go home in the evening. The home who just had a laugh and a laugh was quiet, leaving only her mother to accompany her to write homework. "At that time, she wanted a younger brother and sister."

It was a period when the family planning policy was very strict, and public officials could only have one child.Xiao Zeng’s father said that he never thought that he had recovered one of the past.

"I did not expect the family planning policy to let go." Xiao Zeng’s father recalled that on October 29, 2015, they saw the news: The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee decided to fully implement a couple’s policy of giving birth to two children.His friends were boiling, and friends of the same age interviewed each other to discuss this.Xiao Zeng’s colleagues are also discussing, "Many friends around you want to regenerate one. Everyone is different. After the 60s, they are very envious. They are afraid of being pregnant. We want to regenerate one after the 70s.","

At the same time, Xiao Zeng’s friends of the same age were asked by his parents. They decisively refused without exception.

A few days later, Xiao Zeng received a call from his father. He expressed the decision of the two parents. "We intend to try it, and let it be pregnant." She hung up the phone directly.When I received the phone call, my father said a few reasons, "We have two children for you, the first is that you can have a relative with blood relationship, and the second is that the policy is liberalized.There must be only benefits and no disadvantages. "

The cousin cousin cousin came to persuade her, "It’s for hello, you will know it later." "I didn’t feel good to me at all, and they couldn’t tell why it was good to me. AnywayMom didn’t plan to get back. "

She couldn’t hold a lobbyist, and she and her parents gave each other for half a step. "I can try it for you for a year.The probability is not high. In a few months, the children they want naturally fade.

"There is a sister in the world who looks very similar to me."

When I learned from my aunt’s mouth that my mother was pregnant, it was the last month of the deadline with her parents one night in November 2016.

She had a few seconds of stuns and called to confirm with her parents after she hung up the phone.In the past 11 months, Xiao Zeng and his parents did not discuss any topics about the second child. One month and one month later, she thought that her parents had dispelled the thoughts.

Angry, disgusted and sad emotions intertwined, and it broke out.She locked herself on the third floor and sent a few circles of friends, expressing her unacceptable with a large paragraph of text.My parents couldn’t call the phone, and my aunt couldn’t knock on the door. She could only do her ideological work outside the door.

Xiao Zeng’s parents rushed back to the county the next morning.They couldn’t open the door and had to say a bunch of benefits of a bunch of younger brothers and sisters outside the door.In the end, they added two, "One more life is more insurance, you see that there are so many families now; you will give you everything in your family."

"I graduated to start working, don’t have any money at home." Xiao had quarreled with my parents across the door, and ignored them a few days later.

"I was most angry when they asked me and I didn’t want it. They were still pregnant. I must express my attitude." She locked herself in the room and refused to communicate with my parents.

But her mother was pregnant, and she could not say a ruthless words such as "let the mother kill the child".Thinking is good. "

In the next few days, Xiao Zeng’s parents did not happen when the quarrel did not happen. Occasionally, she called to ask her to review the situation. She never mentioned her mother’s pregnancy.The anger’s emotions have dissipated in a peaceful life, and Xiao has begun to worry. After all, this time her mother is a 45 -year -old mother.

Xiao Zeng went to the city to accompany his mother for a month, and participated in the public examination interview training by the way.It seems that when she returned to high school at once, she went out early and returned every day, and her mother always waited for her.

By the next summer vacation, her mother had a big belly and was in a good mood. She leaned on the sofa and listened to Xiao Zeng’s interesting thing when traveling.

On the night of her mother’s production, Xiao Zeng just returned to the house of the county seat and stumbled to hear his aunt receiving the phone, "I’m going to give birth."She waited for a while, and no one went upstairs to call her to go to the hospital in the city. She turned around and looked at her mobile phone in bed.She sent a text message to her dad, "Mom said she hopes to give birth."

At noon the next day, she received a call from her father. "Mom gave birth to a sister, all safe." The stone in her heart landed.

When Xiao Zeng rushed to the city, his mother was lying in bed.My sister was lying aside in the puppet, pink and tender. The aunts saw her and said, "My sister looks like you, it is a mold carved."

"It feels wonderful, there is a sister and sister who looks like me in the world." Xiao Zeng said.

The 3+1 gets along

The 30th year of this year, in accordance with the convention, the younger family returned to the village’s hometown to accompany her grandmother to celebrate the New Year.Early in the morning, Xiao Zeng’s parents took the younger sister to drive from the city to her hometown. She and her boyfriend set off from the county.The rain was kept next to the muddy soil road in the village. She carried a live catfish and a bag of candy and trot into the hall.

Mom sat at the table and roasted the fire. When she saw her, she turned her head and shouted, "Sister is back, Ke Ke is here, calling her sister." My sister was running around wearing a floral bib and a red hat.When entering the mother’s arms, he refused to say a word.

Xiao Zeng shouted "Ko Ke" with a smile, and his sister came out to look at her sister.The sister walked to the kitchen with something, and her sister walked behind her sister.

Such a scene happened every time the sisters met.Because parents live in the urban area with their sister, Xiao Zeng and her boyfriend live in the county seat, and can only see the previous sides for a month.

Xiao Zeng gently took the top of his sister’s little red hat, and teased her to call her sister, "My sister bought you a fire rabbit." The sister finally shouted "Sister".

When my sister was called her sister for the first time, Xiao Muyin took the accent of her hometown, but she laughed.She took a video of her sister’s teeth, singing and dancing, and posted in her circle of friends.She understood the mother -in -law videos in the circle of friends, "Children can really bring a lot of happiness."She laughed and said that this was a feeling of being a mother without responsibility.

"We are three adults and grow up with a child." Xiao Zeng’s mother said, in their opinion, Xiao Zeng has grown up. "She looks at us so well to my sister, and we can think that we have loved themselves.She is good for her. "Now Xiao has also learned to be good to her sister, like buying a toy for her sister, and she will care about her sister when she has a video at home." She may not have thought of these before. "

After lunch, Xiao had planned to return to the county town with her boyfriend, and came to visit the New Year again at the beginning of the New Year.Seeing that my sister put on the backpack and went out, the sister kept reaching out to her sister in her mother’s arms. When she saw her sister ignores it, she shouted "Sister" with crying.

Mom appeased her, "Sister go home first, and come to play with Ke Ke again tomorrow." The sister cried even more, half -body rushed towards her sister, and Xiao had busy reaching her and hugged her.

"It’s too little time to get along with her. When you are not familiar with when you meet, you will not be familiar with it. After playing, you have to separate for a few days. When she is cute, she is very fun. I don’t know how to coax when she cries."Turn the photo just taken in the phone.She was lamented, hoping to work in the city this year, she can have more time to get along with her family and accompany her parents and sister.

In the planning of Xiao Zeng, she is going to set up her own small family this year.She is also preparing to have a baby in the past two years after marriage, "this is something that must be completed in life."

■ Questions and answers

Beijing News: Use a word to summarize 2019, why?

Xiao Zeng: New beginning, this year found the other half, he will form a new family, change new jobs, contact a new field, and have new challenges.

Beijing News: What is the biggest change in my hometown in the past year?

Xiao Zeng: Traffic is becoming more and more convenient. After passing the high -speed rail, small county buses are more on time, slowing traffic pressure, and more convenient travel for work.

Beijing News: What are the wishes and plans for the new year?

Xiao Zeng: I hope to go to work in the city, and I can get along with my family more time and accompany my parents and my sister.

Beijing News: What is your most concerned about social issues?How to change?

Xiao Zeng: Poverty Alleviation.Last year, other grass -roots civil servants and I were busy with poverty alleviation and organized many people’s technical training to help them find jobs. Now trying to poverty alleviation for e -commerce and promoting agricultural products through the online platform. The effect is okay.It is hoped that the people will not return to poverty and truly achieve poverty alleviation.

Beijing News reporter Xiao Weiwei

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