"Mom stealing children’s birthday cake" was scolded by the entire network, and the ignorance of how many unqualified parents had been opened

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A news of "Mother Stealing Children’s Cake" appeared on the hot search. The mother only ate a few cakes of her son, but caused her son to jump like a thunder and threw the entire cake into the trash can.

The behavior of this mother also triggered the condemnation of the entire network and unveiled the ignorance of countless unsuccessful parents.

A mother talked about her son on the social platform. According to her, she was the birthday of her son that day, and she prepared a birthday cake for her son.

After get off work, she returned home with the cake. The son rushed over when he saw the cake. They opened the cake on the table, and the son was about to blow the candle to make a wish.

But at this time, her mother couldn’t wait to watch the cake, so she discussed with her son: "Can the mother eat one first?

When the son heard it, he reluctantly agreed, but the son said, "Then you can only eat one piece. When I get my wish, I blow the candle, and we eat it again," the mother agreed happily after listening.

But when the son was promising and preparing to blow the candle, he saw that his mother ate another piece. He looked coldly and threw the cake on the table into the trash.

Mom was in place at the time. She felt that she was just eating a piece of cake. How could she be treated by her son like this?

She went to the Internet to the Internet. She wanted to talk about her son’s ignorance and filial piety, but what made her unexpected was that the problem of this incident was actually on herself.

After seeing her vomiting, many netizens replied under her posts:

"Children care about what they like. You said a bite, you eat it again, isn’t this not to keep your own credit yourself? How can you teach children if you don’t have an example?"

Seeing blood from the netizen’s words directly revealed the meaning behind the mother to eat the cake.

As a mother, when I took the cake home, I had already said in advance that this cake was specially bought for her son. As a child, their field of field was very strong.The cake is his.

Although the child promised to let you eat one piece, you have eaten the second piece without his permission. This is a big deal for him. It is also understandable that he will lose his temper and throw cakes.

After this mother, this mother also asked her son why he would throw the cake. The son’s answer was: This is my birthday. I have not wished to blow the candle. You ate the cake.Essence

Perhaps for my mother, she raises her son hard, but in the end, but can’t eat a piece of cake?This mother published this matter on the Internet. She wanted to ask netizens to teach her children, but she didn’t realize that she was an unqualified mother.

It is said that parents are the first teachers of their children. The parents’ words and deeds will affect the growth of their children. If he is instilled in those bad habits when he is young, you can imagine what it will look like when he grows up.

The incident happened in a hot pot restaurant, because Sunday, the business in the shop was particularly good, but there was such a family that constantly attracted the attention of people around.

They are a family of three. As soon as the waiter took the menu up, his son Mao Mao shouted: "Dad, I will order, let me order," Dad quickly smiled and said, "Good good, you order!"

Mao Mao said to the waiter with the menu: "This, this, and this!" The waiter hurriedly said, "Okay, give you food immediately," But who knows that Mao Mao took the sentence: "Except for what you just said, others, others, othersAll! "After finishing speaking, laughed.

At this time, the waiter showed an awkward smile, but Mao Mao’s parents did not feel that his son had something wrong, and he smiled at his son.

When waiting for the dishes, Mao Mao couldn’t control his sports cells. He started to shuttle in the hot pot restaurant back and forth, and almost hit the waiter with the soup base.On the head.

Mao Mao immediately cried. After his parents heard his son’s crying, he rejected the waiter: "Be careful when your waiter walks! Sprinkle the soup on my son, what can you do, you have to compensateof!"

The waiter was also very wronged. Obviously the child was running around, but he was scolded.

But Mao Mao was unwilling after hearing it, and scolded the waiter: "What about talking? My son you hit, you still quibble!" The waiter watched the family so unreasonable and was unwilling to entangle them again. Hurry upleft.

Mao Mao was also brought to his seat by his parents and was about to start eating. During his time, his mother kept holding his meat. Before he sat in peace, he began to "find things" again.

He put his goal on the paper towel on the table, wiped his mouth with a paper towel, threw the group on the other seats, and the guests around were disgusted by his behavior, but he was still a child, and he was a child.There is no way to say him.

Mao Mao threw it and threw the paper ball into the pot of others. He laughed with his face with his face. At this time, a man at the table next to him couldn’t help it.The garbage is thrown into our pot, can you control your child? "

After the man finished speaking, he also said to the waiter, "Add a plate of beef rolls to them, and I ask for it." Normally, his son should do such an puzzling move in public.I feel embarrassed.

But when the beef given them at the next table was placed on their table, Mao Mao couldn’t bear it, and walked directly to the neighboring table, saying to them, "The bottom of the pot is dirty and changed, isn’t it just a pot bottom?? What do you care about with children! "

The men at the neighboring table were unbearable. They wanted to be able to rest, but the other party did not realize their mistakes at all, and they found out, and they emphasized again: control your son!

How could Mao Mao tolerate his son and pointed at his feet by others. He began to yell at the neighbor table: "I care about my son, what about you! Which round of you will teach me."

The two of them became more and more fierce. Their friends quickly pulled the two away. The dispute was stopped, but this incident was far from over.

After several men at the neighboring table left their seats, Mao Mao came to their table again, watching the lighter left on their table, and picked it up and threw it directly into their hot pot.

But this scene was just seen by several men who came back. As soon as they were angry, they hugged Mao Mao directly, pressed their heads in the hot pot, and soon Mao Mao disappeared.

When Mao Mao saw this scene, he rushed to them crazy, but was stabbed by one of the men with a knife and fell directly to the ground. Although Mao Mao’s mother was on the side, watching her husband and son died.In front of her, she didn’t dare to move, but in the end she did not escape.

After the man stabbed Mao Mao’s father, he came straight to Mao Mao’s mother. Afterwards, everyone knew that they encountered two murderers.

The bloody example is in front of us, and all parents are advised not to make your child a "bear child", because you never know what kind of people they will cause and what kind of scourge they will cause.

For many parents, educating children has always been a headache. They can only blindly love, but such blind doting will only harm others and themselves.

The "Bear Children" incident continued to happen around us. A little boy in Fuyang, Anhui peeed in the elevator, causing the elevator to fail. He was trapped in the elevator for two hours. During the period, he kept pressing the emergency button with both hands and even forcibly slap the elevator door.

Afterwards, the property staff found the little boy’s parents, hoping that they could bear some responsibility for the matter, but the parents denied that they claimed that they were not their children in the monitoring.

There is no harm without comparison. Similar incidents also occurred in a community in Xianyang. A boy was maliciously urinating in the elevator. Such a "prank" up to three times a day.Essence

When the boy was caught, the boy’s parents’ attitude was completely different. After learning what they did, they did not justify their son. If they said nothing, they expressed sorry for everyone.

The mother asked her son to write an apology letter for the first time, and sent it in the group of owners. In order to let her son be a precept, Dad specifically supervised his son to clean the elevator for 1 month to show the punishment.

Such an obvious contrast made netizens have to sigh: It turns out that the bear children and good children are the difference between a qualified and responsible parent!

However, there are still a few parents who have such responsible. In a community in Xi’an, there have also been a scene of shocking. A woman came home from work and walked downstairs. Suddenly, there was a strong wind on the side of the ears.The brick residue that was smashed on the body was here.

The property staff went upstairs to check and found that the two bear children threw the bricks from a 32 -storey rooftop and threw the bricks. Fortunately, they did not hit the lady, otherwise they would cause a big disaster.

The height of the 32nd floor, let alone throwing a brick. Even if you throw a bottle, it will cause harm to people. Such behaviors will make the back cool.

The property staff severely criticized the two children, and they suddenly cried, as if they were so wronged.

However, when the property staff took these two children and found their parents, their parents performed light and light, as if they had nothing to do with themselves. They said to the property staff: The child is playing on the rooftop, but he has not hit someone.Why scared him so!

The attitude of parents is like the fault of the property staff. It is obviously that their children have made mistakes. Instead, they blame the mistakes to others. I have to say that such parents know how to shirk responsibility.

For the current society, raising children is a technology, especially the parents of the older generation. Looking at their children, it is embarrassed to fall in their hands, and they are afraid of it in their mouths.

Most children have developed a vertical personality since they were young. Even after they made mistakes, parents not only did not criticize their behavior, but also blindly condoned.

A good parent can resist the teachers of a hundred schools, because the children are a piece of white paper, they will learn to imitate according to what they see, they hear, so adults’ way of speaking and habitual character will beIt has a great impact on children.

Wording to teach is the best magic weapon for educating children. This principle is obtained by the ancients in the experience of the ancients. Confucius had a proud student Zengzi. On this day, Zeng Zi’s wife would go to the streets, but the younger son kept making noisyFollow.

His wife cheated his son, "You stay at home, and wait for me to come back to kill you to kill pigs," the son agreed.When Zeng Zi’s wife returned home, she saw Zeng Zi tied the pig, and there was a knife beside him to prepare to kill the pig.

The wife hurried forward to stop: "I mean, you really want to kill pigs!" Zeng Zi said to his wife very seriously, "Don’t think that the child is small and you don’t understand anything. They are watching our one every day.Words, if you deceive him today, he will deceive others tomorrow. "

Therefore, behind every disobedient "bear child", there is a parents who do not know how to educate.

Many parents should think that only by creating the best learning conditions and educational environment for their children can children get the best education, but they often ignore a little bit. Parents are the best teachers of their children!

Each child is born like a blank piece of paper. The parents’ behavior and deeds are equivalent to brushes. Parents can only get good development by drawing each place in the right place.

Parents can’t give their children’s unparalleled cleverness, but they can teach children how to be a person, how to face the problems in life, and how to solve the problem correctly. This is the root of parents.

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