"Mo Yu Concentric" my sister sent a circle of friends: I am in the middle of pregnancy, very happy, …

Mo Yu concentric.

My older sister sent a circle of friends. I was very happy to eat strawberries in the middle of pregnancy. I immediately flew to her house to speak.When she was at home, the nanny picked her out of the Peugeot and washed it. She only ate strawberry pointed, and the strawberry ass was given to the dog. Let me help her remember what is happiness.

After I returned to China, I went straight to my sister’s house.As soon as she came out and opened the door, I was angry: Are you still wearing the kitchen for a few months?Just the master of the egg in the microwave oven, I waited for her to fight with me.As a result, her eyes fell into a few golden beans with a red mouth and rushed into my arms.I stunned and hugged her, what happened?Talk to your grandmother.She did not scold me and was not small. The first sentence brought me in the house was: Xu Lai I want to divorce.

I must be happy when she just got married, but now I feel distressed. What happened to you, she was separated.Directly bereaved.If I said at this time, I still have comforting ingredients. After listening to my sister’s prosecution, I really want to kill.

My sister married this poor boy a year ago?It ’s so deceiving. Bring a few breakfast and say a few good words to run away, and he has to marry her everything.A few months before the marriage, he was calm, but he was getting busy at work, and often did not go home at night.

My sister complained a few words, and he accused her of being ignorant. If you don’t go to work to enjoy the blessing at home, can you be considerate of me.My sister has been busy with housework since then, and people who do n’t know where they do n’t even know at home at home.It was found that he was on a business trip on the day of pregnancy.

My sister called him, and he was impatient to ask how to disturb him at work.After listening to the news, I was so happy that I came back immediately.One hour later he returned home, and my sister asked why he returned so soon.He answered casually on the road, and then buried on her and smirked. I want to be a father.

It is said that for three years pregnant, my sister was rarely clever and pushed him up with a stiff body.There was still a bath on the road, and the shampooing flavor rushed her tears. He yelled at her, and you couldn’t believe me once.She believed him a lot, and on the night of countless dormitory, he ran out that night after quarreling. Before leaving, he pointed at my sister’s nose and shouted: Where can you run when you run a big belly now?Still a young lady who does not stick to the spring water?If you look down on me, I have to give me a child.It didn’t take long for him to take care of my sister from the countryside.

When I was pregnant, I would return the rice in the ground, and I took the earthquake with lime water for my sister.I was a big fat boy who was drinking this recipe.I drank my sister and spit it up.He whispered: I like girls, his fucking beads stared at him, scolding him something that he didn’t say.My parents have also seen several times this year.These two people pretend to be kind.

My sister was distressed that they were older and tossing, so she persuaded them to come less.In order to marry the man, my sister had made a noise, and I was embarrassed to say to my parents: I want to bear it again every time.I just happened to study abroad and could not save the fire, and she didn’t want to affect my reading.

Now that the man is at work, his mother’s feet massage have enjoyed.My evaluation of this family was relying on the defense. The doorbell rang. My sister looked up from my arms with red eyes, probably that his mother came back.I showed a smile comparable to a serial murderer, just right.Dead old grandmother.Why did you open the door for so long, lay your head and looked up again, and swallowed the rest.Who are you?I showed up at the wedding, and she estimated that I forgot me.

The homeowner’s sister, I leaned against the big bag on the door.Yes, the house is my sister.She also estimated that she had forgotten this, and thought it was her son.You are nonsense, I do n’t have a daughter like you, of course, not your daughter, none of them are a species. Don’t stick to your face.I just talked lightly, she almost didn’t come up.

My sister was happy, and the old thing began to scold at a glance: Yu Qun, sit and watch my jokes, right?Relying on the two or two meats in my stomach, why am I so unlucky on your daughter -in -law.I took the things in her hand and put it on the ground at home, and she was proud to think that I would be soft.I slap their ears and scrape their crispy and loud.The world is quiet, and I close the house is too hot to get the old lady’s mind.Waiting for the coolness outside, listening to the unbearable scolding outside the door, I flipped through the bag on the ground, and the silk scarf felt good. She was quite willing to buy it.

Will my sister come over too much?I just wanted to go back to her to ask you to drink lime water without too much, and she looked at the door.What should we do if the old lady launch crazy?It is worthy of our family.I gave her a confident look. It’s okay. Your sister was also on the street. I was different from my sister.

She danced at home, I fight with someone, I touched her four -month belly, would you have to give birth?Four months are no longer suitable for fetal, she nodded.If you think that your child is born without a father, and find a big deal to raise it alone. I laughed very well, indicating that my sister died of the garbage. I did n’t get married and raised it with you.I opened the door to make the old woman scolding and panting in the wall. She came in and stared at the two of us to sit on the chair like a big enemy. I hooked up at her, don’t be idle, and cut me an apple.

Her face twisted instantly.Your family is like this that teaches your daughter’s two unexpected things. When my son comes back to clean up you, I smile faint.As far as this stuff, I was so embarrassed to talk about family education, mother and child connected.Your son is just a piece of fight, and I will cut you without cutting apples.Think about it, I took out a knife from the bag and dangled, and I went out with a knife and had a sense of security.She glanced at me with the eyes of terrorists, and went to the kitchen to cut the apple humiliate.

When will her son come back?I asked my sister, not necessarily overnight outside, overnight outside, I didn’t know that he had countless real estate.When I sneered, I forced him to come back tonight, forcing him to come back. My sister blinked and tied his mother. If she didn’t come back, she made a gesture of wiping her neck.Why are you so violent? We are not underworld. At that time, he will finish the video with the video.

I took his mobile phone. Bonunan’s phone was very good. He hung up and did not answer.Your mother is dead, pulling black.My sister took a look at me. I shrugged in a civilized society. I was very innocent. I scolded people and did not enter the game.The old lady cut the Apple back and came back just to hear, so angry that she was so angry.Be careful not to turn it over, and you have to cut it again.

I reminded her gently that she trembled and put it in front of me, and I put the Apple’s mouth and put it back.Old lady, please.Her relaxed skin shook twice, I cut you, and I smiled sweeter.My sister has taught me since I was a child. It is a traditional virtue to respect the elders, or you ask for it first.The tone was so numb to give a speech under the country of elementary school students. She dared to be angry or not.

She didn’t say anything later, and I stunned her in her mouth.She struggled desperately, but I was very strong and put her dentures.The last whole apple entered her stomach, let me guess what you eat?Tao rice water, detergent, drink water.Every time I said, she was ugly. She vomited, I didn’t stop her, otherwise she could get dirty at home.

It was just that her phone rang, and her son estimated to see the news.I picked it up, and the opposite voice was very anxious.Hey, Mom, how about you?I was more anxious than him, and I was crying.Your mother, your mother, oh oh, foolish, what happened, the dogs couldn’t even hear the voice of my sister, so anxious.It was best to be killed on the way, but unfortunately it harmed a thousand years.

When he rushed to the door of his house, he saw his old mother sitting on the ground and piled up luggage beside him.The old lady saw my son seemed to see the savior, accusing me with my sister’s 72 major crimes, and I had to add one after every sentence to strengthen my tone.My sister and I haven’t spoken across the door.The neighbor’s uncle did not do it first, and took the broom.Hey, let people not sleep at night.You don’t live next door is the window, you jump.The old lady jumped up with a sharp throat, and she was held by her son.Her son nodded his head to pay a crime, and the non -rich or expensive living here.It won’t help the wall like he eats soft rice.

My sister and I looked out from the cat’s eyes. The old man raised his eyebrows with confidence. His daughter was often not at home. My sister would give him a snack.I was familiar with one or two times. The two were scolded by the old man’s head and covered with a face, and he pressed three points in a very angry. The man lowered his throat and shouted towards the door. The voice was implicitly anger.Let us go in.My sister stabilized my emotions. My house has not entered outsiders from today. Outsiders have a higher voice. The old man has a heavy cough and a whisper. How can we be an outsider?What’s wrong with you?You were not like this before. Today, you are so disappointed that you will automatically filter the second half of PUA to answer the first half of the sentence: I want to divorce.

The divorce target hadn’t spoken yet, his mother jumped his feet first and divorced.You can go when you are pregnant?Are you having a hoe outside? You should be shameless. Seeing that scolding is getting more and more unpleasant, her son covers her mouth.Of course, it is not because of maintaining my sister as soon as I am afraid of the old man, and the second fear of being ugly, I disagree, no surprise.Where are you not satisfied with me?I can change, you know how much I love you.No, my Hui people couldn’t hear the pigs. She was dissatisfied with you, or you would die.

Who are you?Your ex -wife and his sister are in a hurry. It is you who provoke our husband and wife relationship. How bad is the young age? What disadvantages of your sister and husband’s family in harmony with you.I haven’t spoken my sister yet, don’t give me a low eye to see people.This is my own decision. He seems to be confirmed that I am provoking. The temperature is softer. I know that I had something wrong before, but the husband and wife had to run in. After allIt’s right.Some pigs can hear my blue tendon jump. You do n’t have your parents who do n’t mean that my sister does n’t have any parents. My sister does n’t need to run in with your garbage.

He wanted to refute that there was no chance. He called the security guard as soon as he came. At this moment, the person came to drag him away. He picked up on the wall and tried to explain. Inside, my wife was making a temper with me.The security guards looked up and down, right?Why haven’t I seen you?Because he has numerous property in foreign countries.He was a little embarrassed.I usually work busy, and the security is doubtful.So you are the owner, he is even more embarrassing.

My wife changes her face in the security Sichuan opera. What is you splashed here?There is no level of eating soft rice. He is negligible to exercise and is almost carried by the security guard. And you, this is your son. You are old, don’t follow it.I don’t do it anymore, you keep up, and the pile of luggage is also brought.Baoan raised his head to signal his mother.His mother looked at his son was taken away, and he couldn’t ask for it here. He scolded and followed.I went to the door and stunned. Two little bitch waited for me. No one would like to take my grandson away.I want to go back again.My sister held me and ignored him.

Now there are only the two in the house.You are not hi -skinned. You are taking a bath and sleeping now. I will ask your sins tomorrow. I have a crime.

The next day, the two were sitting in crisis.You have no evidence of his derailment, not too stupid, no big, no small, and she slapped her mind by her.This familiar feeling is evidence is a chat history.He had always been careful, and his mobile phone was carrying it with him.After pregnancy, he really thought that my sister could not be separated from him and relaxed a lot.While he took a bath, she tried several passwords, and his birthday was wrong.His birthday had no hope.As soon as the machine moved, the fucking birthday was right.

Why do you know his fucking birthday?Because the person who danced with his mother showed off her daughter -in -law to get up at five o’clock, and gave her a full seat of Manhan.So she couldn’t lose, and started a month in advance.How the daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law was filial. I don’t know if anyone remembers her birthday. My sister bought her a jade bracelet of more than 100,000. Of course, the price was not said when she was delivered.His mother was quite satisfied at first and danced to dance.I don’t know what happened there. When I came back, I scolded my sister to lose her, and I bought this kind of gorgeous and unreasonable thing to fool her.

My sister would not cook at that time, and the noodles of boiled bowls could be confused.In order to give her out of the capital to show off, she was chopped pork ribs and fried fish. Did she hurt her hand?She grievantly follows the man, and as a result, the meaning of his words is that she is your mother, and you are not serving even a elderly at home every day.Speaking of this, she wants to adjust the atmosphere and laughed at me with her chin. After you want to eat what you want to eat in the future, I will do it for you. I take the tears back. I thank you for rest, so I can’t bear it.

She looked at his WeChat, her eyes were dark, and she had a category called palace.Imagine the object of hooking as a concubine and give the title.She is of course the emperor herself.who is she?In her work category, she tried her best to take the chat records in the palace as much as possible, and noticed that the word of her face was not common.However, the name of her beauty salon’s technician has this word, and she has looked at it a few more, and the more they look, the more incorrectly.

This is the technician. Following this idea, she also found a Lin Guifei, an executive of my company.Later, she took a little bit, and she found that the people in the palace had more or less related to her.She vomited in the physical sense. She thought it was disgusting, and after a few weeks, she found that she was pregnant.I stabbed my palms, forced myself to calm down, and don’t do anything wrong with illegal and discipline. These divorce must be enough, but if you want to divorce like this, let him go out of the house.He didn’t think about it. It’s not me to go home to go to the house. He can find such a good job, and just take his salary to debt.

But I asked a lawyer yesterday that derailment can only make you divide more assets, but it is far from going out of the house.I paused, and I had to go out of the house. I could only rely on voluntary.He cannot voluntarily.She was unwilling, and I heard the sound of the freezing point, then made him voluntarily.The company’s current major shareholders are my dad, followed by me. They thought that my family was not male. When he married my sister’s company, he caught him. Unfortunately, my family was not a feudal yuk.I fired him, and I called him to him.He asked him to go to the office of the Vice Chairman. He didn’t know that the vice chairman was me, and he thought he wanted to promote him, and he came.

I originally wanted to throw his face directly, but now I changed my mind.Recently, your work has performed well. When he heard the joy, he had to pretend to be light and light. He also thanked the leaders for support. I left another ear. Your department manager must be adjusted one month later.He thought he observed my hidden observation of my Shenshan and found that I didn’t mean to speak, so he said carefully.I think I can be competent for this position, but I originally had a better place to stay for you.

When I turned around, he tried to cover up the regret on his face.I obeyed the leadership command, like a carrot in front of the donkey’s mouth, seeing that he was so anxious that he was about to die but couldn’t eat it.In short, I told you to announce a thing today. I paused for a while. You were fired. He almost doubted that he had heard it wrong.Sorry, I did not hear it right and leave you for ten minutes.He touched his face, did you make a mistake, at least one reason should be given.You have not given my sister a reason until now, but I have kindly told him kindly because you have an advanced left foot.Our company does not like people who have advanced doors in the left foot.I grabbed his words in front of him.I’m not kidding, and people who don’t like do anything are wrong.He seemed to be painful to draw the hole card.In fact, I am your sister’s forearm, let him die.He was standing outside the company’s door before he was standing, and I stood on the floor -to -ceiling window.He is as big as one sesame point. He feels that he can do a career, thinking that he does not disclose his identity as a manifestation of ability.

However, he didn’t know that those sisters were arranged by my sister.After each work, he sent someone to clean up the mess. Even if my sister kicked out his family out of the door, he still did not fall into the crisis consciousness. It doesn’t matter if he was confident.The story has just begun, how long can you be confident?I poked the sesame dot with my nails, as if I was going to drive him away on the ground, and then it was the concubine.

I found that executive, his name was Chen Lin.I told him that the man had packed away.His psychological quality is much better than the man, not showing, but it is useless. I am not fooling him. I send him a chat history, either do things for me or leave together.He did not hesitate to choose the former.The reason why he accepted that man was just thinking that he was the future boss, but the emperor was the only confession, which showed quite much.If he is willing to reach out when he is down, will he become his Bai Yueguang?Try.He immediately sent him a message: Just come to see why you are not in the company, and the other party is in the input for half a minute.After talking about it, he could not enter it after half a minute.

No matter what, I have been by your side, he asked him to meet at night, and he agreed.Have you ever seen fucking?He nodded and saw one side, how about it, thin skin.I posted two tasks for him: one is to get this pile of garbage, and the other is to report to me.The man lived at his house that night and proposed to take his mother over and live together.He refused.He said that his mother sometimes comes, and you have to look at us who can’t find a place to live.The man’s face was injured. Is our feelings fake?

Yes, Chen Lin hated him to death, but he was my order and made another suggestion. I couldn’t live this and the risk was too great.If my mother comes, you don’t want to expose it, but my friend’s house can lend you to live.He and his mother lived in the old -fashioned small leaks of the old -fashioned old ones. What did you want? There was a pinhole camera everywhere. My sister and I could enjoy their performance together.

He was about to get angry, and the eye circles in the city were red.I know, this is not worth you.However, I also got the talents.It’s too late today, you and your aunt will be good at first.It was really late, and they lived unwillingly.Chen Lin didn’t leave. After the ground and saddle, the old lady said where the wooden board was uneven and she was holding her waist.Chen Lin took the cotton blanket in a delicate pad.She couldn’t sleep at night to say toothache.Chen Lin did not sleep with her, applied towels on her face, and changed every ten minutes.I nodded, not to mention, the service consciousness was still in place.

The man was going to rent a house the next day, and found that the Longlong card was frozen.When I did it, he paid the salary card and thought that Gu’s family. In fact, holding my sister’s card, he persuaded himself to be the common property of the husband and wife, and he was not convinced.Looking for a small three, small, four, and five, my sister did not dare to let him know.Now he has the balance in the mobile phone and a card that is not much money.I don’t know when I can find a job, and I have to raise his old mother.As soon as his friends heard it, he wanted to borrow money.His relatives are waiting for him to fly Huang Tengda chickens and dogs.What do he do?He wanted to hide his mother, but his mother was not a fool. When he heard, they had to live in his wife, and they knew about the situation.The old lady was used to my sister, and her living standard was several grades.

Now that he returned to liberation, he naturally did not go back. He danced and danced his face to eat a fat man to eat, and a thousand pieces were gone.I asked his son for money at night, and his son went out to find someone to find a job during the day. It was a time to be upset.After a few weeks of living expenses, it was gone, and my tone was a bit heavy.This time, the old lady is no longer angry. I watch the picture in the camera, and the betrayal of love is slightly thin.The mother and child may be able to add a fire. Behind the mother -in -law and filial piety is that her son eats soft rice to show off capital, and the mother does not drag her son’s hind legs.

If the premise of these two is gone, the old lady is too sick for too long. His group of dance partners are going to be desperate.So many people can’t stand in such a small room, let them see that she is still shameless, she hints that her son is always troubled.How about it, her son did not agree that I was a man’s quarrel and could not live.Mom, can you consider it for me?She didn’t dare to speak well and promised.

After a few days, she encountered an old lady on the road. She didn’t know, but the other person seemed to be familiar with her. When she saw her, she came to fight. Why didn’t Hu Afang dance recently?She smiled stiffly.Where is your home in your home recently?She said that the name of my sister’s community was clever, and I live there.Just when I went back together, I had already instructed the security guard to see the mother and son.

He had already tried it a few days ago, and I was going to the supermarket together.I bought a lot, long time, and idleness was idle. She smiled and couldn’t get rid of this person. Finally, she escaped.Come here, you don’t know his face at the time, and the wife came back to describe the scene with us.

He is the upstairs of my sister’s building. When my sister is pregnant, he will help him move things. He and the old man who is right to the door are in love.Can’t stop, the son’s living expenses are getting less and less.Sometimes Xinglin also came to hit the side. He wore sunglasses and squatted at the door, waiting for me and my sister to come out and thought it was hidden.

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