"Knowing" Minglan’s premature birth, using the most painful way of childbirth, was also stabbed by them

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After Minglan’s pregnancy, "Knowing No" is really the hardest pregnant woman in the play. Watching the auntie of other people’s family is pregnant, she is lying on the bed and raising her fetus with peace of mind.But Ming Lan always had endless things.It was either waving a sword for Master Zhang or looking justice for his grandmother. The husband Gu Tingyi always was not around. The big things had to do it by himself.

Watching Ming Lan’s big stomach has so many episodes, finally in the preview, when Ming Lan was about to have a baby.According to the routine of this drama, as long as the pregnant woman wants to have children, it must be dangerous. If they use them in their mouths, there is a half foot entering the ghost gate.According to the ancient fertility conditions, you really have a child normally, which is dangerous, but Ming Lan is the protagonist. Not only will you suffer physiological pain, but you will also keep prevent the fragmentation of the bad guys.What is even more terrible is that Aunt Kang ran away, Molan came out as a demon, and Xiao Qin came to the well.

The villains in this play are inexplicably hated with Ming Lan. It seems that if you do n’t kill Minglan, you are sorry for the number of episodes he played.Aunt Kang obviously murdered the grandmother of Ming Lan first and was caught. The evidence was conclusive. Even the mother who loved her most favored her mother could not protect her.Ming Lan wants to recover justice, she still has a face to revenge?Molan is a strange figure. After marrying someone, he can live well.To come out to destroy, and in private, Aunt Kang, who was guilty, came together to discuss how to deal with Minglan.Although they are successful, they can solve their qi, but they fail, but if they want to ignite and burn themselves, how can they take their own second half of their lives to make bets, just to harm Minglan?Aunt Kang eventually caused the riots because of the help of Molan, and then she dressed up and slipped away.

Xiao Qin even had a premature birth because Ming Lan had to take advantage of Ming Lan’s disease and took her life.To say that premature birth was originally a major test for Minglan, but Xiao Qin took the opportunity to put a fire and directly burn Minglan.This Sheng family’s fire also made the young man who hadn’t appeared for a long time. The little grandfather also ignored his parents and insisted on seeing Minglan. It was really infatuated.land.Although it was because of nervous Minglan, it was passed on to the back, and the two reputation were damaged. The little grandfather asked you to think twice.

This is another fire, and it is premature. How did Minglan give birth to a child?This has to admire Minglan. In order to be born smoothly, Ming Lan adopted the most painfulness of himself, but it can speed up the childbirth, that is, "standing delivery", which has endured the pain that ordinary people cannot afford. FinallyThe child gave birth to a child.But shortly after giving birth to a child, Aunt Kang broke in with a knife to assassinate Minglan. Fortunately, Gu Tingzheng arrived in time. From the color of the clothes stabbed in the preview, it can be seen that Minglan was not stabbed.It should be that Aunt Kang was stabbed. Presumably this time, even if her aunt Kang was stabbed, she was not dead. This was enough for her to die.

As for the all kinds of Xiao Qin’s, in the end, even her own biological son couldn’t see it anymore. He insisted that he would separate his own portal with Xiao Qin’s, but Xiao Qin still refused to turn back. In shortLan died to the end.Gu Tingyu also caused a fire at home. Minglan gave birth and did not go to the emperor to report the salt in time. Let the emperor wait for a long time, causing the emperor to be furious.Waves up again.

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