"Key Nutrition" in the third trimester: iron, calcium, DHA

By the third trimester, the tissues and organs in the fetus increased rapidly, the brain cell division and proliferation accelerated, and the bones began to grow.At the same time, during this period, the uterus and breasts of expectant mothers continued to increase, and the demand for various nutrients increased.

Calcium: Make up 1 0 0 0 m g every day

First of all, calcium is a nutrient that must be paid attention to in the third trimester.

From the 20th week of pregnancy, because of the growth of bones and teeth, the baby needs a lot of calcium.

If the calcium supplement is not strengthened at this time, it is not only possible to make the baby’s bones not develop well. In the future, it is not high, late to teeth, and yellow teeth. It may also allow the mother to have low blood calcium and loose teeth.It even increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Newborns contain about 25 to 30g of calcium in the body, and these calciums are basically transferred to the fetus from the mother.And, the body of pregnant mothers will give priority to providing nutrition for the baby’s development.

If the calcium supply is insufficient, the baby will first use the calcium stored in the mother’s body to use it, and the mother will have backache back pain leg cramps.

Quantity in the third trimester: make up 1000mg of calcium per day

In the third trimester, it is generally recommended that calcium’s recommended intake is 1000mg per day, which is the same as in the second trimester, which is 200mg more than before pregnancy to meet the calcium reserves of the baby’s body after birth.

At the same time as calcium supplementation, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the supplement of vitamin D. After all, calcium has not enough vitamin D, and it is difficult for the body to absorb and use these calcium.

So, how do you need to replenish these 1000 mg calcium?

Good source of calcium: milk, dark vegetables, soy products

In daily diet, three types of foods are good sources of calcium. If you want to efficiently supplement calcium, you can get more effort to eat these three types of foods.

1. Milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products are the most common source of calcium and the most economical and affordable calcium supplement.

In the middle and late pregnancy, it is guaranteed to provide about 500mg of calcium about 500mg of calcium every day.Some dairy products are also rich in calcium. They can be replaced, such as yogurt, cheese, cheese, and so on.

If the expectant mother does not hate milk and has no lactose intolerance, she can have a pound of milk a day, or a glass of milk and a cup of yogurt.You can also use cheese to make some rice, noodles, color pull, etc. to increase calcium intake.But also pay attention to calories.

It should be noted that when drinking yogurt, you must be a yogurt’s sugar.In addition, lactic acid bacteria drinks are not milk, just sugar water, drinking less.

2. Dark vegetables

In addition, dark vegetables are rich in calcium, such as common west blue flowers. There are about 67mg of calcium per 100g of blue flowers, which is more than half of milk.

Other common dark vegetables containing high -colored vegetables include rapeseed, leeks, pyrometer, amaranth, etc., which can be eaten all year round.

It is recommended that you use fast frying, cooking, cooked cooking and so on.

It should be noted that: Try not to eat vegetables during pregnancy, and cold dishes should be cooked after being cooked. If you ca n’t eat it on the day, do n’t feel distressed and discard it directly.

There is also a widely circulating saying that spinach tofu can eat stones together.

In fact, you don’t have to worry about it. Most of the vegetables rich in oxalic acid can remove most oxalic acid by simmering with water, such as spinach, as long as it is 1 minute in hot water, 80%oxalic acid can be removed in spinach.

3. Soy products

All kinds of bean products, such as brine tofu, gypsum tofu, dried beans, etc.

Because the salt (containing calcium chloride) is added during the process of making bean products, its calcium content is not low.

There is a tip here: the more chewing tofu, the higher the calcium content; the high water content, and the tender soy products such as lactone tofu, the calcium content is relatively low.

In addition, although soy milk looks similar to milk, it has not been added with salt, so the calcium content is not high!

Here you need to remind everyone that some of the soy products you think are actually carbohydrates, such as grilled bran and gluten. Use it to supplement calcium may not achieve the effect you want.

4. Others

There are many "calcium supplements" foods in rumors, such as sesame sauce, bone fish, shrimp skin and so on.

The calcium content of these foods is not low, but the amount of these foods is not much each time, so it may not be too good to rely on these foods to supplement calcium.

As for the bone soup that is often mentioned, it is not very good to supplement calcium.Because calcium is actually insoluble in water, those who are white in the soup are fat.

In addition to supplementing calcium and eating more calcium -rich foods, you should also pay attention to increasing the amount of activity appropriately. Daning the sun can also help the absorption of calcium. Sitting at home to eat calcium tablets is not recommended by us.

In addition, whether the calcium you can eat can fully absorb in addition to the absorption rate of calcium itself, it is also related to the proportion of sodium, potassium, and magnesium in the diet. Whether the protein is reasonable.Therefore, it is recommended that you eat more coarse grains and vegetables to reduce the loss of urine and calcium.

Iron: Increase iron supplement, regular physical examination

In the third trimester, expectant mothers should still pay attention to the supplement of iron.

Iron is an essential raw material for fetal and maternal hematopoietic systems. In addition to satisfying the mother, it is also necessary to allow fetal baby to meet the body reserves and ensure that the child needs 4 to 6 months after birth.

The third trimester is a critical period for iron storage in the baby’s body. If the expectant mother’s iron intake is insufficient, it is likely to lead to early production and low birth weight.

Therefore, expectant mothers must continue to pay attention to the supplementation of iron in the third trimester to prevent the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia.

Increase iron supplement+regular physical examination

The need for mothers at the third trimester should increase 5mg on the basis of the second trimester.

Specifically, on the basis of the second trimester, more than 50g of animal foods are added every day, and 25g of animal internal organs are added every week.

At the same time, expectant mothers must pay attention to regular checkup and check the number of hemoglobin values in time. If it is lower than 110g/L, it means that in anemia, iron reserves in the body are not enough.

However, no matter whether there is anemia or not, we recommend that expectant mothers pay more attention to eating more iron -rich ingredients in their diet, especially the heme iron of animal sources.

If you can’t do the tasks of eating meat every day and eating liver or blood every week, you can choose some supplements you can accept, such as the big red German iron Yuan, etc., just take it according to the manual.Occasionally, when eating meat, stop taking it to avoid excessive.

D H A: Popular food + combined use of supplementary supplements

In addition to calcium and iron, DHA is still the key to supplementation in the third trimester.

In the second trimester, we mentioned that DHA is very important for fetal brain and optic neurossent development. Momes in the third trimester of pregnancy still have to ensure that DHA intake should not be less than 200mg per day. Supplement of 200-300mg is more reasonable.

In fact, as long as the expectant mother follows the previous normal diet+reasonable use of supplements, it can basically ensure the reasonable supplement of DHA, and it will not be over.

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