"Kao Bo Ji" and "Re -Re -Reading Undergraduate": There are shores in the exams, there is no horrible study

In recent years, after the number of postgraduate entrance examinations has continued to break through the new high, the test Bo Ji waves have hit.At the same time, some people started to re -study undergraduate.Behind the various types of "entry fever", is it attachment to the academic qualifications or the pursuit of knowledge?After "ashore", where is the "Ya" reading?

From the specialist to the doctor, how much is the way to "I"?

In the year of the University of Institute, Zhang Ze decided to take a promotion test.

When studying at Zhengzhou Vocational and Technical College, the students around him rarely considered further studies. Zhang Ze suddenly thought that if he went on like this, he might only go to work in the future.Are you restricted like this? "

At that time, he was less than 20 years old. He wanted to continue reading, and wanted to have more choices. He wanted to be a teacher who was standing in a college class.

Therefore, in the huge library, only a few students sat together. The textbooks rolled and brushed.Zhang Ze occasionally raised his head and discussed high -number questions with them.

Now that the doctoral student who is sitting in Zhejiang University, recalling this experience, Zhang Ze still feels happy: "At that time, he was actively studying, especially immersed, and he was memorizing words."Dreaming of doing high counting questions every night, wake up the next day, write down, right at first glance. "

In 2015, Zhang Ze began to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination after he was successfully promoted to Henan University of Technology.In 2017, he became a graduate student of computer major in Henan University.

Although his education has continued to improve, Zhang Ze is still inferior because of his origin.The group discussion did not dare to take the initiative to put forward his own thoughts, and he had to repeatedly practice in front of the mirror in order to communicate … He felt that the protagonist’s counterattack show did not seem to be performed on himself.

During the graduate student, Zhang Ze had been intern in the remote sensing, and there were students from famous universities. He said: "Maybe everyone’s ability to knock on code is similar, but in the face of unfamiliar areas, they believe that they can do well. Instead, I can do well.I always worry that I have never done it, will I not be completed. "

The teacher of the remote sensing institute affirmed Zhang Ze’s work results, and he also encouraged Zhang Ze to continue his studies.The classmates also praised him that his code was well written. "Education and ability are two codes." He said to Zhang Ze.

Zhang Ze was suddenly awakened. "I have been pursuing a better degree, but forgetting that this is just the key. The life after entering the door is the focus."

He rarely limited himself because of his identity as a college student, and decided to continue to go on the road of academic research.Zhang Ze tried to apply for a doctorate in multiple schools, took the exam, and was eventually accepted by Zhejiang University.

Now he is 27 years old. He wants to continue his research. He wants to deeply cultivate deep learning and time and space prediction. After graduating from a doctoral graduation, he becomes a university teacher.

When you study undergraduate again, why should "I" "adverse the social clock"?

In June this year, 28 -year -old Tang Li sat in the college entrance examination room, and she would answer a test paper that was 10 years late.

At the age of 18, Tang Li, who was preparing for the college entrance examination, was suddenly informed by the school because she was unable to take the exam.This is undoubtedly a blow for Tang Li, who has a good grade at that time -she is already planning and she is going to take medical specialty.

Because she didn’t want to repeat it, Tang Li and her family decided to learn Japanese from scratch and go to Japan to study in university.In the end, she was admitted to the biotechnology major in a university in Japan

However, Tang Li dropped out of school two years later.

In 2016, Tang Li returned to China to work, start a business, and operate an study abroad institution independently, but he always couldn’t let go of the idea of studying medicine.

She decided to take the college entrance examination again.

I bought some teaching aids and sorted out the subjects that needed to prepare for the exam. Tang Li was added to the mighty college entrance examination as a social candidate.From March 2021 to June this year, she gave her lectures on the institutions and made up her lessons in private.

The picked up the teaching auxiliary, the boring knowledge points, and the simplicity of the physical problem that was simpler and wrong, the anxiety faced by tens of millions of college candidates also hit her.She began to question whether she was to improve her education or to read her favorite profession.

In the title of the title, it is deeply floating and re -clarifying her goals and colleges. Tang Li wanted to understand the original heart of her exam. "I re -examine the college to learn the medical knowledge I have always wanted to learn.If you want to go to a school, you can go to school. "

In August this year, she received an admission notice from Guangdong Medical University.

Unlike Tangli, Huang Langlang faced the pressure of his parents at the age of 28.At that time, she was working in an international school, her life was stable and relaxed. Many colleagues around her were married and had children, and her parents hoped that she would be able to settle down.

When he was about to go to the 30 -year -old fork, Huang Langlang chose to go to Ireland and read a bachelor’s degree in education.

Graduated from the University of Foreign Languages from Sichuan Foreign Languages University, but because of education, he has exposed to many children, Huang Langlang has gradually become interested in preschool education in children.At this time, she found the lack of professional knowledge, "I want to study education and education systematically."

Huang Langlang, who was able to apply for a good school, bid farewell to his family and friends, and cried in the waiting hall to prepare for the plane.

She said frankly that she was afraid at that time, "Leaving the familiar environment and getting to a strange place alone, I am confused what the future will look like, but she still wants to challenge herself and learn more knowledge." Since it is myselfThe decision made, no matter how difficult it is, you must persist. "

On the first day of the school, she introduced itself. As the only Chinese student in the class, she said: "I’m 30 years old this year, from China." The classmates in the class began to applaud, Huang Langlang heard it, and someone said loudly:

"You are a brave girl!"

After "ashore", how does "I" find the "Yaibian" of reading?

The entrance examination has always been a topic of occupying hot search all year round. While the number of college entrance examinations and entrance examinations has continued to increase, the "test Bo hot" has gradually emerged.According to the statistics released by the official public account of the Ministry of Education in March this year, in 2021, my country has 509,500 doctoral students and 2.8229 million students in academic masters.

Li Guishen, who has worked in Kaobo Counseling for many years, found that more and more people have come to consult Kaobo in recent years.The employment situation under the epidemic is severe, and many people will choose to continue studying. "

Professor Lu Linhai, a professor at the Nanjing University Education Research Institute, added: "When the economic development is to a certain level, the state needs a large number of scientific researchers, and more and more people value the improvement of culture and education."

When talking about "Kao Bo Ji", Lu Linhai suggested that candidates must comprehensively evaluate themselves."Not everyone is suitable for scientific research. Students should evaluate their knowledge accumulation, academic interest, and knowledge innovation. Otherwise, when they encounter difficult academic challenges, they will shrink back without strong motivation."

Li Jishen mentioned in his own public account article that with the deepening of learning, the improvement of thinking is important. Generally, students in the postgraduate stage of the master’s degree have two -way thinking.The level of three -dimensional thinking is best to have strong four -dimensional thinking ability. "

As for the phenomenon of re -study undergraduate, Lu Linhai said that this is still a relatively niche group. "This is different from our past philosophy. The current students’ self -consciousness is getting stronger and stronger, and society for their self -choice of themselves.The degree of tolerance is getting higher and higher, "he believes that you choose to go to study no matter how old you are," reading should follow your own heart, not the outside world’s requirements. "

After studying undergraduate, Huang Langlang applied for graduate students.Now she has completed her studies and continues to work in preschool education she is interested in.

Tang Li, who was looking forward to the university, was preparing to work in school while dealing with work.

Zhang Ze, who was promoted to Bo San, was preparing for the dissertation, and paid attention to which university lecturers he could apply for after graduation.Think back to his examination experience in the past few years, he wrote in the circle of friends: "The past is dream, the future is hope."

Source: China News Network

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