"It was all a boy for a day of delivery." The nurse said that the truth appeared, and the parents of the boy’s parents were tight.

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Since the opening of the second child’s policy, more and more families have begun to have a second child. One child and one daughter is the most desired family combination of people. You will find that most young parents of the second child are the daughter, I longed for a second child to have a boy.

The second child of Xiaoqiang’s wife is about to be on the basis. From various phenomena, this child must be a boy, because his luck wife loves sour, and the pregnancy belly is relatively up and pointed.The worse, these are the signs of a boy.

Because the first child is a girl, I am very eager to have a boy. The reaction of my wife during pregnancy makes the family look forward to it. My mother -in -law also deliberately came to take care of it from the countryside.It really lived up to a boy.

The family followed the child. Xiaoqiang was waiting for his wife outside the delivery room. At this time, I heard two abnormal nurses: "I gave birth for a day today.Can’t find the objects, how many gifts of these boys’ parents have to prepare to marry a daughter -in -law. "

The nurse’s words came out of the reality of the present society. Xiaoqiang listened to his heart. He bought a house for his son to buy a car and married his daughter -in -law.


The birth nurse said is what the boy’s parents are worried that the proportion of men and women is disordered. In the future, it is more difficult for boys to find objects, but most parents still want to have a boy.The thought makes people want to have a son.

One: Almost all the second child wants the son

In fact, this question should be asked: "Why are most of the modern delivery rooms born with boys?" This is better to understand. After the second child policy is open, most of the children are second -child, and the second child wants the second child.Most of them want sons, which is the main reason why the birthday students are now.

Two: The belief of the man inherited the family is deeply ingrained

Many parents in China, especially the elderly, are deeply ingrained to men’s inheritance of their family business and inherit the family mission. They feel that they do n’t have a boy, and the family incense is broken. Therefore, many elderly people persecute young couples to have boys.

Three: firmly believe in the concept of raising children to prevent old age

The Chinese firmly believe that the concept of "raising children to prevent the elderly" feels that there is a son, and the old age can rely on it. If you do n’t have a son, you do n’t rely on it. The daughter will marry one day and later to become a child of someone else.

A person’s concept will not be changed for a while and a half. Some deep -rooted beliefs are even more stubborn. Therefore, it is very difficult to make people to abandon the concept of being light men and women. It is better to tell boys’ parents how to improve anxiety.

One: Teach children to be independent

If you want your child to bear your own life in the future, parents have to teach their children to be independent from a young age. They all say that "poverty and rich children". This "poverty" does not refer to material poverty, but rough education. Don’t be so delicate.If you do n’t let that do that do n’t let, you ’m afraid of hurting the boy, and the boy should be more skinny.

At the same time, parents must allow their children to have the ability to be independent. Whether they rely on reading or learning a craft, only the man who can support themselves can bear the responsibility of a family.

Two: Dad plays a role in family education

In a family with a boy, the role of dad is more important than the mother. The mother pays attention to some trivial matters of life. She should still maintain some sense of distance and stay with my dad more. Teach children what is men’s prosthetic, what is a man who is a manResponsibility on shoulders.

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