"I’m pregnant, please turn off your wifi", pregnant women knocked on the door to notice, and were angry by neighbors

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The so -called world is unique, and we will always encounter various people in life.

Women’s pregnancy is a big event for the whole family. Her comfort and security naturally have become a big event for family.

To be honest, there are indeed a lot of discomfort after pregnancy. The body of pregnant mothers and babies is relatively fragile. It is more cautious and not pretty.But don’t be too self -consistent, thinking that the whole world should let yourself, this is unreasonable.

Two days ago, I saw a netizen who talked, saying that in the unit building of his community, a pregnant woman made a lot of money and made them.

This is the case. One day they received a message in the community group. The intention was: I have been pregnant recently, and I am worried that radiation is not good for the baby. Please turn it off.

As soon as this remark came out, the group was suddenly embarrassed, and everyone only looked at it as a joke, and did not respond.

Who knew that after two days, the pregnant woman actually knocked on the door to notify: "I’m pregnant, please turn off your wifi and it is not good for your child."

This "god operation" immediately stood up. Most people saw that she was a pregnant woman and a neighbor. She looked up and saw it, but she was vaguely responded twice. Of course, she did not really turn off the wifi.

Perhaps it was because everyone had no response. The pregnant woman was even more angry. She felt that no one respected her rights and quarreled with her neighbors.

Of course, neighbors do not agree. It is inconvenient to work and live without the Internet now. Besides, what does her pregnant pregnancy have to do with her own at home and how much radiation can it be. I have never heard of this.

Some neighbors who were more upright and had a bad temper directly stunned her: "Don’t just say that WiFi has radiation. If you have the ability, don’t you hit the satellite? If you have to remove the base stations with the emission signal!Save more about it. "

This pregnant woman still wants to say something, but it is impossible to argue.

Later, I went to the property and forcibly turned off the power of the entire building. Everyone came to the door to disappear.

It is said that this pregnant woman is usually arrogant at home. She shouted when she was unwilling, and it was quite strange.

The practice of this pregnant mother is indeed too extreme. The wifi in her home is not close. She has the right to decide, but the other people’s family can’t control it.

However, this example is relatively rare, most of the pregnant women are reasonable.

Sometimes they occasionally emotional, and some less reasonable requirements at home are understandable.

At first I start to get pregnant, especially the first tire, the pregnant mother will be more or less nervous and fearful. I always worry that it will cause harm to the baby. This is actually the instinct of the mother.

Furthermore, changes in hormone secretion in the body after pregnancy will lead to the emotional instability of the prospective mother. Not only is it sensitive to losing temper, but it may also have a tendency to depressed.

If the family’s concern and companionship at this time makes them feel lonely, uneasily, and left out, they will do some excellent behaviors.

Therefore, as a family of pregnant women, we must consider them as much as possible.

In addition, the reason why this pregnant woman does such extreme behaviors is actually because there is a misunderstanding of radiation, which can be seen that it is important to master relevant knowledge.

In fact, radiation is divided into two types: electromagnetic radiation and ionizing radiation. Even in nature, radiation is everywhere.

Moreover, the human body absorbs radiation every day, as long as it is within the acceptable range, it will not be affected.

Electronic products such as mobile phones and computers are also controlled within a reasonable range despite radiation.As long as there are no other abnormal factors, it will not have any impact on pregnant women or babies.But still pay attention to restraint and reduce use time.

The radiation that is really far away is the printer and X -ray, and the microwave oven should not be used frequently.

In the end, it is necessary to pay special attention to second -hand smoke, which is the most influential and difficult to avoid teratogenic factor in life.

It is more sensitive during pregnancy. Worrying that the baby is harmful is a common sense, but do not make trouble unreasonable, bring trouble to others, and maintain a good attitude and health and rest. It is the most important thing.

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