"If they are liar, can my money be back?"

There are often many people who are caught in a scam without knowing themselves

Some time ago, Shenzhen Futian Public Security Bureau

I met such an old man

After being deceived twice before I thoroughly realized

Even the police said

These nine on -site discouraged, returning visits

Finally not in vain

More than 2,000 "rescue back"

Anti -fraud propagandist is conducting anti -fraud warning discouragement

"If they are liar

Can my money still come back?"

"It has been transferred more than 2 million …" At about 1 am on April 27 this year, after the investigation was cooperated with the investigation at the Nanyuan Police Station, the seventh year of Ms. Li (a pseudonym) gradually woke up, thinking that most of her life savings had been transferred to it.The scammer’s account, her head is blank, her legs have been trembling.Just two days ago, when the anti -fraud police came to discourage, Ms. Li once said very confidently, "Don’t worry, I will not be deceived, I understand all of you."

On April 24, the Futian Branch of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau received an instruction. Ms. Li, the resident of the district, was suspected to be deceived and immediately carried out discouragement.The police of the Nanyuan Police Station led the anti -fraud propaganda to quickly verify.At the door of Ms. Li’s house, the police patiently explained anti -fraud knowledge to him and asked if she received a similar scam call.Ms. Li concealed the truth, denied that she had received a scam call, and said that she had something to do, and she should not disturb her anymore.

Anti -fraud propaganda explained to Ms. Li’s anti -fraud knowledge

On the evening of April 26, the Nanyuan Police Station received an instruction again: "Ms. Li may be transferring to scammers."The patrol police Tang Xingyuan immediately led the team to the persuasion.Faced with Ms. Li’s repeated denominations, the police decided to ask her to go to the police station to understand the situation further.

"She always resisted and refused to admit that she had transferred the transfer. There was no way. We quickly contacted her son and persuaded for a long time before she acknowledged it." The police introduced.After repeated explanations, Ms. Li finally said that she had received a call from the so -called "public security organs".Transfer to the "security account" for "capital verification".In the call, the other party also demanded that he repeatedly asked him to contact the "Captain Captain", don’t believe anyone.

At this time, Ms. Li still did not get out of the scam carefully designed by scammers, just said, "If they are scammers, can my money still come back?"

While dissuasion, the anti -fraud police forces at the police station immediately contacted the relevant departments through the anti -fraud center and requested to assist Ms. Li’s deceived funds to intercept the work. Due to the rapid response and timely action, they finally successfully paid more than 2 million yuan.

On the afternoon of April 27th, because he was still relieved to Ms. Li, Xu Jianxin, the community of the Nanyuan Police Station, came to Ms. Li’s home again to visit."You have to pay close attention to your mother’s state, and you can contact us at any time." The police told Ms. Li’s son.

Police led anti -fraud propaganda for anti -fraud and dissuasion

"My mother secretly contacted the scammer again

Hurry up and help us "

On May 7, Ms. Li was intercepted by more than 2 million yuan in the fraud case, and the original road returned to her bank account.This was originally a thing that Ms. Li’s family was happy, but this did not end.

"Police officer, I heard my mother secretly called in the toilet, and might still contact the scammer. Come and see." At noon on May 7, the police of the Nanyuan Police Station received a call from Ms. Li’s son again.

Police and anti -fraud propagandists quickly came to Ms. Li’s house, patiently inquiring about persuasion, and Qian Dingxiang told her to warn her "not to continue contact with the scammers, don’t transfer money", but Ms. Li denied it.

On the morning of May 8th, Xia Zeping, deputy captain of the community police team of the Nanyuan Police Station, led the anti -scammer to Ms. Li’s house again.How cunning is the trick.After two or three hours, Ms. Li finally confessed to him.

"I secretly held a telephone card and contacted there. They said that these 2 million were for them to help me chase it. There were tens of thousands of yuan to chase it, but they had to transfer more than 2 million back to the back.A security account. "Ms. Li’s words shocked everyone with cold sweat.

Under the serious persuasion of the police, Ms. Li finally agreed to hand over the bank card to her daughter, and hand over the mobile phone card to her son for custody. Ms. Li’s risk of being deceived was reduced to the minimum.

"Bank cards and telephone cards are the two core tools for implementing such frauds, control the phone card, the risk of fraud is small, and the bank card is controlled, and the security of funds is guaranteed." The police said that if you manage these two cardsEssence

Police come back to visit Ms. Li

On June 8, Xia Zeping led the team to visit Ms. Li’s house again. Ms. Li’s family thanked the police station’s anti -fraud discouraged work.

"Police Officer Xia, thank you very much, you can rest assured, I really understand this time, I will never be deceived." Ms. Li once again said the words when the police first came to discourage,The difference is that this time I was awakened.

This successful discouraged, the police at the Nanyuan Police Station came to the door many times, and finally successfully recovered the loss of Ms. Li’s more than 2 million yuan, and also avoided the risk that she might be deceived again.

After the case, the Futian Branch organized a capable police force to investigate the case.After a large number of investigations and judgments, after successfully locking the relevant criminal suspects, they ran around and moved to three provinces and cities. In the end, they successfully arrested the three suspects.

The police rolled around and arrested the suspects

In recent years

The elderly are lagging behind due to information receiving

Facing some new types of fraud

Lack of identification methods and recognition capabilities

The scams of these special pit elderly people below

Everyone must be vigilant

In addition to pension fraud

Now the "tricks" are endless

Sometimes, you think it is cheap


You have already entered the trap of the liar

Make a vigilance!

The highest cases of these ten types of electrical fraud are the highest



Attract the victims for the part -time job brushing, doing task rebates, etc., after a small rebate to deceive the victim’s trust, the victims are induced to increase their investment.At present, the highest case rate accounts for about 1/3 of the overall telecommunications network fraud cases.


Fake Internet Investment Finance

As soon as the "stock group" is entered, the routine is deep.Stock trading software is fake.


False online loan

Groups with loan demand are most likely to be stared at by scammers. Anyone who is required to pay, margin or flowing water before lending is fraud.


Pretend to be an e -commerce logistics customer service

"Express damage", "product quality flaws", "claims refund", "upgrade VIP", "re -activated the store" … There are many routines, the purpose is one -obtaining the victim’s information and inducing payment.


Public Prosecution Law

False, threatening threats, threatening intimidation, showing false wanted orders to the victims, and falsifying legal documents such as property frozen books, and induced the victims to be "eluted crimes", self -evidence and innocence, so as to accept "supervision" of personal funds.


Credit Credit

On the grounds of eliminating bad credit records and verifying flowing water, the victims induced the victims on a regular online loan platform or an Internet financial APP for loans, and then transferred to the designated account of scammers.College students, graduates, or frequent online shopping buyers are the preferred "targets" of this type of fraud.


Fake shopping and service

"Overseas purchasing", "zero yuan purchase", "unusual low price", must be more vigilant; "writing papers", "private detective", "fictional transactions", "private transfer", do not trust or try.


Precurs leadership and familiarity with humans

Use friends, leadership avatars and friends, no matter who it is, as long as you can transfer money to you through WeChat and SMS, you must use telephone, video and other methods to verify and verify that you must not transfer the money before confirming.


False transactions online game products

Low -priced recharge, high -priced recycling, free benefits … there will be no pie in the sky. Please be careful about online game enthusiasts. Buying and selling game accounts and props must be operated through a regular website platform.


Emotional frauds such as marriage and dating, dating, social networking

Gao Fushuai and Bai Fumei, the identity packaging is only to attract you to "hook". From the beginning of dating "love at first sight", to various reasons to request the transfer until they are deceived, the sweet words are all "poison".The virtual world is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and online friends need to be cautious.

The "script" of the scammers is familiar with

The weaknesses of human nature, the rules of controlling the human heart,

Cave through weak psychological defense

The target points to you and my "money bag"

Everyone must polish their eyes and be vigilant at all times

Police reminder

Remember "investment in investment", do not trust the so -called "stable earnings", "no risk, high yield" publicity, and do not invest in projects with unclear business and unknown risks.

Remember to choose a regular institution.To purchase wealth management investment products, we should choose regular institutions and formal channels in combination with their own risk tolerance.It is recommended that consumers, especially elderly people, to consult professionals in regular financial institutions before buying investment wealth management products, discuss with their families, and make necessary judgments and understanding of authenticity and legitimacy of investment activities.

Pay attention to protecting personal information.To enhance personal information security awareness, do not disclose the identity information, deposits, bank cards, passwords and other information to the other party.When it comes to remittance transfer or online banking business, it is necessary to verify the situation first.

Strengthen communication.Children should communicate with their parents or communicate with their new and old scams to help their parents to improve their awareness of anti -fraud. If parents have investment needs, it is recommended that they take their parents to purchase medium- and long -term wealth management products to lock large funds.

The police personally dissuaded, please be sure to "listen to persuasion".No matter how much these security reminders are, it is not too much to say. The 96110 call must be listened. The 12381 SMS must be read. The National Anti -Fraud Center APP must be downloaded.

According to the urgent level of clues, adopt online SMS telephones and online meetings to meet with telecommunications network fraud or potentially cheated risks.Public security organs across the country have made every day to conduct a large -scale anti -fraud warning and discouragement work through on -site meetings, telephone contact, SMS reminders and other methods.

From: Shenzhen Published

Source: Harbin News Comprehensive Channel

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