"I said" the skin itching during pregnancy is itchy. What kind of medicine can I use?

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[I said] The skin is itchy during pregnancy. What kind of medicine can I use?

Xiong Fen in charge of the Ministry of Pharmacy


With the changes in hormone levels in the body, the skin of pregnant mothers is also particularly sensitive. The inexplicable itching and rash are often troublesome to trouble pregnant mothers.The itching of the lightness is not heavy, scratching tolerance, and adjusting the lifestyle to overcome it; the heavy itching is unbearable.Drugs often need to be intervened.So, how to deal with itching during pregnancy and how to choose medicine?

First of all, it is necessary to judge the severity of itching during pregnancy and medium and severe itching. It is recommended to find the cause and actively deal with it under the guidance of a doctor.Pregnancy is unfavorable.Itching caused by pregnancy of cholene stasis, urticaria, allergic reactions, etc. should be actively dealt with symptomatic treatment to prevent the fetus in time to avoid endangering the fetus.

Non -drug treatment

1. Drink more water, pay attention to moisturizing, use the humidifier of the air -conditioned room;

2. Do not take too much bath. The water temperature should not be too high during bathing, minimize the use of soap and shower gel;

3. Use vitamin E and olive oil to apply the skin immediately after bathing, which can relieve the production of itching symptoms of the skin;

4. During the skin itching, be careful not to eat substances that are easy to allergic, such as seafood, mango, etc.;

5. Keep the living environment clean, bedding, towels and clothing should be dry under the sun.

If the above treatment is still not solved, you may need to use some safer external drugs to help relieve the symptoms.

External drug treatment

1. Apply a moisturizing agent such as urea ointment, urea -vitamin E cream, silicone oil and other moisturizers.

2. When there are stubborn eczema, urticaria, etc., you can apply it with glycry stones in a non -broken place.When selecting a stove -glycrystone, avoid compound preparations containing mint and borneol ingredients.

3. If the skin is scratching the skin, there are infections such as erythema, exudate and other infection in the skin lesions, you can use erythromycin ointment, crockin exterior emulsion or Mopiro star ointment (hundred states) and other external paintEssence

4. When itching is severe, you can use low, medium -sized sugar cortex hormone cream, such as: 0.05%of Tunaid cream, 0.1%hydrogenation of hydrogenated ointment, and 0.1%mamsonic acid Mimonate creamUnder the guidance of a doctor, you can use short -term and small area, but do not take your own medicine.

When using topical glucocorticoids, pay attention: ① The concentration of glucocorticoids is different, and the effectiveness is different. Therefore, do not just look at the ingredients when buying, but also need to view the concentration;, Topical glucocorticoids should be used carefully; ③ The number of uses should be 1-2 times a day, and it is not recommended to increase the number of times.

Itching that severely plagues pregnant mothers to sleep requires positive intervention.If external drugs cannot solve the problem, you can choose oral drugs after the doctor fully evaluates the condition.

Oral drug treatment

For example, chlorophenamimine, deedrine, and Setolizine are all anti -allergic drugs that can be used safely during pregnancy, and can be used under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists.If there are severe stubborn eczema, hormones may also be used for short -term, and these doctors who need qualifications are required to evaluate and use them.

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