"I am a sacrifice of mother, husband, and two children." A farmer woman who wrote a poem planned to run away

In the speech, she mentioned her marriage and poetry hobbies.She told reporters: "My mother made me lose the right to choose marriage and stifled my happiness. The two children stumbled in my life.Each of them is a sacrifice. "

On November 25, Han Shimei participated in the elimination of gender violence on the 16th and shared his experience in the Beijing United Nations Building.Interviewee confession

After returning to Xuegang Village, Xichuan County, Nanyang City, Han Shimei always remembered two days in Beijing, "like a movie."

November 25th is the International Elimination of Family Violence. The 51 -year -old Han Shimei was invited by the UN Women’s Department to participate in the event and delivered a speech.On the same day, she washed her head, put on her only red plush coat, and rushed to the United Nations building in Liangmaqiao, Beijing.Han Shimei recalled that she was a little nervous at the time, but she blurred that there were more than thirty people in the venue. There were Chinese and foreigners sitting on the stage, and two people were remote video connections. She didn’t remember what she said.

Finally, when she shared her experience, she walked to the podium. Her name appeared on the big screen behind her, the above is Chinese, and the following is English -Han Shimei.She looked at the people below and read the lectures she had prepared in Henan dialect. "My name is Han Shimei, a ordinary peasant woman from Henan, and some people call me poet. In half a century, I have been in the countryside.One day I will participate in the event from the United Nations. "

In the speech, she mentioned her marriage and poetry hobbies.She told reporters: "My mother made me lose the right to choose marriage and stifled my happiness. The two children stumbled in my life.Each of them is a victim. "Now, some people listen to her poems and her story, which is important to her, making her feel that she" still has the meaning of survival. "

She didn’t stay in Beijing for a long time. She watched the flag raising and visited the Forbidden City. On the third day, she left Beijing with the high -speed rail.On the way back, she watched the high -rise building outside the window, all the way south, the dry trees began to hang some leaves, and it was a little green near Nanyang.

But her heart couldn’t go back, and the farmers who wrote a poem planned to run away.

"Who is me, who I am"

Han Shimei was 51 years old. He had just passed the lunar birthday and had white hair on his head. He got married in September last year and was dyed once.She said with a big voice, straightforward, dark skin, wrinkles on her face, and her hands.

Only when talking about poetry, her face will show different expressions, sometimes it is cunning, sometimes proud, more joy.

In the second year of the second day, Han Shimei took the initiative to drop out of school because she could not afford the tuition of 18 yuan.At that time, she was not popular to work, so she stayed at home to learn woven sweaters, natal soles, and Xiantian to do farm work.Three years later, the matchmaker came to the door to talk about his kinship. "Muna" was her first impression of Wang Zhongming.She disagreed, and the mother said, "You are still troublesome just like you." In this way, the mother recognized the relationship for three thousand dollars.Until now, Han Shimei still complained that her mother was a "garbage recycling station", and she married her daughter for some money.

Han Shimei also resisted. Wang Zhongming came to see her. She couldn’t see it. Wang Zhongming stood next to him without saying.When her mother was unwilling to see her, she was loose, but she thought about it. She still agreed. The house was covered with the gift money given by Wang Zhongming. The younger brother was about to talk about the marriage.It’s all like this.

At the age of 22, she was crying.I only knew that the situation of Wang Zhongming’s family was not good. The family squeezed in two small tile houses, and it was borrowed to marry her colorful money.Wang Zhongming placed a stall in the town to shave his head. When no one was hairdressing, he went to play cards and gambled.From the time of marriage, Han Shimei has been repaying the money, "I spent money to buy myself."

The people in the village said that Han Shimei was good and diligent, and she was handled by her family.In order to make money, Han Shimei raised chickens, cattle raising, planting peppers, cotton, "what to make money."When repairing the highway, she tied the steel bars and went to a few women. Only she stayed alone.

Han Shimei felt that she was not married and was always unwilling to go out.In 2010, their house was newly covered with a house, separated from other people in the village, and they were separated by the other end of the bridge.She was even more reluctant to go to the village. The people in the village sat together to chat and play cards together. She was more willing to watch TV series at home alone.

She started to write something she called "smooth". She said that she had a good grade when she was studying. In elementary school, the teacher asked to write a proposition composition. She wrote a "Phalaenopsis", who praised the teacher in the class.Han Shimei’s father went to the military academy, and her mother also recognized the words. Before she got married, there was "Chasing the Wind Sword" and "Journey to the West" in the family. She finished reading.After getting married, I often watch "Women’s Life".In the past few years of dropping out of school, she often dreamed that she was going to school and exams.

In the first year after getting married, his son was born. After having a child, the burden of life has grinded the dreams of school and the habit of reading, and only a few poems that occasionally jumped in his mind."When I grew up, I was a bird with a folded wing. With the restraint, I was unable to move forward in (again). I can only have a dream of college."

She wrote a poem that talked about her mind, and sometimes she forgot her head. Some of them were on the back of her daughter’s yellow job, and some were on a casual card.

Some of the poems written by Han Shimei in the early years were on the back of their daughter’s yellowing homework, and some were on a casual card.Photo by Qi Houlei, a reporter from Beijing News

Last April, Han Shimei began to post her poems on the Internet.At that time, she cooks in the factory cafeteria in the village and two meals. She likes to stay in a ten -square -meter dormitory to rest and write poems.

The first poem she posted said, "Who is me, who I am," she expressed in the poem that he "lived a chaotic life every day, and I don’t know who I am."

She has copied Luyou’s "The Phoenix" many times, and wrote "Autumn Wind, Flowers Falling, who talked about it, Xiyue Tower. Momo!" She envy, regret the love between Lu You and Tang Wan, and blame Lu You’s motherDisasosing the two, she said, "My mother’s inclination (marriage) also caused me to fall in all."

People are curious. A farmer woman who has only read the second grade of junior high school and has not been out of the village can write "snow bullying the rose red, the stems straight into the sky", "half of life, rain, rain and half -life, and three woods are crossing the boat."That’s not a poem. The rhythm of Pingzhang is wrong.

Her fast account account has 9288 fans, and there are one or two hundred comments and likes under each video. The most comments are the expression of thumbs and roses.

The life and feelings behind her poems seem to attract more attention. She pointed at her temple and said that her husband Wang Zhongming is not very good here, and even described by the media exaggerated as "mental retardation".Her marriage was "arranged for marriage", and her mother sold her out for three thousand dollars.

In January of this year, some media interviewed her, "writing poetry farmers" and "running marriage" became the label describing Han Shimei.

"I think my life is over"

Han Shimei’s family is close to the "Inner Deng High Speed", with two floors.Temporary workers in nearby factories rented their houses and occupied more than half of the house.She and her husband squeezed in a room of more than 30 square meters on the first floor, cooking, eating, and sleeping.

The house of Han Shimei’s family is separated from other people in the village, and it is lonely at the other end of the bridge.Photo by Qi Houlei, a reporter from Beijing News

She is always lonely, and the villagers in the villagers take her "smooth".She listened to her husband’s writing poems. Most of the Wang Zhongming didn’t understand. He dropped out of school only after reading the first grade of elementary school.

"I do n’t know how hard it is to live with the tree, and I do n’t know how painful to live with the wall.” One day in January this year, at 5 am, Han Shimei woke up from his sleep, and suddenly this poem suddenly emerged.In the morning, she read the husband who was sleeping next to her, saying that "tree" and "wall" said you.This time, Wang Zhongming understood it, and only said, don’t write me.

These two poems have become the most widely spread in Han Shimei. She thinks that there may be many people living like her, but others do not know how to write poems.

For Wang Zhongming, his wife Han Shimei wrote poems on the Internet and disrupted their current life, and the fear of whether the wife would leave has been around him.

He didn’t like Han Shimei to write poems, and he hacked a lot of fans of Han Shimei; he refused to accept interviews with the media. In the past media reports, he rushed to reporters and even killed a male reporter’s glasses.

Wang Zhongming is six years older than Han Shimei. He is not tall. He is wearing a black jacket with a blue worker. The brows are always frowned. There are obvious scars on the left eyebrow bone on the left.Leave after riding an electric car.The reason why he refused to interview reporters was that the interview affected Han Shimei to go out to find a job and delay to make money. "We are rural people.

At noon on December 12, Han Shimei and Wang Zhongming had lunch at home. Now they live in this room of more than thirty square meters.Photo by Qi Houlei, a reporter from Beijing News

He wanted to seize his wife, but completely hurt his wife’s heart."I think my life is over, and I want to live a little bit, but I can’t live. Everything I am in his (Wang Zhongming) is in his world. This makes me sad. My mother made me lose my choice of marriage.The rights stifled my happiness, and the two children traveled my life. In the end, Wang Zhongming even stifled even my hobby. I was the victim of each of them. "

Her husband didn’t want her to write a poem, for fear that she would "run away"

Because of going to Beijing to participate in the event, Han Shimei lost the work of cooking in the factory and in exchange for a rare time.The weather was cold, she stayed at home all day and lay on the bed all day, because she often looked at her mobile phone, her eyes were a little uncomfortable.

The son works in Guangzhou, and her daughter goes to college. Now there are only her and her husband left in the family.At more than 6 o’clock in the morning on December 12, Wang Zhongming got up and put the sweet potatoes cut in Han Shimei in advance in the pot last night to cook the porridge and steamed two steamed buns. What he said, Han Shimei didn’t listen.

On December 14, after returning from Beijing, Han Shimei lost her job in the factory and changed her rare leisure. The weather was cold and often lying on the bed to play mobile phones.Photo by Qi Houlei, a reporter from Beijing News

Her hand quickly slipped on the screen. A poem friend sent a message saying, "The pen is written and cross the spring and autumn", Han Shimei almost didn’t think much, and she went out "to find a poet with a poetry in the iron shoes."The other party sent "the heart is relatively leisurely, and people are as thin as flowers", and she "frozen three feet, melted in early spring".

After five or six times, the other party sent a message, "No, I’m going to work." "He is right to me, it is defeated." Han Shimei said proudly, "It’s interesting to the poem."

At noon, when she sorted out her poem, she was ready to send it to the fast hands. When she wrote "a curtain of dreams and dreams of autumn wind", she decided to change the "autumn wind" to "empty building".What is the difference, just feel that "empty building" can better express the mood of loneliness.She said that these words were like naturally packed in her mind, and she never learned it, and she jumped out. "Some people say that I drink Meng Po Tang who has mixed water."Brothers and sisters can only write poems.

On December 12, Han Shimei showed her poem with her poet with her poet, and she said "very interesting to poetry."Photo by Qi Houlei, a reporter from Beijing News

She was struggling again, changing the first sentence "The sound of the piano under the yellow crane building" to "The sound of the loudskin softness of the autumn wind", because the "Yellow Crane Tower" and the last sentence of the "empty building" repeated the word "building".A poet told her that it was best not to repeat.

When she first posted a poem on the fast hands, some words could not be written, so she used Pinyin, and she wrote "GU Lights" and "CongCong like flowing water".Some people say that they are not poetry, and she is also frankly "compiled". The key is to express her mood.She made some changes according to the poet’s prompts, and she would like to write an ancient poem every day.

In the summer, during the media interview, she walked downstairs with the book. The reporter took this moment. She liked this photo very much and replaced it with her avatar.She couldn’t help it.

But Wang Zhongming did not like Han Shimei uploading his poems online.In August last year, Han Shimei used her selfie as a background picture of poetry.Wang Zhongming was noisy, and the worker said to him, "Just like your daughter -in -law, it is still on the Internet." "Whoever stipulates that it is not good to grow well, you can’t send photos." Han Shimei retorted.

When Han Shimei played his mobile phone, Wang Zhongming stared at the side.Last winter, a fan followed Han Shimei. After she returned the customs, she showed "You can chat now." Wang Zhongming saw noise and said, "Everyday chatting with this person, chatting with that person, shameless", Han ShimeiUnbearable.

At that time, the marriage of Han Shimei’s most concerned son was declared failure for only two months. She was sad for this. Wang Zhongming had always quarreled with her because of writing poetry. "I want to die."That night, Han Shimei drank two pounds of liquor, and she was drunk. She vomited three times, and finally called Wang Zhongming to buy her glucose. Wang Zhongming didn’t say a soft words.

Han Shimei felt that Wang Zhongming did not let her send poetry online and was unwilling to interview her media. She was afraid that she would "run away."

"I have a sense of myself." Several men saw her poems on the Internet and wanted to "object" with her. A man who claimed to be a market owner said he wanted to marry her, and promised to "love" her.Han Shimei said that he had a husband and a child, and the other party responded to two.Han Shimei directly pulled this person.Someone asked her to chat with her in private, and she scolded back fiercely.

Now, Wang Zhongming does not go to work in the afternoon. He can’t sit in the room and walks at the door. He comes back every ten minutes. When he saw Han Shimei playing with his mobile phone, he stared at him. Han Shimei felt that her husband was "monitoring her."Earlier, Wang Zhongming and her worked in a factory and often ran to the kitchen. Seeing that she was still there, he asked if there was a man in the security guard. "If you set up a camera on me, you know what day I have lived.","

But Han Shimei was unwilling to compromise. It was also last winter. The media interviewed Han Shimei. Many college students and young people ran to her fast account to leave a message to express her support. "Catching, this is the feeling I have never experienced. "She wrote" I no longer sleep, the waves hold me up "," waves are netizens ".

In February of this year, a poem reading platform invited Han Shimei to write a "positive poem". "At that time, there was nothing happy in my life. The photos I uploaded did not laugh." She changed the two or three editionsIn the end, I wrote a "Heart" "The sunlight through the clouds, it told me that when I was covered by the clouds, I would work hard to bring you a trace of warmth."

That day, Han Shimei sent a dynamic on the Internet. "Today is my happiest day, and I suddenly feel that I still have the meaning of survival."

Divorce storm

Han Shimei decided to divorce because Wang Zhongming was "too troublesome."

In the first interview with Han Shimei at the beginning of this year, Han Shimei mentioned the word "divorce", but at that time she smiled slyly and said, "Scared him."

In April this year, Han Shimei privately sent a lawyer Zhuang Jinlong on the Internet and asked if she could divorce her."She said very anxiously, and the willingness to divorce is very strong." Zhuang Jinlong saw Han Shimei’s affairs in the news report before. He paid attention to Han Shimei. He decided to act as a divorce lawsuit of Han Shimei for free.

Two weeks later, on April 9, Han Shimei and Zhuang Jinlong went to the county court to file a case.

Han Shimei "couldn’t hide things." The next night, she and Wang Zhongming and the visiting reporters and lawyers chatted in the living room at the door. The two sat side by side. Han Shimei suddenly said, "Divorce."

Zhuang Jinlong thought that Wang Zhongming would be irritable and lost his temper after hearing it.But Wang Zhongming was only surprised, and he sucked at the smoke silently. "The days before, the days have passed, and now the days are not worse than others." He wiped his tears with a paper towel.

During the two days of getting along, Zhuang Jinlong felt that Wang Zhongming was not like the "brain problem" written in the news report and "bad temper." When Han Shimei went to work in the factory, he and Wang Zhongming were alone at home. Wang Zhongming told him that it was difficult for rural life."I can feel that he is a diligent person."

Zhuang Jinlong is also very entangled. He is not sure whether the divorce is already deep in Han Shimei’s heart, or because of this year’s communication with netizens and frequent interviews, she suddenly had this idea."But as an agent lawyer, I cannot make a decision for the parties, nor can I involve the feelings of both parties."

"You are not me, I don’t know what I live." This is a sentence that Han Shimei often uses to refute relatives and friends.The divorce was spread in the family. The relatives of the two sides came to persuade Han Shimei. The third sister sent her a long message that the divorce was not good.Han Shimei returned to her angrily: "If you think I am shameful, you can not recognize me."

In the village, divorce, especially the divorce of their age, is not common, and it will also attract many criticism.

The divorce was not done in the end.At that time, her daughter was studying in the high school in the county seat. Relatives asked several children of the same age to do their daughter’s thoughts and told her that divorce her divorce would not be good for her and would affect her learning.My daughter called from the school, "You leave you, don’t affect my college entrance examination."

Han Shimei considers her daughter’s studies, called Zhuang Jinlong, and withdrew.

After the failure of the divorce in April, Han Shimei wrote a poem "I want to fly to the high altitude through the power of the wind". She said that "flying to high altitude" is freedom.Wang Zhongming) Control me. "

Wang Zhongming did not understand that the day was getting better every day, why divorce.He didn’t change much in his life. In 2007, when his son went to the county to study in the county, he felt like he was suddenly realized.Working in a factory, it is fifteen years.

Wang Zhongming is not good at expressing it. Han Shimei also heard that relatives said after a long time that Wang Zhongming would no longer go to the street to gamble. He worked "evil (desperately)" every day.There were two shifts a month, and when he was only in the afternoon, he went to the town market in the morning to give a haircut.

"I desperately make money, all of them to home, not just love." Wang Zhongming said to the reporter interviewed before.

He thought, making money for children to study and get married. After that, when he was old, the factory didn’t want him, so he went home to raise chickens and sheep.

After knowing the idea of Han Shimei divorce, Wang Zhongming repeatedly said, "Give me another chance." Han Shimei just refuted "you have never counted what you said."

For Han Shimei, what is missing is the consideration and tenderness of the past 29 years.Han Shimei complained that before 2007, the two had no quarrel because Wang Zhongming played cards, and Wang Zhongming never changed.When Han Shimei was pregnant for the second time, he didn’t want this child. Wang Zhongming asked her to stay, promised to say that he would come to the farm work in the ground.However, he still goes home in the town every day before he goes home. Han Shimei is pregnant with his child and kneels in the field to pull grass, picking peppers, and working in the ground the day before giving birth.

On December 13, Han Shimei got some dishes, and Han Shimei and Wang Zhongming put the vegetables in front of their own door.Photo by Qi Houlei, a reporter from Beijing News

Han Shimei said that in the twenty -nine years of marriage, Wang Zhongming gave her the only gift to her is a purple -belt velvet glove. When I bought it, Wang Zhongming said nothing and stuffed it directly to Han Shimei’s hands.Essence

The marriage life that Han Shimei wants is very simple. "Husbands do some housework at home, sweep the floor, wipe the table, rolled noodles, and know the distress." And in their home, cooking and laundering are all Han Shimei.Once Han Shimei worked overtime until 12 o’clock in the evening, Wang Zhongming watched TV at home, waiting for Han Shimei to give him dinner, Han Shimei was so angry.

Han Shimei feels that she and Wang Zhongming have feelings, but they are not love.She would also be good at Wang Zhong. She was worried that she would leave in the future. Wang Zhongming was ill and did not take care of him. He bought him two insurances. At that time, Han Shimei did not expect to divorce.

Wang Zhongming began to change, actively cooking and washing clothes. He agreed that Han Shimei was interviewed. It was okay to write a poem.But Han Shimei was unwilling to give back, "the heart is cold."

Wang Zhongming said that he saw Han Shimei at the first blind date. He felt that it was "encountered" for hundreds of years and thousands of years.But without waiting for him to finish, Han Shimei interrupted, "If it wasn’t for my mother, don’t think about it."


After the divorce lawsuit was withdrawn, Han Shimei thought about it. When her daughter went to college, she went to work with her daughter to work with her daughter.

In early September, she and her daughter took more than 30 hours of train to Changchun.This is the first time she has gone away, and her legs are soft.But Wang Zhongming did not agree with her to go out to work, and her daughter was unwilling. She did not stay in Changchun in the end. After sending her daughter to the school gate, she hurried home by train again."Wo Qian Egg", Han Shimei described himself.

There are only Han Shimei and Wang Zhongming left in the family. Life is still writing poetry, work, and interviews.

In late October, Han Shimei received an invitation from the UN Women’s Agency and asked her to participate in Beijing to eliminate gender violence on the 16th.

Chen Li, a consultant of the Chinese Office of the United Nations Women’s Department of the China Office, told reporters that she had paid attention to Han Shimei in the news report before. "Han Shimei could not communicate with her husband, and was not understood by her husband, and was affected by emotional trauma.She found the way to write poems, tirelessly express herself, and show her desire for freedom and feelings through poetry. We see her vitality. "

When the fast -handed staff responsible for contacting Han Shimei called Han Shimei, Wang Zhongming’s voice came from the phone.

It didn’t take long for Han Shimei to reply exactly.Han Shimei said that she was unwilling to bear it anymore. Earlier, three local media invited her to go out to participate in the event, but because of Wang Zhongming’s opposition, she decided that she would go.,meaningful thing."

Han Shimei spent her previous 29 years in Xuejia Village, and she has always wanted to go outside to see.In her poems, there are "Jiangnan alleys and fog", "Yin Poetry on the Yellow Crane Mansion", she heard the poem friends say that Dali seasons are like spring in the spring and wrote "Dali scenery is very good, climbing riding and riding …"Tao" can only be "traveling."At the earliest, some poet friends posted photos to her, and she looked at the pictures to write these distant scenery.Later, without photos, you can write it alone.

After losing the factory to cook, Han Shimei didn’t feel a pity at all.She didn’t like that job. She chopped her time and occupied her time all year round.She gets up early every day to make breakfast, and wait until dinner to end her busy day.In the early days, she often took a selfie photo of the camera as the background map of poetry. "I can’t go anywhere, just stay in the cafeteria."

Earlier, she also thought about leaving, but was trapped by the child.

Before 2021, Han Shimei rarely left the village. The farthest and most place to go to the county town of children reading.Dengzhou, only thirty kilometers away from her family, has visited the hospital three times because of the visual hospitalization relatives; three times in Nanyang City, two times with relatives to see a doctor, one time working for half a month.

On December 14, Han Shimei greeted the villagers on a electric car. Han Shimei said that the villagers in the village were much more enthusiastic about her.Photo by Qi Houlei, a reporter from Beijing News

Early in the morning on December 6, her husband Wang Zhongming went to work in the factory. She planned to run away and decided to go to Jinan to work, leaving only her mobile phone and thousands of dollars.

Before leaving the door, the only thing she did was to hide the bank card and passbook at home, and she was afraid that Wang Zhongming would find her with the world.When she got on the car, she called Wang Zhongming that she was ready to go out to work. "I will come back." She deceived her husband and said she was going to Shanxi.

Wang Zhongming murmured on the side of the phone. Why didn’t you tell me in advance and told me in advance that I would not let you go.But there is no way, she has gone.

After arriving in Jinan, Han Shimei registered the online account of several housekeeping companies and filled out personal information.Then he called and told her daughter to work in Jinan. The daughter said that the epidemic was serious and she was about to celebrate the New Year. She advised her to go back quickly.

The work of work was not settled. She took another seven or eight hours of bus and returned to Nanyang. On the way back, she wrote "Looking at the bright night city, the gentle clouds, and the pain of the body.Tears full of eyes, I am still moving forward. "

After returning home, Wang Zhongming only said, just come back.

I also have the right to love and be loved

Although the trip to Jinan was not smooth, Han Shimei thought of going outside.

The reporter who came to the interview sent her a lot of poems. She couldn’t stand it after a few pages.

She also wants to worry about her son’s marriage and daughter’s academic studies, which requires money.She attaches great importance to the studies of two children. When they are in junior high school, they send two children to study in the county.They are trained as families for college students.

On December 14, 2021, Han Shimei’s 51st lunar birthday.

On December 12, Han Shimei was sitting at the door of his own card to the short video platform.Photo by Qi Houlei, a reporter from Beijing News

She got up early, swept the house, washed her head, and combed her hair seriously at the mirror.In the morning, she received a visiting reporter to cooperate with reporters to shoot videos, interviews, and talk about her life and love.

Because of the reporter’s visit, at noon, she asked Wang Zhongming to buy a roast duck in the town. Wang Zhongming was unwilling at first. She whispered, "Today is my birthday, I want to eat roast duck."

In the evening, after the reporter left, Wang Zhongming went to eat a banquet and left Han Shimei at home alone.She did not have dinner, explaining that she was "not hungry", and only the little daughter called her video call.She can’t help but feel a little sad. "I haven’t had a birthday in my life." He quickly explained for the child, "They are busy, can’t remember, rural people are not birthdays."

The next day, she posted a new poem on the Internet, named "sadness", "When I was lonely, there was no one behind her.", Get used to writing sad poems.

At the family’s party, divorce, interviews, and poetry were still inseparable. Relatives would comfort Wang Zhongming. "(She) will not leave, and you will leave early."Working in a foreign country.

She stored a video in the mobile phone collection clip. The video said, "Women should not restrain their families, divorce is not necessarily bad for children."

Han Shimei said that the two children now support her choice, and the son said to her, "You can do anything."

Compared to the report mentioned what she wants to divorce, Han Shimei pays more attention to the following comments.Someone left a message saying, "What are you tossing at such a big age?" Han Shimei asked: "Why can’t you pursue what you want because he is old, you can pursue your dreams when you are older, and there is the right to love and love."

"What if the person who hurts you and loves you after divorce? What if someone is cheated?"

"Then I don’t regret it, after all, I have tried, at least I have worked hard for my happiness, and I will not come to this world."

She described the love she wanted in the poem, "I am waiting for you in the study, put on hot tea, taste the taste of tea, and moisturize my thirsty lips. I planted Phalaenopa in the yard with you."

When she was a child, the woman in charge of the registered women registered her name wrongly, and her ID card wrote "Korean chrysanthemum".However, she has always used the three words Han Shimei. In an interview with the reporter, she asked her to make poetry with her name. She thought about four or five minutes and wrote "The cold winter came to the frost, and the career career was confused.Yan, poetry is fragrant. "

A few days later, she posted this poem on her hands. The background map was that she went to the county to sue the divorce. She wore a red coat and stood on the flower bed in the county park and laughed.

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