"Going to the Wind" Fanwai 68

This article continues to write the story according to the TV series "Going to the Wind".As long as you survive the part of the happy enemies in the previous episodes.

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Text: Linglong

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Cheng Xiao likes to stick to Gu Nanting. After with the propeller, the same is true.

As soon as you have a chance, you like to stick to him.But there is an additional pet.

After Gu Nanting was out of get off work, Cheng Xiao liked to welcome at the door. The propeller was always running faster than her. The first found that Gu Nanting returned, occupying the opportunity.

When Gu Nanting saw the propeller, he always squatted down and looked at him with love.

"Dad, I miss you so much. Hurry up, play with me."

Little fingers hold tall people.The two got along very well.

Cheng Xiao thought about it, and discussed with Gu Nanting that he had to stay for several hours a week and passed the two -person world.

On the day when both were rest, let the propeller follow the grandfather, or stay at the grandmother overnight.

They took out for a night to go out for a date, go shopping, watch movies, open a house in the hotel, spend a two -person world, enjoy the feeling of falling in love.

Don’t care about children, do not need to worry about work, do not have to worry about work, don’t worry about being disturbed.

Only focusing on the world of two people, just like when you are in love.

After having a child, the time of the two people became extravagant.

Slowly become the child’s father, child mother, for family and for children’s obligations, it is easy to forget that I am myself, my husband, and wife.

Cheng Xiao and Gu Nanting held their hands and strolled on the commercial pedestrian street. There was a feeling of being like a world, and her mood was completely different.

I used to fall in love, and now I am married, and I am leisurely in the gaps of life.

Cheng Xiao was like before, and when he saw cute and cute objects, he couldn’t move his steps.

When you come to the pre -book hotel in advance, when you register with your ID card, look at them at the front desk with strange eyes.

Cheng Xiao thought that no one would believe that they were husband and wife.

The eyes turned, and the kind of whispering that made people heard: "Did your wife not find you out of the house? I told my husband to travel outside."

Gu Nanting’s face was black, and she was embarrassed to pick out the three -bedroom and one living room. After looking at Cheng Xiao, she wanted to speak.

Finally, the formalities were completed. The two went up with hand, Cheng Xiao’s movement continued, his fingers around his palm around, Gu Nanting increased his strength, held tightly, and whispered, "Go in again."

Open the door, plug in card, breathe in a circle, as usual, check the safety inspection.

Gu Nanting took a pull process in his arms: "Like stimulation? So anxious!

The fingers stroked and walked on the body. A pair of deer eyes were as dark as ink. The desire in the eyes gradually tightened. The body gradually tightened.

… (A large number of cuts)

Rinse, the two talents came out of their own pajamas, hugged on the bed, and spoke.

"I don’t know if the propeller will cry at night, will you miss your dad?"

Gu Nanting is thinking.

"Husband, I don’t want to think about baby today, I can only think of my wife."

Cheng Xiao went to Gu Nanting’s ear, her face blushed again, "Do you like to make AI with me?"

Gu Nanting was shocked, his eyes were a bit big, "You are getting bolder now. Of course, you like it, it’s not enough, just want to be old for a lifetime."

Cheng Xiao poked his face, saying that it broke the reality, "It may not be possible to do it when you wait for you 450, and how about it? At that time, it will be the left hand with the right hand, there is no JI love."

"Do you doubt my combat power? I said what to do, how about the five -year assessment, I guarantee that I will not retreat." Gu Nanting did not believe in evil.

Cheng Xiao: How to assess?

Gu Nanting: You are the examiner and participants. You have the final say.You can ask for more tricks, so that we can maintain a sense of freshness.

Cheng Xiaoyu smiled, only Gu Nanting, who could say the situation so fresh and refined.

"Why are you so cute! Now I have an idea, I kiss you, you are not allowed to move."

… (There is a deletion)

Gu Nanting and Cheng Xiao operated life with their hearts, for fear of the relationship between the two, they would be bland by trivial life of daily life. They tried to improve the experience value and continue to refurbish patterns.

The relationship between the two had successfully spent the first five -year assessment period, and it was better.

When the propeller was 5 years old, the two ushered in a second baby, and they gave birth to a soft cute little sister as a group of pets.

The propeller likes this sister very much. She doesn’t talk much, but she is very gentle and patient with her sister.

After the family had the second baby, the lives of the two also entered a new stage.

At this point, Fanwai is finished.

In parallel time and space, Gu Nanting and Cheng Xiao have been living a happy life.

(End of the full text)

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