"Fetal poison" is pseudo -science. For 40 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to these 4 points

I believe that many areas have "fetal poison", and many pregnant mothers are convinced.In fact, "fetal poison" is a real pseudo -scientific science!

Originally, some newborn diseases, but they were replaced by the older generation, and they stiffly sin the sin of the Yuan Dynasty during pregnancy. It was believed that it was because of those things that caused fetal poison.

In the eyes of the older generation, newborns have jaundice, seborrheic dermatitis and other diseases, which are all manifestations of fetal poison.However, the reason why newborns occur in these diseases is to trace the source of the source, which is actually due to some bad habits of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

Including staying up late, like to eat high -heat food, etc., which leads to the accumulation of heat in the body, and then pass on these "heat" to the fetus. This is what the elderly call "fetal poison".

1. I like to eat "hot" food

Everyone should know that foods have "cold" and "heat" attributes. No matter what kind of attributes, eating too much will have a bad impact on the body.

If pregnant mothers often eat "hot" foods during pregnancy, including fried foods, chili, lamb, lychee, dragon rock, hawthorn, durian, etc., it is likely to cause excessive energy.

Especially high -fat, high -calorie, spicy foods, these foods can cause the body to accumulate moisture and cause internal heat.

Therefore, in order to avoid the baby’s stomach being affected by these "heat", it is best to adjust the diet of pregnant mothers reasonably.

Pay attention to diet balance, and eat less hot and cold foods, but it does not mean not eating, because proper intake can also supplement other aspects of nutrition.

2. Sports help "detoxification"

When I was pregnant, I had a full constipation for a week. I believe that pregnant mothers who have experienced constipation experience know how uncomfortable this feeling is.

At that time, my mother -in -law advised me to treat it and said that dragging would cause my baby to have "fetal poison", and I had to pull me to the hospital for examination.

As a result, the doctor did not agree to prescribe medicine, but just let me go home to drink more water, exercise appropriately, and eat a little more crude fiber.

After returning home, it was obviously just symptoms of constipation. I was relatively confident. As a result, the whole family mobilized me to move.

Indeed, I am ashamed, not to mention that after pregnancy, I rarely have exercise habits before pregnancy.

Since then, with the company’s company, walking, professional yoga exercises, etc. have accompanied the second half of pregnancy, the effect is also very good, the constipation has improved a lot, and there is no sign of recurrence.

Of course, while exercising, I have never fallen in terms of diet. It is still useful to follow the doctor’s advice!

There may still be many pregnant mothers who don’t take it for granted. Constipation is the symptoms that most pregnant women appear during pregnancy, but some of them are relatively not so obvious.

If the constipation time is long and there is no targeted treatment measures, it will not only affect the health of pregnant mothers, but also cause harm to the baby.

And if the exercise is appropriate, the pregnant mothers will have greatly improved all aspects of the body. Whether it is body, or other pregnancy complications, it will be helpful.

3. Sleep habit

You know, the liver working hours are around 11 o’clock at night to 2 o’clock the next day. During this period, only the human body enters the sleep state can the liver play a role to the greatest extent.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers try to stay up late or not stay up late to ensure the quality of sleep and provide normal time to the liver.

Otherwise, pregnant mothers stay up late, regardless of physical condition, will only lead to low work efficiency of the liver, and "detoxification" will not meet the standards.

For a long time, the pregnant mothers will have a lot of toxins in their bodies, and this part of the toxins will have a certain impact on the baby.

Although falling asleep before 11 o’clock, it is still difficult to do for most young people now, but when I feel that I ca n’t continue, think about the baby, I believe that pregnant mothers will be motivated again.

4. Eat some detoxification foods to assist

If pregnant mothers usually eat foods that help to detoxify their bodies, it will not be better.After all, the body toxins cannot be harmful to the body and spirit without self -discharge.

Because most pregnant women have symptoms of heavy moisture and internal heat, and foods such as Tremella, mung bean, lotus seed soup, bitter gourd, etc. can play a good detox effect.

For this, some people say that it is best to eat the best in the morning. In fact, there is not much particular attention. As long as you can eat it appropriately, it will always be good for the body.

For a long time, fetal poison has been amplified by us, saying that it is terrible and difficult to solve.It is just that pregnant mothers need to work hard during pregnancy and be more self -disciplined to create a healthier "living environment" for babies.After all, the baby and pregnant mothers are real "flesh and flesh", "difficulty in.

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