"Don’t eat bamboo shoots in summer, and your feet are unstable." Why should you eat bamboo shoots in summer?What are the sophistications of eating bamboo shoots?



After Lixia, with the increase of rainwater, the bamboo shoots also emerged from the soil. The old saying also said: "A rain, one inch long" said, after the rainy rain, the bamboo shoots grow rapidly.My hometown is in Xiaoshan Village in northern Gan. At this time, the birth period of bamboo shoots is ushered in. People hold bamboo baskets or snakeskin bags. As long as they go to the wild, they can always get full.

Even in our local area, there is a saying that "do not eat bamboo shoots in summer, and your feet are unstable." Lixia is the beginning of summer, and it means that you are in summer. In other words, you must hurry up to eat bamboo shoots after Lixia.

According to the elderly, there are two reasons. First, the bamboo shoots are different from other foods. Its picking period is relatively short. It may be lost in a few days.It is to eat it while fresh, it is best to get the same ones. Go directly to the shell and stir -fry. The taste will be quite delicious. At this time, the bamboo shoots are all over the mountains.

Second, the nutritional nutrition of bamboo shoots is relatively rich. When in the summer, it is exactly when the spring and summer are transferred. The human body consumes a lot of energy and it is easy to feel sleepy.It is also more energetic.Therefore, the elderly will say that eating the summer bamboo shoots can replenish their feet and make their feet stand more stable.

To put it bluntly, eating bamboo shoots in summer is people’s desire and pursuit of healthy health and a better life.Like in our mountainous areas, people planting land and land are a very high test for their feet and physical strength.The bamboo shoots are long and upright. After eating, it symbolizes that it can be strong.

Do not eat bamboo shoots in the summer, and stand unstable with your feet. It also uses exaggerated methods to say the importance of eating bamboo shoots.

In northern Jiangxi, there are many ways to eat bamboo shoots. Generally, the bamboo shoots I call refers to the wild bamboo shoots in the mountains.It is the most worthy tasted before and after summer.

The bamboo shoots that have just been pulled out of the mountains are suitable for removing its shell. Cut it directly and stir -fry. Put some pork. The taste will be particularly fresh.Sweet.

If the relatively thick bamboo shoots are picked, then such bamboo shoots are usually marinated and made into pickled bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots are spicy and delicious.It’s relatively crispy. It is also a very good choice to use it.

Another way of eating is to dry the bamboo shoots, make dry bamboo shoots after drying, and then soak it with bacon and the like.Dinner.

However, here you must also remind everyone that although fresh bamboo shoots are delicious, its crude fiber is relatively rich. When we eat, do not eat too much at one time, so as not to cause indigestion.Essence

The required ingredients: small bamboo shoots, onions, millet spicy, garlic, green onions, salt, cold soy sauce, and vinegar 1 spoon

1. Remove the small bamboo shoots just pulled back, and then put it in the pot to simmer the water. If it is too large, you can cut it slightly.

2. Cut the onion into strips, wash Xiaomi spicy, prepare a few more garlic, find a large bowl, and put it in.

3. Then put the bamboo shoots in, start stirring, add salt and add cold soy sauce, and then add a spoonful of vinegar.

4. Mix it well and marinate for a few minutes, so that a cold bamboo shoot is made.

【Food Say】

During the time after Lixia, it is just a good time to eat fresh bamboo shoots. If you have bamboo shoots at home, you may wish to pull out some. Whether you eat it after cooking, or dry it into a bamboo shoot with a bacon, the taste is surprisingly delicious.

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