"Doctors recommend to get teething in the morning", is it really unable to extract teeth in the afternoon?

Recently, the topic of "doctors suggested to extraction in the morning" rushed on the hot search, read 330 million, and discussed 19,000.The topic stems from a netizen posted that the doctor suggested that the morning extraction is for a reason: First, the patient’s energy and physical strength in the afternoon are not good in the morning.Secondly, there is enough time to observe the morning extraction. In the case of postoperative bleeding and other conditions, it can be treated in time.If it is extracted in the afternoon, in case of bleeding after surgery, the doctor may not deal with the situation in time.Third, there is a preliminary coagulation process after the teeth are pulled out. If you go home to sleep after you get out of your teeth in the afternoon or at night, the increase in local blood pressure can easily cause wound bleeding.

Can’t you really get teeth in the afternoon?In response, the reporter consulted Zhao Yunliu, deputy chief physician of the Department of Stomatology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University.

Usually there is no difference between tooth extraction in the afternoon

"If all patients can only be extracted in the morning, is it only for the first half of the day in the afternoon of the dental hospital? Obviously not." Zhao Yunliu believes that for people who are healthy, tooth extraction in the morning and afternoon, there is not much big ones.Differential, doctors must be treated with bleeding to stop bleeding, and patients will observe the wound coagulation. Generally speaking, half an hour after the tooth extraction can stop bleeding.Therefore, it is recommended not to rush to leave after tooth extraction, and leave after half an hour before leaving.

However, for people with difficulty in surgery and high risks, there are some patients with basic diseases, such as diabetes and other patients. It is generally recommended to extraction in the morning.

Some people want to temporarily relieve their tooth extraction time

Tooth extraction is not to be pulled out. Some people suggest that tooth extraction should be temporarily relieved.Zhao Yunliu introduced that women can suspend their tooth extraction during menstruation. Pregnant women avoid abortion three months before pregnancy, mainly to avoid abortion, to avoid tooth extraction three months after pregnancy, to avoid premature birth.Therefore, if a woman who is preparing to get pregnant, if there is a problem with the teeth, take a look at the dental department during prenatal examination, and then process the problem to deal with it as soon as possible.

In addition, patients with fasting blood glucose greater than 8.8 mmol/L are recommended to temporarily extract teeth, as well as patients with heart disease, liver disease, blood system diseases such as anemia, leukemia and other patients. They must be decided to be suitable for extraction.

How much do you know about teeth health?

1. Will you lose your face if you pull out the wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars of human beings, and are the last teeth that grow in their lives.Some beauty lovers, in order to lose their face, even the wisdom teeth are considered to be unplugged normally.So, can the wisdom teeth really lose face after pulling it out?

Zhao Yunliu believes that unplugging the wisdom teeth is almost no help to lose face, because wisdom teeth are more in the bones, and the face shape is mainly to look at the jaw bone.Therefore, you can’t see the changes in the face shape after pulling away the wisdom teeth. If you can really lose your face with wisdom teeth, then the project of wisdom tooth extraction should be used as a cosmetic project.It is likely to be a psychological effect.

2. Is there a hole in the teeth?

Although many people have a hole in their teeth, they can choose to seek medical treatment as long as they do not hurt. Is it really okay?

"We have a sentence called‘ small cave do n’t make up, big hole has been suffering ’.” Zhao Yunliu said that if there is only a small hole in the teeth, it may take more than ten minutes to go to the hospital to make up for it, and the effect is very good.If the holes on the teeth are large, the teeth tissue is very small, and it is easy to bite and bite when eating. If you still have pain when you sleep and eat, it means that it is likely to violate the dental nerve. You need to do it. You need to do it.Root canal therapy needs to go to the hospital three or five or more times, and the cost will be very high.Therefore, it is found that there is a hole in the teeth, and even if it does not hurt, it should be replenished as soon as possible.

3. Washing teeth will make the teeth wider?

Some people think that too much teeth will wash the seams wider and wider. Is this really the case?

Zhao Yunliu introduced that there is a gap between the teeth and the teeth. Under normal circumstances, the gum nipples are filled with the seams, but after the teeth are more stones, the gum nipples are atrophy, and the gaps are filled by calculus.The dental stones can easily cause gingival inflammation in the seams of the teeth. The absorption of alveolar bone can even cause periodontal disease and loose teeth. Therefore, the teeth need to be cleaned regularly.The reason why some people feel that the teeth have become larger after washing their teeth because they have been washing their teeth, they have less teeth, and the thick dental stones were washed off when washing their teeth, instead of washing the teeth and washed the gaps.Therefore, washing the teeth to make the teeth larger, and the tooth washing the teeth is actually a misunderstanding of the tooth washing. Generally speaking, it is recommended to wash the teeth once every six months to one year.(Reporter Zhang Chunlian)

Source: Chongqing Evening News

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