"Cottage Kate" attended the event to make money all over the world.

Excuse me, which one of the two pictures below is Kate of the British royal family?

People who are not familiar with the British royal family may be a bit dazzling at first glance. You can find out that the left is Kate.

The woman on the right is called Heidi Agan, known as "the most like Kate in the UK".

She used to be a waiter in a chain restaurant. She could only rely on meager salary, but because she looked like Kate, her life trajectory was completely changed.

Heidi comes from British North, British, one year older than Kate, and is the mother of two children.

In 2011, Kate and William were married.Heidi was a waiter in a restaurant at that time.

Interestingly, after seeing HEIDI, many customers will mistake her to think of Kate, so she designated her to serve herself and even ask for a photo together.

It was Heidi’s first time that he was so similar to the princess, especially his eyebrows and hair.

Even her younger daughter often mixed the two, and would point to Kate in the magazine.

At first heidi didn’t think much about it, but then there were more and more customers looking for her to take pictures. She began to think about "Why not try to do this work?"

After searching online, Heidi really contacted Susan Scott Lookalikes, a company that specializes in "celebrity cosplay" business.

The company has signed many amateurs who look like celebrities, and will arrange some similar graphic photography for them, participate in private gatherings, and promote the platform for enterprises.The work location is not limited to the United Kingdom, but "actors" are often flying around the world.

After submitting the application to the company, only four days later, she got her first Kate imitation work -taking a promotional photo of the 2012 London Olympics for Gatwick Airport.

Because it was the first time, heidi had no clue, and he could only obey the advice of the photographer.Fortunately, the final effect is good, and Heidi himself also likes it very much.

Since then, she has used this as a part -time job, and has begun to appear more frequently in private gatherings and publicity activities around the world, and even received advertising invitations from Chinese companies.

At the beginning, Heidi did not believe that this "cottage" work could be used to make a living.

But when her remuneration had reached hundreds of pounds, and the waiter’s hourly salary had just exceeded 6 pounds. Heidi decisively resigned from the restaurant’s work in 2013 and started the full -time Kate imitation career.

Given that the company signed a lot of "amateur Kate", in order to become the strongest imitator, Heidi made quite a lot of efforts.

She must first maintain a high degree of consistency with Kate on the outside.

For example, heidi must be exactly the same as Kate, and you cannot change your hair color casually.

Most of the time, Heidi did not complain about it.But when she had to cut Kate in the same bangs, she couldn’t help but talk about it.

"It is a big news to stay with bangs. This is the worst thing. I hope she also regrets it. Don’t cut the bangs in the future."

(Kate’s bangs period)

However, it is more difficult than hairstyle. In fact, it is maintained.

Because of Kate’s slim and thin, Heidi had to work out and strictly control the diet to converge with her.

There is not enough figure and face. It is the so -called people relying on clothes. Heidi also changed the style of dressing and evolved into a royal fashion professional household.

She always follows Kate’s latest dress and is ready to arrange the same model for herself.

For example, the ISSA blue skirt worn by Kate when engaged with William:

Donesty ladies’ wave dot dress:

And the simple and generous black coat, and the colorful and fresh skirts, etc. …

Whenever Kate changes clothes, HEIDI will inevitably be adjusted simultaneously.For a while, Kate’s skirt was shorter, and Heidi replaced her with her.

In addition to working hard on the outside, Heidi has to imitate Kate’s behavior to cultivate his princess temperament.

For example, read quietly:

Afternoon tea:

Interact with the public;

No matter what occasions attending, she must maintain an elegant, affordable, and friendly attitude.

(Heidi and her partner, a man who looks like William)

Even smiles have to be practiced repeatedly, and each action has been carefully designed.

But it is still not enough to do this. If you want to reach the level of fake chaos, HEIDI also focuses on the schedule and latest developments of the royal family.

She must understand Kate’s current activities.Because Kate does, heidi’s work content is often.

For example, when Kate interacts with children, HEIDI is also arranged to do similar types of activities.

Of course, her style of acting must be consistent with Kate, like a real royal family member who cares about the people’s lives.

This imitation has even arrived, Kate is pregnant, and HEIDI has to follow the point of "pregnancy".

She will wear a customized "fake belly" so that people will not show up when they see herself, although this will cause inconvenience in travel.

However, heidi is also fun, because during the pregnancy, she finally did not have to control her body shape.

"It’s good, I can eat cakes when she is pregnant, and I can buy new clothes!"

It can be seen that HEIDI’s imitation of Kate is not just as simple as her face. She does have 100 % kung fu in various details.

She once said that what she values most is whether they can give the public enough experience.

"I did spend a lot of time to ensure that I can become the most like. When people look at me, they will temporarily forget that I actually hire them to participate in the event."

Perhaps because of this, she can stand out from a group of "Kate" and win the title of "the most like the United Kingdom".

(Heidi and partner on TV)

Today, HEIDI’s imitation career has been ten years.Her salary was not the past 6 pounds, and her life has also changed dramatically.

When she goes out to work now, she can live in a high -end hotel, and the police open the way for herself. To some extent, she has been treated by members of the royal family.

More and more people will greet her enthusiastically and talk to her.

As the reputation is getting bigger and bigger, HEIDI also has a lot of lovers.So far, she has received more than a dozen proposal.

However, on the other hand, as the so -called trees, heidi also encountered a lot of trouble because of this job.As early as 2012, she was constantly being sexually harassed.

There was a foot -footed man who sent her a message to ask for barefoot photos.

There are also abnormal men who submitted a payment application, saying that she wanted to help her wipe her feet.

Because they could not help Kate’s desire to wipe their feet, they hoped to be on the "meal replacement" heidi.

Heidi rejected these unsatisfactory requirements.

But there are some things that she couldn’t face and solve.For example, cyber violence.

COS Kate’s behavior has attracted a lot of criticism to HEIDI.

Among them, some people think she is not like Kate at all.

Some people feel that hard work to become another person is ridiculous.

"My social page is open for the kind people who want to communicate with me, but some people say something to me with the help of the Internet. They never dare to say in front of me."

Some people are opponents of the royal family.

They vented all their dissatisfaction with the royal family to Heidi’s head and even threatened her to death.

Affected by these, heidi no longer see any information related to yourself, whether good or bad.She suffering from severe anxiety, she was worried that she would be self -confidence and then fell into a swamp of self -degrading.

She also had to receive psychotherapy and guided her children, worried that they were also hit by online comment as herself.

But despite being insulted, heidi still said that she never regretted it.

She thinks this job is very interesting and makes her more capable of pursuing the life she wants.

In the future, heidi will not intend to stop.Because she is similar to Kate, she will continue to imitate in the next decades.

She was still looking forward to being a queen one day, and her job would be more.

When the day was true that day, it is estimated that heidi will work hard to become "the most like the queen in the UK" again.

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