"Blood", do you also have postpartum blood deficiency?6 most practical 6 major blood supplement recipes supplement

As the saying goes, you will be pregnant in October and give birth.It was very hard at that time, especially for novice mothers. After childbirth, confinement was very important for new mothers. The most important of which were blood supplement.

Because the body consumes too much during childbirth, most of the new mothers will have anemia and are very weak. In addition to taking good care, diet is also very important. But what foods to eat after giving birth?

The following Xiaoyue recommends the recipe for postpartum blood supplementation, come and learn a few tricks.

1 ★ How to scientific blood supplement after birth

During the pregnancy, pregnant women are constantly transporting iron to the fetus to ensure the need for fetal hematopoiesis, which makes the number of pregnant women’s need to double during pregnancy.Studies have shown that pregnant women and fetuses in early pregnancy need 1 mg of iron daily, 4 mg in the middle period, and 12-15 mg in the later stages.If it cannot be supplemented in time, it will make pregnant women anemia due to iron deficiency.Blood loss during childbirth and postpartum increased the severity of maternal anemia.Therefore, it is necessary to timely and reasonable blood supplementation in a timely manner.It can help mothers to replenish blood through drugs, diet, etc., and timely blood supplementation is important for mothers and babies.

★ Precautions for postpartum diet

New mothers can eat more iron -rich foods: iron -rich foods mainly include liver, kidney, heart, gastrointestinal and kelp, seaweed, soybeans, spinach, celery, rapeseed, tomato, apricot, jujube, orange, etc.

Do not drink herbal tea after giving birth.In the two years after childbirth, the maternal time to nourish qi and blood. At this time, the body’s resistance is low, and it is very vulnerable to the invasion of cold evil.If you drink herbal tea at this time, it will prevent the normal operation of qi and blood, form blood stasis, and cause gynecological diseases.

★ ingredients for postpartum blood supplementation

Golden needle

Golden needles contain more iron and have the effects of diuretic and stomach.


Longan meat is a well -known blood supplement, which is rich in iron.Longan soup, longan glue, longan wine, etc. are very good foods, suitable for postpartum new mothers.

Dried salted radish

The dry radish is rich in iron, and the salted radish has a flavor.


Carrots contain vitamin B and C, and contain a special nutrients -carotene.Carotene is very beneficial for blood supplementation. Cooking soup with carrots is a good soup.


The iron content of gluten is quite abundant, and it is a good iron supplement food.

sugar cane

It contains a variety of trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and iron, of which iron is the highest, so it is known as blood supplement.However, because it is cold food, the mothers of the stomach should eat less.


This is a well -known blood -replenishment product, and can be eaten raw, soup, tea, etc.


Pumpkin is rich in plant protein, vitamins, amino acids, and inorganic salts. These are excellent nutrients for blood tonic.

★ Recommendation of postpartum qi and blood recipes

Longan oatmeal porridge

Guiyuan contains a variety of nutrients, including aphrodisiac, nourishing qi, nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing blood and soothe, moisturizing and beauty, etc., which can treat anemia, palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, neurasthenia, postpartum physical weakness.Oats are rich in soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal digestion and better help the body absorb nutrients.

Prepare ingredients: 200 grams of oats, 10 cinnamon circles, 250 grams of milk


1: Take a soup pot, add long water and 800ml of water to the pot, and cook for 5 minutes on high heat.

2: Pour the oatmeal into the pot, continue to cook on high heat, and adjust it for 10 minutes.

3: Until the longan flavor and the shape of fresh fruit, the oatmeal is also cooked and soft. Pay attention to the water in the pot to prevent oatmeal sticking to the oak.

4: Finally pour in pure milk and cook over medium heat until the milk boils slightly.

Lymica pork ribs soup

In addition to protein, fat, and vitamins, ribs also contain a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone collagen, bone sticky protein, etc., which can provide calcium for the mother.Pork ribs have high nutritional value, and have the effects of nourishing yin and aphrodisiac, nourishing essence and blood.Pork ribs can nourish the spleen and stomach, reasonably consume ribs, and healthy spleen and stomach function.

Prepare ingredients: 100 grams of daylily, a moderate amount of pigs, an appropriate amount of jujube (dried), an appropriate amount of salt, 1 section of green onion, an appropriate amount of ginger


1: Wash the daylily, remove the old roots on the top and soak.

2: Chop the pork ribs into a section of about two fingers. After washing, turn off the pan in cold water and turn off the heat after cooking the bleeding foam.

3: Use hot water to clean the blood foam on the pork ribs, put the clean ribs, red dates, ginger, and green onions together in a casserole, pour it into hot water and less than 8 cm in all ingredients.

4: After the high heat is boiled, change the heat for about 1 hour and add the soaked lily.

5: Cook for about half an hour, add an appropriate amount of salt to season.

Bone jujube soup

Animal bone is rich in calcium and medulla, and also contains other nutrients, which can benefit the myelone bone; red dates supplement the blood.The effect of bone jujube soup with the two is obvious.

Prepare ingredients: 250 grams of animal bone (long bone or spine, pigs, cattle, and sheep bones), 15 to 25 red dates, several slices of ginger


1: Wash the bones and pound in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water.

2: Add red dates and ginger, boil with fire, and burn it for more than 2 hours.

3: Add ginger and boil the soup.

Sweet potato sugar water

Sweet potatoes are delicious coarse grains. Eating sweet potatoes often help maintain the normal folic acid level of the human body. If the content of folic acid in the body is too low, the risk of cancer will increase the cancer.Sweet potato medium -high dietary fiber has the effects of gastrointestinal peristalsis, preventing constipation and colorectal cancer.

Prepare ingredients: 500 grams of sweet potatoes, 1 piece of ginger, 160 grams of brown sugar


1: Sweet potato peel and wash.Soak the block with water for half an hour, and change the water often when immersion.

2: Put 3 cups of water and ginger in the pot and boil, and then put the sweet potatoes.

3: Boil it with slow heat.

4: Put the brown sugar and boil over low heat for 30 minutes.

Chestnut jujube mud porridge

Red dates are sweet and warm, and return to the spleen and stomach meridians. It has the functions of nourishing Zhongyi Qi, nourishing blood and sanitation, and alleviating medicinal properties; while modern pharmacology has found that red dates contain protein, fat, sugar, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, multiplePlant trace calcium and abundant nutrients such as amino acids.

Prepare ingredients: 25g of Xiaomi, 3 peeling chestnuts, 7 grams of dried jujube meat, 250ml of clear water


1: The red dates are cut to cut into small pieces, plus the water that can cover the dates, stir it with a mixer, and cook it with a pan.

2: Scrape the cooked jujube meat into the tea filter spoon with a scraper or a small spoon to filter off the jujube skin.

3: Xiaomi adds to the rice cooker, add 250ml of water to boiled porridge stalls and cooks softly.

4: Cook the chestnuts, use a spoon or fork to make the cooked chestnut meat into small pieces.

5: Mix jujube mud and millet porridge.

6: Mash the chestnuts.7: Put the boiled jujube mud on the millet porridge and sprinkle chestnuts.

Black bean black chicken soup

Black chickens are rich in 18 amino acids and 18 trace elements such as melanin, protein, B vitamins, and 18 of them.Low.Black chicken contains amino acids higher than ordinary chickens, and iron containing is much higher than ordinary chicken. It is a nourishing product with high nutritional value.

Prepare ingredients: 150 grams of black beans, 1 black bone chicken, 10 jujube (dried), moderate salt, 5 grams of ginger


1: Put the black beans into the iron pot and stir -fry until the bean clothes are cracked, then washed with water, and dried for later use.

2: Drive red dates and ginger, remove the nuclear, sliced the ginger scraper, and set aside.Add water to the pot, boil with fire, and add black beans, black chickens, red dates and ginger.

3: Use medium fire to continue cooking for about 3 hours.4: Add an appropriate amount of salt to just.

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