"Auntie" is too small, will there be these 4 major damage?Make a good condition

Women have so many days a month, while maintaining good habits during menstruation, especially maintaining endocrine stability, local hygiene maintenance, can make themselves relax. Of course, pay close attention to menstruation changes.Or the state is abnormal. Check the first time to achieve early discovery and early treatment.However, some women continue to have less menstrual flow. What harm will this characteristic bring?

Women have a small amount of menstrual blood for a long time, and the adverse consequences are the speed of aging.Whether a person’s menstruation is related to the ovarian, the health of the uterus, the ovarian is young, and the secretion of estrogen is secreted. It can promote the atrophy of the endometrium and fall off. The subsequent menstruation will be normal. It is normal for three to seven days.

However, if the continuous amount is relatively small and does not pay attention to the adjustment, it may be the sign of the ovary before the aging, and the amount of continuous estrogen secretion will accelerate the aging of other parts.

The decline in fertility is a problem that may be encountered by women with too little menstrual flow. If you want to have normal fertility, you need to ensure that the functional reproductive system function is normal, but the menstrual flow is small.An important organ is actively involved. Perhaps women are difficult to conceive, and many efforts are still unable to get pregnant.

In order to avoid this adverse consequences, it is necessary to treat it with abnormal menstruation.

Less menstruation is not excluded from irregular menstruation. Compared with those women with stable menstruation, gynecological problems are prone to occur.There are many types of gynecological diseases, and different causes of treatment are different.

If you can find an abnormalities, you can avoid other problems.Some people have not cope with the long -term menstruation. Some gynecological inflammation may occur in the future, and stubborn diseases will affect normal life.

The amount of menstruation is not properly treated, and women may have bone pain troubles. Because of the regular menstrual rules, sufficient amounts of quantity are the normal manifestation of estrogen secretion.

There is enough estrogen to produce in addition to maintaining the rule of menstruation, it can also promote calcium absorption, and the level of continuous hormone is decreased, the calcium absorption rate is slow, the amount of absorption is small, and the risk of calcium deficiency is there, thereby decreased skeletal density and manifested as bone pain.

How to improve this situation?

In order to cope with the problem of less women’s menstrual flow, it involves a variety of good habits in the conditioning process. It is necessary to actively improve immune capacity and enhance organ function. In case of conditions, anti -aging measures must be made.

If you can control emotional stability, supplement more antioxidant ingredients in your diet, regularly schedule and actively exercise your body, you can do good physical conditions.Menstruation.

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